One of the most controversial and rhetorical questions: Is there a friendship between a man and a woman !? In this article we will try to analyze the anatomy, the so-called friendly relations, between a man and a woman, and also try to answer the main question: is there a friendship between a man and a woman?

So, few of our readers will agreeWith the fact that a real male friendship exists. Even from your life you probably remember a couple of such examples. As for true female friendship, some girls now can persistently say that it does not exist, but it does exist, it means that you simply do not have such a sincere friend with whom you could really become friends.

What do you think, what friendship is stronger: Male or female? It is not right, friendship, if it is real, will be a priori strong, regardless of what it is: male or female. But we have moved away from our topic a little, let's all the same return to it. So, if there is male and female friendship, is there a real friendship between a man and a woman? In order to answer this question, let's analyze this in life situations.

Analyze how much memory you hadExamples of friendship between a man and a woman? Really friendship, not just communication, but also not to be confused with courtship, flirtation and hidden love. Few of you will be able to give an example, so this is the first factor that there is no friendship between a man and a woman.

Friendship between a man and a woman

When a person can be called a friend?

When some girls say that I haveFriend, meaning by the word "friend" is a friend, not a lover, then they are either too naive or deliberately discouraged. You can give examples of communication between a man and a woman, but this is very difficult to call friendship.

What can unite a man and a woman in friendship? Hardly they have common interests, men are interested in cars, football, technology, and in turn, girls are interested in life, fashion, cosmetics, clothing - where on this list can you find common points of contact?

Quite often you can hear the phrase: "I always made friends with boys more than with girls," leading to the fact that the friendship between a boy and a girl supposedly exists, but childhood is one thing, and the adult life is another matter. In childhood, children have no sexual attraction to the opposite sex, because of sexual immaturity, so there is nothing threatening simple communication, until the adolescence passes. Moreover, "always friendly" means that one and a permanent friend of the girl was never there, which means, what kind of friendship can there be !? It's different things to be friends, walk and communicate.

Girls can communicate with guys more thanGirls, because it's always interesting with guys, they almost always laugh, they tell different jokes, in one word they have fun, when life in a company of girls, you see, is monotonous. Constant discussions of cosmetics, problems, personal life, guys - all this bothers and one day the girls get tired of this and switch to the men's company. But talking with guys does not mean friendship.

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Is there a friendship between a man and a woman

Is there a friendship between a man and a woman

If it so happened that the girl appeared,Let's call it "friend", then take a sober look at it. If she does not have a sexual attraction to him, this does not mean that this "sexual" attraction does not have a "friend" to her. Very often, the boys, in order to get closer to the girl he likes, lead her with a so-called friendship, although their behavior and hint are not given to sympathy.

Girls like this relationship very much. Firstly, such a "friend" can tell a lot of things personal, he will give advice, support, help and not betray, unlike a girlfriend who is not close, but still entrust her with very delicate information is unlikely to be able to , Since she can blab.

No one can disagree that whateverThere was a girlfriend, and you will still have competition, and in many ways. For example, in communicating with the same guy, each of the girls will try to prove themselves as much as possible and show that she is better than her friend, especially annoyingly when guys show more attention to a friend. When a young man appears, even on a subconscious level, the girls do not introduce him to their best friend after the 5th meeting, and not because it's too early, but because she can put an eye on him. When you are "friends" with a man, you a priori can not be a competition, because you simply have nothing to divide.

When a "friend" is also beautiful, it isAlways plays into the hands of the girls, as she herself is very pleased to be with him everywhere and to catch the envious gaze of the girls, they say, what a handsome man took. But, despite the fact that she is pleased that many consider him to be her boyfriend, she continues to consider him a "friend".

Opinion of such a "friend", girls also appreciate moreThan a girlfriend, since it is often objective. For example, if your girlfriends say that you have recovered - this can be both true and ordinary envy, he will always tell the truth. He will always give advice and will keep cool in any situation, when the girlfriends immediately begin to panic, and they themselves will need help.

This "friendship" is quite convenient, since a number ofThere is always a man's shoulder, he will help and protect when necessary, while you can easily meet with the guys and constantly change them - this will not cause any problems. In addition, a male friend will always help around the house, make a crane or fix the cabinet door.

Calling these relations a friendship is very difficult, soAs this is more communication, than friendship. Friendship is checked by time, and such a relationship between a man and a woman will last until a certain moment. If a man and a woman communicate closely, then they have something in common that connects them and, spending a lot of time together, sooner or later there will be thoughts of sex.

Is there a friendship between a man and a woman

When this "friendship" ends

There is a truly profound clever phrase that has a very interesting context: the friendship between a man and a woman is very weak at nightfall! A great phrase, is not it?

Perhaps you could not help but notice that,That, throughout the article, the word "friend" was insistently used in inverted commas, because from the very beginning it was clear from the above facts that there is no friendship between a man and a woman. The fact that girls are considered friendship is not one, since sooner or later, such communication will cease.

The first reason, when your communication will beShake - this is your second half. Few of the guys or girls will like such an interesting friendly dialogue of their second half with the opposite sex. Constant quarrels, resentments and clarification of relations, eventually, will lead to such situation when it will be necessary to make a choice: to stop dialogue with the man-friend, or to refuse relationship with the beloved - the answer will be obvious.

The second reason is when one of the so-calledFriends meet the second half, and the second begins to be jealous. What is most interesting, they calmly refer to the second half of each other until someone has a serious relationship, and that's when, in the greater part of the girl, it is understood that he is not just a friend for her, and she can Lose it forever. After that, the main question becomes: how to fall in love with a friend's boyfriend.

Friendship between a guy and a girl

There is a friendship between a guy and a girl - or notEveryone has his own opinion, but even for the sake of interest, read various stories and articles where the author raises the question of whether there is friendship between a guy and a girl, or whether there is friendship between a man and a woman. It's amazing that almost all articles and stories are the same, or they stopped communicating due to circumstances: for example, one of them met his love, someone quarreled, someone left, someone just fell into nothing, and For some, the game of friendship went too far and they ... - the physiology took its own. In a situation where friendship becomes something more, a turning point is sex and, as a rule, spontaneous. This can serve many factors, overexcitation, seduction, the realization that they love each other, etc. Any such friendship is doomed to sex and after that, they either will be together, or they will stop communicating altogether.

As it is not unfortunate to realize, but under pressureFacts and stories from life, you can make an almost unambiguous conclusion that there is no friendship between a man and a woman. And what many call "friendship" is nothing more than communication, which sooner or later will cease or grow into love.