Fashionable spring / summer 2016 hairstyle

For all women, hair is one of the mainOrnaments, so each of them tries to express himself with the help of his hairstyle. Although it is obvious that the trends mostly change with regard to clothes, shoes and accessories, many do not think about new trends in hairstyles when they plan their new style for the upcoming season. But at the same time, you can completely change, just by changing your hairstyle a little. It really plays an important role, so it is worth paying close attention to the new trends of the forthcoming spring-summer season 2016.

A review of the fashionable hairstyles of the new season 2017 is already here.

Trendy hair color in the upcoming season

  1. Fiery red: some models had a red hair color ranging from bright red to a natural rusty hue. Here everything depends on personal preferences.
  2. New blond: lacerated edges, shorter length and careless appearance, now this image more often prevails over the golden braids.
  3. Gold waves: On the podium, we saw many owners of hair of a similar shade with straight curls or falling waves. Spit or harnessed back hair, it does not matter, this color looks just great.
  4. Saturated chestnut: It is worth noting and the natural dark color of the hair, it can be a chestnut tint or deep brown. Hair of this color look great when they are gathered in a chignon on the back of the head, or braided in an Afro braid.
  5. Abundance of unnatural colors: Until the general view is reduced to keeping the hair in its natural state, but we also saw on the catwalks a lot of unnatural combinations. Here you can include a combination of a blonde with a pink, ashy hue with black strands and a bright red color.

Fashionable hair color spring 2016, photo

Fashionable hair color spring 2016, photo

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If you have already updated your hair color, then for sure you want to find out about the hottest trends in the hairstyles of the 2016 season and find your source for inspiration.

1. Miniature braids

The braids became the hottest trend in 2015,And miniature pigtails firmly established in fashion with an easy feed Louis Vuitton. In combination with a direct parting and a light shade of hair, they will help you create a soft image in the style of a hippie. At the Herve Leger by Max Azria show, the hairstyles of the models were tightly braided Dutch braids framing the head like a crown.

Fashion pigtails 2016, photo

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2. Braids in the style of baby-doll

When we were little girls, our momsAdored plaiting our braids. And we love this style to this day, although often it is perceived as a child. But some designers gave him a new look and added interesting bandages and bows, with which two tails are fastened, as, for example, in Chanel. This trend is easy to repeat, and for sure many women of fashion will follow this example.

 Baby braids, photo

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3. High and low knotted tails

Gorgeous high and low horse tails inA combination with smoothly harvested hair and silk or suede ribbons really cause admiration. We saw low-tied tails at the Dior show, tails in combination with locks framing the face of Oscar de la Renta and textured coquettish ringlets at Temperley London.

Fashionable tails 2016, photo

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4. The natural image

Another popular trend from last season,Which has migrated to the new, has become a natural, natural and at the same time impeccable image. This trend has become the most anticipated in the new season of 2016. A similar style was presented at the shows of Versace, Alexander McQueen, Gucci and Carolina Herrera.

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5. Wavy hair

Are you sure you love wavy hair? And we, too, are in agreement with us and designers in the spring-summer season, in whose shows the models were exactly with these hairstyles. The most chic image with a direct parting and bright shiny hair was presented at Duffy, while Diane Von Furstenberg demonstrated retro waves from the 70s that became the embodiment of innocence and unsurpassed beauty.

Hairstyles with fluffy hair 2016, photo

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6. Thick braiding from braid

We have already seen miniature pigtails and now it's timeThe moment to pay attention to the denser and tighter weaving. This playful image is not so difficult to copy, it is very diverse: it can be several large braids or a large number of small braids braided all over the head. Valentino's braids are assembled in a tight knot, the same image we see in the Tanya Tailor show.

Fashion braiding from braid, photo

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7. Careless bundles

If you do not have time to wash your hair, goodThe idea for a hairstyle can be a trending careless bunch, like the one that was demonstrated at the Etro show. This image is suitable for busy girls who get up early and return home late.

Fashion beams 2016, photo

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8. The image of "just out of bed"

Hardly something can compare with similarHairstyles. The hairstyles of the models at the Marc Jacobs show looked as if their owners stayed late at the party last night and only now arrived home. Tory Burch showed low-tied bundles, while at Rag & Bone high tufts were combined with a small, "accidentally" knocked-out strand.

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9. The central part

In the central part there is an attractivePerfection, it looks simple and adds freshness to its owner. Add on the sides a few miniature braids in the style of hippies, like Louis Vuitton, to make the image even more interesting.

