Men are so mysterious people that very muchIt is difficult to understand what motivates them in this or that situation. Probably, every girl would like to know what men think about, what they are afraid of and what they dream about. Today we will try to look into the man's head and find out about their sexual fantasies.

What is interesting, we girls, we often reproach men,That they do not have any imagination, especially in terms of sex, but if you knew how wrong you are ... In men, the most that neither is a violent sexual fantasy, and our erotic desires in comparison with them are childish pranks. So, get ready. Now we learn the world of secret erotic and sexual desires of men.

Sexual fantasies of men

Erotic fantasies of men

  1. Sex with another woman

  2. As if a man did not like his second half, but inHis mind still wanders thoughts about sex with other women. It is not necessary that something can not suit him in sex with the second half, this simple sexual desire is inherent in every man.

  3. Sex with two girls

  4. He is one, and there are two of them ... This is the biggestA man's fantasy - to have sex with two girls. In his view, this is a wonderful sex, when they both caress his body, and he has sex first with one, and the other looks, then with the second, and then with both. In this situation, he feels like a super lover, as much as two girls want him. By the way, it may be that one of the girls who figures in his fantasies is you.

  5. Sex with lesbians

  6. And this fantasy is hotter, when he willHave sex not just with two girls, but with two lesbians who, in addition to having sex with him, will also engage in sex with each other. Here, probably, the psychological factor plays more, when a man feels exalted, because girls, roughly speaking, self-sufficient to them well and together, but they want him to be with them. Also, men like to watch, when two girls gently caress themselves and him, the more so it's "messy" and dissolute.

  7. Look at the girl caressing herself

  8. Despite the fact that the man does not takeNo participation, but just watching, he still like it when a girl caresses herself. The whole point is that a man is very hard to wind up, but at the same time he can not participate in this process.

  9. Sex with a stranger

  10. He does not know her, she does not know him, and after sex they will never meet. The whole "trick" is that everything is so mysterious and not known, and most importantly passionately.

    Sometimes this fantasy can be a bitDepraved, when sex with a stranger has some elements of coercion. She is so defenseless, tender and sexy, he forces her to have sex and shows light power. She initially resists, but as soon as he begins to caress her, it turns her on and begins to like it. After that, this sweet creature turns into a passionate lioness and they have violent sex.

    This can include casual sex, when he sits, for example, in a cafe and meets a look with a stranger. He goes to the restroom, meets her and without further ado they lock themselves in the booth and ...

    What men want in sex

  11. Sex in a Spontaneous Place

  12. In this fantasy, strangely enough, the secondhalf. For example, he imagines that you are both in a huge hypermarket. You go to the fitting room to measure something (preferably underwear) and call him to yourself so that he can see how it sits on you. Meeting two passionate views, you close in the fitting room and surrender to your passionate instincts. There are a lot of people around and they can catch you both.

  13. Dangerous sex

  14. Danger always produces adrenaline, and if it is sex and adrenaline is a nuclear mixture. To explain to you what is meant by the word "danger" we try to explain by example.

    She is married and her husband is about to return home, theirSex can be dangerous, because if both of them get caught by her husband, they both need to be nipped. There is more danger in fantasy, when he has sex, directly on his boss's desk, with his secretary or his wife.

  15. Role-playing games

  16. Uniform sex is very boring, so differentImages and situations give new emotions and sensations, which is why men often dream and fantasize about role-playing games. The plot of role-playing games can be quite diverse. For example: a nurse and patient, a teacher and a student, a teacher and a student, a boss and a worker, etc. - this is about roles and images. As for situations, for example: a teacher punishes a student for an unlearned lesson or for bad grades, and the student wants to pass the exam to the teacher on the top five.

  17. Sex with a virgin

  18. Often, girls think about whatWomen dream of men. Many somehow believe that men dream of lecherous girls, but this is not so. A lot of men dream of having sex with a virgin. She is so innocent, pure and modest, he will be the first to penetrate into it and to whom she will present her innocence.

  19. Fetish

  20. Latex, leather, handcuffs, high heel - this oneThe image of the girl is another fantasy of men. Optionally, the fetish is meant as cruelty. There are times when he dreams of putting a fetish leash on you and handcuffed - and you do not need to see it as depraved, it's just a game.

Erotic fantasies of men

What men want in sex

What kind of women dream of men

What do men want from a woman? - Sex. Therefore, all their dreams related to women, relate to sex. Men, in bed, dream of a woman who will not be boring and monotonous. She must be passionate, intricate, playful, who always, like him, wants sex. They dream of such girls, who always seduce and start them.

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Here the main thing to understand, it's just a fantasyAnd there's nothing wrong with that. That is, about what a man dreams about and what he wants - these are two very big differences. Therefore, even if it happens that one of the fantasies of a man can incarnate, it's far from the fact that he will want to realize it, then it's a fantasy. This is the same as that of girls who dream of having sex with a mysterious stranger, but they categorically reject such ties - a paradox, but nonetheless.