Fashion manicure of the autumn / winter season 2016-2017

When it comes to manicure, we always tryFind something new, unusual and fashionable. As a rule, we did not consider nails in the light of the latest fashion trends, but recently the situation has changed dramatically. Like everything else, from clothes, shoes and accessories to make-up and hairstyles, nails play an important role in completing the overall style. In the spring season, a large number of varieties of manicure design was presented, so the situation in the new autumn-winter season 2016-2017 is unlikely to change.

First of all, you need to tell about the formNails, which is most common in the models on the catwalks. For spring, a combination of rounded and almond-shaped forms with a slightly more prominent length was presented, with the square shape being less preferable. For the autumn-winter season, practically no significant changes were shown. Short round nails are best suited to all design decisions and trends. Therefore, we will list the most trendy forms of nails again:

  • Round,
  • Oval,
  • Almond-shaped or square-oval,
  • The long almond-shaped.

Fashion manicure autumn-winter 2016 - 2017, photo

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1. The darkest colors

Like fashion trends in makeup with very darkShades of lipstick, trend manicure is a Gothic style that gives the nails a slightly aggressive effect. Our attention is offered black and dark gray, dark purple and closer to black tone. DKNY can see the gray semicircles on the top of the nails, covered with black lacquer. Rodarte not only uses a magnificent black lacquer, but also adds a black contour to the make-up of the eyes.

Often a black lacquer is used inAs a basis, for example, in the Fenty X Puma by Rihanna, the nails were decorated with a frosty decoration. As for the shade of the dark plum, such nails and lips can be seen in Nicholas K, in which the manicure is presented in eggplant, graphite and black velvet shades.

Fashion black manicure autumn - winter 2016 - 2017, photo

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2. Shards of silver

This shade became very popular in the springSeason, and this certainly made him one of the main fashion trends of the autumn / winter season 2016-2017. Silver accents of manicure in all collections have become a kind of ode to the future, where it is expected that this color will be one of the main. Opening Ceremony showed futuristic nails with a silvery shade, giving the manicure a real winter sound.

Darker shades of silver can be seen inCollection of Jill Stuart, this manicure introduces a rebellious note in the overall utilitarian design of clothing. A brilliant metallic silver from Roland can be called the best in this category.

Fashionable silver manicure autumn-winter 2016 - 2017, photo

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3. Swarovski rhinestones and crystal ornaments

Brightness and brilliance is incredibly beautiful,Especially when Swarovski crystals give the manicure a more luxurious look. In the trend, a simple manicure with gorgeous crystals as a complement. Definitely, this is a trend that should be adopted, because such nails can transform any outfit.

Fashion manicure with rhinestones autumn - winter 2016 - 2017, photo

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4. Brilliant manicure is your best friend

Throughout 2016, the gloss is presentEverywhere, from shoes and bags to clothes and manicure. In the spring, this trend has become one of the main and is not going to give up its positions in the autumn season. One of the most exciting options was the French manicure with a gold design by Carmen Marc Valvo, as well as nails of incredible length in dark gray and silver tones at the show 5:31 Jerome.

Jenny Packham shows a manicure with golden stars, and VFiles adds a little shine to the cuticle, giving the hands a very festive look.

Fashion manicure with sparkles autumn - winter 2016 - 2017, photo

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5. Add nails to the graphics of the 90's

The 1990s became a really good time forExperiments with manicure, and some designers decided to return this trend again. His embodiment is a crazy combination of designs, colors, drawings, cartoons, flags and other things.

If you want to look unusual, tryA variant of the French manicure with the addition of Rachel Antonoff. 3.1 Phillip Lim and Creatures of Comfort demonstrate a wonderful graphic manicure, most reminiscent of the nails of the last decade of the 20th century.

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6. Add lines

In the trends of the spring season were presentedRound nails, decorated with lines, so you can expect a similar manicure and in the autumn and winter season. Especially good such a simple, but stylish manicure will be combined with similar clothes with stripes.

Delpozo demonstrates a transparent background and a simpleLine in the center of the nail, Laquan Smith creates a dark gray matt manicure with a gold strip, creating a refined and feminine version. A variety of horizontal lines can be seen in Veda on a black background. Jonathan Simkhai demonstrates the latest and technologically advanced manicure, something reminiscent of a computer motherboard.

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7. Not too French manicure

In the spring, a modified French manicure againDominates the podiums. Although he failed to maintain his position in the fall / winter season 2016-2017, this manicure looks incredibly attractive, and you can take it into service. Cushnie et Ochs combines a pastel base with black and dark shades. Novis presents an intriguing version with a gray edge and lines.

Fashionable French manicure autumn - winter 2016 - 2017, photo

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8. Two-color manicure

Although one color of nail varnish is already beautifulOn its own, adding a second shade makes the manicure even better. Futuristic metallic nails are decorated with bronze or golden crescents over the cuticle in the Creatures of the Wind collection, while Fenty X Puma by Rihanna emphasizes on a black base. Gradient manicure can be presented in rather cool colors, as in the collection of Tanya Taylor.

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9. Cosmic manicure

This trend has gained great popularity in2015, has moved to the spring season of 2016 and several times appeared in the autumn season of this year, so it can rightly be called one of the popular favorite trends of the autumn / winter season 2016-2017.

At Veda such manicure consists of oneA horizontal strip in the center of each nail, covered with black lacquer, while Delpozo demonstrates an interesting option with a single white line running down behind the cuticle. Space and brilliance can be combined in different versions, they can be bright pink stars on long nails of an acute form.

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10. Playing with marble

Who does not like marble shades? Trend tai-dai became popular in 2016, which made the marble manicure one of the most anticipated trends of the autumn / winter season 2016-2017. The most beautiful can be called natural colors. Christian Siriano presents thin, but complex designs in various variants.

Nails on the show 3.1 Phillip Lim also have a similar structure with more contrasting and simple shades, gel varnishes from Sally Henson really create the right atmosphere. Fine marble is also an integral part of ensembles from Claudia Li thanks to a combination of pink and white. Marble manicure looks both luxurious and simple, further emphasizing the beauty of the hands.

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11. Simple classic manicure

You prefer the usual manicure, with which you canGo to work, but while the nails should look fashionable and stylish? Try a gray-brown varnish on short, round nails. Nothing extravagant, no excessive length and bright colors. Also, you can adopt light lighter shades of brown, such as those of Suno.

Magnificent manicure in these colors can beSee the show Narciso Rodriguez, while Boss uses a virtually transparent lacquer to further emphasize the clothes. A simple, classic pink chooses Derek Lam combined with a short length of nails. Jason Wu chooses natural colors of matte and attractive colors.

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12. Funny art design on nails

We have considered all the classic trends, butAmong other things, some designers have decided to add fur, quirky ornaments in the shape of the eyes and many other ridiculous details in the autumn 2016 manicure. Perhaps you do not wear such a manicure so often, but this category is also worth mentioning.

Bibhu Mohapatra focuses on 3D design withAttractive and feminine images that represent extraordinary works of art. The craziest trend of the autumn / winter season 2016-2017 was the manicure from Blonds, which is ... mouth-watering pastry at the fingertips, which you can easily try.

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