How to hide the flaws of the figure with the help of clothes?

How to hide the clothes of the shortcomings of the figure?

Fashion does not matter what kind of figure you have. It offers a variety of new items for all women, and she does not think that many of them will give up the beautiful dresses just because of dissatisfaction with the peculiarities of his body. Do not worry, because with the help of small tricks you can easily hide their shortcomings.</ P>

Do not be discouraged, the ideal figure is not more thanA fictitious myth. In addition, every person, woman or man, has a unique, unique and unique appearance. However, often some of the features of their appearance are considered to some extent by their shortcomings and in every way they try to compensate them with the style of their clothes or its cut. There are a number of uncomplicated secrets that will help you visually improve the features of your figure.

So, how to hide the clothes of the shortcomings of the figure?

There is no reason to avoid anyCertain forms of clothing. It should only be slightly adjusted: do not tuck your skirt or jumper in your pants or skirt, do not pull your belt, if you do not have a thin waist, do not divide the figure into "squares" top / bottom, choose the length of clothing so that the elongation of the silhouette is clearly indicated vertically.

High and heavy duty is recommended to wear a beltSlightly below the waist, not tightly covering the abdominal area. If you choose tight clothes, be careful not to show through the clothes the folds of the body. It is better if the clothes are slightly more free to sit on you.

At great completeness for giving slendernessIt is recommended to put on the back of the small soft shoulder pads. This will help the shoulders keep their width, while the figure will not look much narrow-shouldered and not so wide in the chest.

  • Small height and full figure. To balance the proportion, do notTo divide clothes into parts or details (in contrasting colors and colors). The unity of the lines and the integrity of the silhouette will make your figure harmonious. In the silhouette and lines the vertical should prevail and in no case should clothes be inscribed into a square.
  • High growth and thin figure. It is an ideal for most fashion designers, you can allow yourself to wear clothes of any style and style.
  • Small height and proportional figure. The main point - do not overload clothes with parts, accessories and accessories.
  • Wide hips. If you do not want to emphasize this, do notTighten your waist, do not tuck your blouses into trousers and skirts, choose clothes with smooth transitions from the bodice to your hips, avoid flared skirts, as well as the silhouettes on your hips and waist.
  • Short waistline. Do not stress it with the contrast of the colors of the top and bottom of clothing, the edge of the jacket or a tight belt. You can completely smooth out this disadvantage if you wear a belt at the hip level.
  • Long waistline. Perfectly hide this lack of corsages trousers or skirts and wide belts, as well as jackets and jackets of any shape.
  • Full legs. Improve the shape of your feet will help shoes with high or medium heels, dark or with tights pantyhose.
  • Wide back. It is necessary to vertically dismember the back with the help of two seams, passing in the middle of the blades, zippers or buttons on the back, which visually narrow the back and make it slimmer.
  • Short neck. Do not use large shoulder pads, highCollars. Lengthen the neck with oval and V-shaped notches. Eliminate large hanging earrings, choose a better long thread, and short large beads replace with chains.

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