How to visually increase the length of the legs using clothing?

How to increase the length of legs using clothing?

Long and slender legs today are considered oneOf the main indicators of beauty and attractiveness of women - however, one of their length does not mean too much if their form is disappointing. Probably everyone had to see a girl who is confident in the length of her legs and proudly steps into the mini-mini, which does not hide the knees or crooked legs. About how to increase the length of the legs and fix some natural imperfections and talk.</ P>

It must be said that the ladies' feet are not the same now! If the Slavic women initially differed enviable article and rises, and their legs were smooth and long, but today either because of mixed marriages, or for some reason more girls with very short legs and a long back became more and more.

If the growth is not more than 160 cm, it is not worth itTo emphasize the legs with mini skirts or short shorts - there is only one way out: a high steady heel and a knee-length skirt with a full-fledged waistline combined with a short blouse length. Only so the legs will look longer, and the back - a little shorter.

If the growth is more than 160 cm, then the options visually extend the legs more. Let's all consider them.

If a girl is friendly with the sport and her bodyIt is easier to adjust the length of the legs, it is enough to put on high boots on the heel and put on a skirt above the knee, as automatically the legs will begin to appear a good five centimeters longer. Not always only a mini skirt is able to lengthen the silhouette - a narrow narrow skirt of maxi combined with a high heel makes the legs insanely slender and long, especially if it's tights and shoes have the same color.

The same color focus works with a mini skirt -If you wear flesh-colored pantyhose and the same color shoes, whether ankle boots or half-boots, the legs will noticeably lengthen. If the shoes and pantyhose are dark, then the skirt should have a length to the knee.

A long skirt with a spectacular cut orThe opening odor not only attracts increased attention to the legs, but also visually builds and lengthens them. The most dangerous length of the skirt, if the legs do not grow from the "molars" - is to the middle of the calves, that is, the midi skirt. She emphasizes the most dangerous zone of the legs - the zone of curvature of the shin and makes the legs thicker and shorter.

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The same can be said about capri and breeches having such a length - it's better to wear slightly elongated models or, conversely, models to the knee, representing the legs in all its glory.

Any overhead pockets, wide belts onHips, large buckles and other large details weight the hips and make the legs visually shorter. The most advantageous option to emphasize the slenderness of the legs (this tip is suitable and full of ladies) is the wearing of elongated classic straight trousers of moderate length, combined with a high heel, so that the heel is covered by half of the pants.

A big role in the visual elongation of the legs is played by the thickness of the fabric - if it's tight trousers or jeans or thick woolen pantyhose, then the legs in them seem more massive - and this is minus the length.

Uniform clothing is an ally of long legs, contrastIn shades of top and bottom can visually greatly reduce the length of even flawless legs, but an elongated skirt or straight skirts with a vertical narrow strip make the legs slimmer and longer. Horizontal drawings and large geometry, on the contrary, create the impression of volume and squat.

Such fashionable appliqués and embroideries, decoration with sutured ribbon and beads looks beautiful, but if these elements are on trousers or skirts, the legs will not seem long.

Visual extension of the legs is one thing, butTo make the legs really longer is possible only with the help of special exercises. They are aimed at stretching the ligaments and reducing the fatty layer. It takes time and perseverance!

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