How to choose clothes for the figure type "rectangle"

Clothing for figure type rectangle

Every woman, regardless of age, parameters, category of fullness and growth, has certain features that allow her to classify her physique as one or another type of figure.</ P>

Features of "rectangles"

Now we will talk about the most commonThe type of body we meet, and we will discuss the recommendations of the stylists, what should be the clothes for the type of figure rectangle. Do not think that a rectangular type is necessarily a tight and tightly knit figure.

The famous thin Nicole Kidman is also an example of this type (who would have thought!), Or the muscular slender tennis player Steffi Graf.

Basic body volumesRepresentatives of the rectangle are approximately equal: the girth of the waist, hips, chest and shoulders have small differences (it is believed that no more than 17-20 centimeters). Usually the transition from tali to hips is not pronounced, there is no smooth transition and the line of flexure of the thigh, they are smoothed.

What things to include in your wardrobe?

The main task in choosing clothes is to cover upAnd do not emphasize the waist, not the most advantageous element of the figure, and if possible shift the emphasis on the chest, legs, or visually slightly widen the hips and shoulders, thereby giving slim waist.

Immediately begin with the fact that it is not worth wearing:

  • Closely fitting clothing, especially tight in the hips and waist.
  • Skirts or trousers on the hips and at the same time a short top or blouse opening the stomach. Your tummy is beautiful, no doubt, but there is something that you should not open and emphasize.
  • Bulky baggy clothes that can turn your possessor into a shapeless square.
  • Thin, light, flowing fabrics, clothing material should be structured, sufficiently dense, well-shaped.
  • Many stylists are categorical regarding narrow belts, voluminous shoulders, as well as sweaters and sweaters under the neck.

The priority task facingRepresentative of this type of figure, to give more femininity and smoothness to the contours of the middle of our torso. Clothing for the figure type of the rectangle should be as follows:

  1. Top (sweaters, blouses, sweaters, tops)Should have a V-shaped cut that will visually lengthen the neck and pull the upper half of the trunk, or more open the shoulders and neck, which will ease the shoulder line and give grace to the image, especially if you see clavic ossicles.
  2. Excellent looking asymmetric blouses with a smell.
  3. As for trousers, they can be straight or slightly narrowed downwards.
  4. Skirts are half-sun, a skirt-tulip or with sewn pleats, a form of a trapezoid, but not on an elastic band!
  5. If you choose pants and skirts with a high belt, then blouses and jackets should be short, narrowed to the waist line.
  6. And if the pants and skirts on the hips, then the blouse is elongated fitted or with a belt.
  7. Coats, dresses, long tunics - all must be fitted or have a wide belt. Get on the heels, lengthen your legs.
  8. Accessories (scarves, beads) are also better to give preference to long, hanging down to the waist.
  9. If there is an ornament, stripes or pattern on theClothes fabrics, it is better to choose the lines that run down to the waist, or on the shoulders and hips - horizontal stripes, at the waist - vertical, which visually narrow the silhouette in the right place.

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Excellent will look contrasting in colorclothes. Given these simple tips, a woman with a type of figure rectangle can look no less attractive and sexy than the owner of a narrow waist. Because there is no imbalance in this type, only a small correction is needed to give the desired forms. Look in the mirror, smile at yourself, a good mood is the key to success. You are beautiful, is it not so?

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