Probably the most terrible problem for a youngFamily is the problem with the conception of the child. We have already told you about why it is not possible to conceive a child, there one of the reasons we called infertility. Infertility is affected by both men and women, we are more detailed about this problem and we would like to tell you today.

If you are confronted with the problem of conceiving a child,Then probably already studied the structure of the reproductive system and men and women, so we will not dwell on this, but we will immediately go on to what is infertility, its causes and treatment.

Infertility treatment

What is infertility?

Infertility is considered the impossibility of man,Being in reproductive age, to conceive offspring. As you understand, if you did not succeed immediately or within a month to conceive a child, then this is no reason to believe that one of you is infertile or has problems with the reproductive system.

There is a rule that a person can be consideredFruitless if within one year with their regular sexual partner they could not conceive a child. In this case, sexual contact should be made less than once a week throughout the year and, of course, you should not use any contraceptive.

In principle, if within half a year you do not haveIt turns out to conceive a child, then consult a doctor, both you and your spouse. In general, before the first attempt to conceive a child, the couple must undergo a test and pass the appropriate tests to make sure that they are healthy and they do not have incompatibility and other factors that will adversely affect conception and the future child. If you did not visit a doctor and did not take tests, then we strongly recommend that you do this. The given analyzes will help you to learn, why at you it is impossible to conceive the child and on the basis of it if the problem exists, to you the course of treatment will be appointed.

Types of infertility

Infertility in men and women is of two types: Absolute and relative. Absolute infertility is when the sexual system of a man and a woman has undergone changes and disturbances that can not be cured. That is, it is a kind of infertility, in which a person has no chance of having children. Relative infertility - when violations in the reproductive system can be medically or surgically eliminated.

Here we would like to note that whenDiagnosis of absolute infertility is not an occasion to despair, since in practice there are quite a lot of cases when married couples with such a diagnosis in a few years have acquired their own offspring and not one child. Whether it was a diagnosis error, or the most that is a miracle, but the fact remains.

In addition, infertility is divided into primary andSecondary. Primary infertility is when a woman has never had a pregnancy, that is, all attempts to conceive a child did not give its result. Secondary infertility is infertility, which arose after the girl at least once already became pregnant, while the very fact of pregnancy, and not her outcome, despite the fact that she gave birth to a child, there was a miscarriage, there was an ectopic pregnancy or an abortion was made - is important The very fact of pregnancy.

Compatibility check

Causes of female infertility

  • Violation of egg production

In this case, infertility is a consequenceThe fact that the egg does not mature or ripen in the ovaries. Thus, she simply does not come out of the ovary, which in itself makes conception impossible.

  • Problems with fallopian tubes

The cause of infertility in women can be a badPatency or obstruction of the fallopian tubes. As a result, the egg can not enter the fallopian tube at all, or if it gets into it, it can not move around it due to the presence of adhesions.

  • Psychological reasons

Along with the physical there are also psychologicalCauses of female infertility, which consist in the fact that a girl or a woman is psychologically afraid of pregnancy and as a result of which the body does not become pregnant. This happens if the girl is afraid of pregnancy, childbirth, worries about whether she takes the child or not, or does not want to become pregnant at all. The psychological mood at conception is very important, it can even lead to infertility.

Causes of male infertility

  • Violation of sperm production

One of the most common causes of maleInfertility - impaired sperm production. Several factors could contribute to this disorder: hormonal disturbance, the taking of certain drugs that negatively affected the reproductive system of a boy or a man, as well as trauma to the testicles. That is, spermatozoa do not form at all in the testicles or the formation of normal spermatozoa is sharply reduced.

  • Tapering of the vas deferens

Another reason for infertility in men is narrowingSeminal ducts. That is, with the development of sperm in men everything is fine, but with the channels through which they are sent to the penis, there may be problems. In this case, the canals can be either narrowed or completely impassable, as a result of which the number of sperm passes is either reduced or they are not released at all. This problem is most often congenital.

  • Sperm entering the bladder

In this case, the cause of infertility is that spermatozoa do not exit through the penis, and as a result of the violation of the reproductive system fall into the urinary canal.

Analyzes to check for infertility

How to treat female infertility

For the treatment of infertility it is necessary to establish itCause, by examination. In the case when the woman's infertility is treatable, a special course is prescribed. Very often the cause of infertility is a hormonal failure, it is very simple to solve this problem - by using hormonal drugs that will help to lower the level of elevated hormone, or to normalize their balance. In some cases, the problem of infertility can be solved by surgery.

How to treat male infertility

As with female infertility, for treatmentInfertility in men also need to undergo examination and pass all the necessary tests. Based on the results of the survey, if infertility is relative, then treatment is prescribed and performed.

If the cause of infertility is individualImpaired sperm production, narrowing of the vas deferens and the entry of spermatozoa into the bladder, it is possible to restore the normal functioning of the reproductive system, an operation will be performed.

The most common cause of male infertilityIs low production and low activity of spermatozoa. In order to improve the quality of spermatozoa, a special set of measures is applied, which in most cases gives a positive result. For this purpose, a complex of vitamin and hormonal drugs is prescribed, a massage is prescribed to improve blood flow in this area and other measures are taken. Also, to improve the quality of spermatozoa, men need to adhere to the foundations of a healthy lifestyle. First of all, you need to abandon bad habits, such as smoking and drinking alcoholic beverages, in addition, it is recommended to adhere to proper nutrition, more to walk outdoors, etc. If these methods have not helped, then the problem in conception will be helped by artificial insemination.

Successful conception

The effectiveness of infertility treatment

As you could already understand from the article,Responsibility for the conception of the child is assigned to both spouses, so if the husband believes that everything is in order with him, then let him know: according to statistics, the cause of infertility can be both in the woman and in the man, with the probability of infertility in them the same.

In order to solve the problem with conceptionBe sure to consult a doctor, the sooner you do this, the more chances you have to eliminate the cause of infertility, since the longer this problem is not solved, the less chance it has to be solved.

Artificial insemination

In the end, to solve the problem of infertilityWill help artificial insemination, in which the natural process of fertilization is replaced by artificial - medical. For artificial insemination, the seminal fluid of the male and the female ovum are needed. The most active sperm is placed in an artificial way in an egg, after which on the third day the egg, again artificially, is placed in the uterus. Next, the fetus begins to develop in the uterus. It is worth noting the high degree of positive outcome of artificial insemination, so you should not be afraid of it.