Fashion parting 2016, photo

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10. Uneven and careless bangs

We adore images with bangs, besides carelessThe image adds to her charm and sexuality. Alexander Wang offers a thick, shortened bangs in rocker style, and Rebecca Minkoff is a more elegant option in combination with braids, Baja East prefers a simpler and more stylish look, it's worth noting a chic version from Vera Wang.

Fashion fringe 2016, photo

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11. Bob shoulder length

Images of fashion trends of the spring-summer season 2016Show that designers prefer to combine a bumpy bang with a hairdo bob length mainly up to the shoulders. At the Fendi show, the models had similar hairstyles with hair combed to one side. For those who do not dare to cut their hair, there is an artificial bean when the hair is fixed to the desired length with the help of pins.

Fashionable bean, photo

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12. Short haircuts

Did you think that short hair is out of fashion? Reconsider your opinion. We saw such images from Kris Gottschalk models at the Givenchy and Acne show.

Fashion short haircuts 2016, photo

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13. Hairstyles from harnesses

One of the notable trends of the new seasonSteel twisted beams and ponytails in the form of a bundle. Public School managed to create an amazingly light hairstyle, J.W. Anderson represents a simple tail, in Paul Smith we see a twisted bundle that almost forms a figure-eight. In addition, this hairstyle is very easy to do on your own.

Fashion hairstyles from plaits, photo

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14. Long braids

Many designers have come to the conclusion thatThe traditional weaving of a simple braid looks just as good and has applied this trend in practice. You can make a scythe from a high ponytail like a Celine or braid a simple braid on the back of the head, as demonstrated in the Proenza Schouler show.

Fashion hairstyles with braids 2016, photo

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15. The hair tucked under a tape

Christopher Kane chose to remove his hairModels for decoration on their necks, leaving the hairstyle in an almost unchanged state. This is one of the strangest tendencies of the spring / summer 2016 season, besides, it is rather inconvenient to wear such a hairstyle, although it attracts attention to your neck.

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16. Beautiful hairstyles in a romantic style

Not all hairstyles of the new season should beSmooth, complex or excessively chic. Sometimes it is better to choose a soft beam with strands of hair framing the face in combination with a suitable make-up. Alberta Ferretti knows for sure what women want and adds golden elegant ribbons to the soft curls of her hairstyles.

Hairstyles in a romantic style, photo

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17. Side parting

A great alternative to central partingAlso present among the fashionable hairstyles of the upcoming season. At Mary Katrantzou, this part is combined with natural waves, on the catwalks of the Kenzo model appeared with smooth hairstyles with the effect of wet hair. Emilio Pucci chooses a glossy hair texture and focuses on the eyebrows and makeup.

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18. Small curls

Among all the trends it is worth noting and excellentHairstyles with finely curled curls that were presented at the Fashion Week in Milan, New York, London and Paris. Topshop Unique offers a luxurious version of the hairstyle in combination with a suitable make-up, and Giamba - a shorter length and sporty style.

Small curls 2016, photo

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19. Wet effect

This image was confidently held forSeveral seasons, and now his triumph is steadily coming to an end. However, Kenzo manages to create a rather stylish image with a side parting. The gel is still worth keeping on the shelf, although this trend is the complete opposite of the natural image, which is so popular in the 2016 season.

Effect of wet hair 2016, photo

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20. Fluffy strands

It seemed that this trend would not become soPopular but similar hairstyles with locks framing the face have won wide recognition and are presented in almost all collections of the new spring-summer 2016 season. These include magnificent hairstyles decorated with ribbons and bows shown on the catwalks of Dolce & Gabbana, as well as romantic images of Alberta Ferreti , Conquering their sensuality.

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21. Ultra-straight hair

Regardless of your attitude to this style,It seems that he will always be present on the catwalks, and it does not matter which hairstyles are the most fashionable this season. Erdem combines straight hair with a central part, it is also difficult to ignore the straight tails from Oscar de La Renta and Dior.

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22. Hair partially collected from behind

This romantic hairstyle from carelessly tiedWavy hair could be seen at the Vivienne Westwood Red Label show. Kristian Aadnevik also chose a similar image for his collection. Such a hairstyle for longer hair, at least they should reach the shoulders.

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23. A little grunge

Grunge style became part of the fashion trends of hairstylesNew spring-summer season, Marc Jacobs added a wet hairstyle to this hairstyle, collecting hair in a bun and leaving a few careless strands. Michael Kors presented several variants of such hairstyles: with a deep side cut and slightly disheveled hair.

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24. Dreadlocks and careless braids

This time in the new season, apart from braidsThere are also dreadlocks that looked incredibly cool. Guido Palau demonstrates a hairstyle that does not require special hair styling skills. In general, the bizarre weaving, braids and dreadlocks became one of the main trends of the new season.

Fashionable dreadlocks 2016, photo

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