What fashionable haircuts will we offer in 2017?

Every year the fashion is not much, but it changes. There are new shapes, volumes, length of hair or the most popular directions in their staining and styling. I would like to know in advance what the fashion industry in the field of hairdressing art will think of for the new year 2017, in order to be ready in advance for the coming changes.

In many respects, the next year will continueThe beginnings that were laid in the hairdressing fashion in this and even earlier years. But fashion is dynamic and does not tolerate stagnation, so there are changes, although they are not too radical and for the ignorant eyes are not very noticeable on the general background of established trends and trends.

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Options for short hair

Apparently, the short haircut for a long time went intoour life. For too long we tried to grow long curls, it's time to change boldly, because a short haircut is always a stimulus to change something in its appearance (or in your life).

At the peak of the popularity of pixies. But not such an option as worn by the unforgettable Audrey Hepburn - with clear lines and long temples, and more bold, modern, fresh and original.

This haircut does not tolerate massiveness, so evenBangs should be lightweight, airy. Used as a short or long version of the bangs, but in the latter case, it should not lie flat with one flat layer, it must be given structure and lightness. There are no more smooth sections, graduations are welcome, in some cases very intense. Pixies are often combined with high whisking and even shaving of the head - now this is a very fashionable trend, which is used to give texture and originality to all types of haircuts, not only very short.

Fashionable haircuts 2017, photo

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From last year came and a short bean. Of fashion, the "licked" version of this hairstyle with clear, strict lines and a careful smooth laying left clean. Bob acquired more lively and even slightly disheveled forms, here also actively used filing, accentuates the back of the head or whiskey, the asymmetry and the possibility of easy transformation of the haircut from a more strict daytime variant to a relaxed and cocky evening are welcomed.

Since last year, the fashion has delayed a short whileWith strands not less than earlobes. And here you will not find any smooth lines, only profiled and boldly accented stressed forms and individual strands.

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The total mass of hair can be formed softWaves without a clear symmetrical curl. Even in the bangs, which this year have strongly surrendered their positions, the effect of multilayeredness and departure from flat, straight sections is applied. Everything should look very lively, naturally, even slightly carelessly.

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Beautiful hair cuts for medium length hair

From the "adopted" trend in the fashion of 2017Still remain safely quads and Bob-kara. At the peak of popularity, cascading haircuts with the active application of multi-layer effects, asymmetrical shapes with sharp "jumps" of length, as well as such daring elements as short-cut and even shaved whiskeys and entire areas of the head.

  • Cascade does not go out of fashion due to the ease andThe simplicity of laying hairstyles based on this type of haircut. For them, only clean and healthy hair is needed, no laying aids, no varnish for fixation.
  • Deadly lacquered, motionless "shell" hairstyles are a thing of the past, active movement and plastic strands are welcome today, dynamism of styling in the style of boho-chic.
  • Even in a haircut, the bob is smooth and styling in style"Hair to hair" is no longer applicable. The hairstyle should be natural, even slightly careless, so the texture of the hair and its shape comes to the fore.
  • In fashion, a strong lengthening of the strands fromOcciput to the face in combination with asymmetry. If the bob is smoothly laid, then as a rule, the bang is poured into the total mass of the hair, and one side of the hair retains its underlined texture, at least at the very tips of the strands. So this haircut looks modern and very effective.
  • At the shows of some fashion houses, there were variants of laying a bean in the style of the 60s - with a large volume at the roots, very lush and with a smooth "surface" of the haircut.
  • Kare in this season is struck by a variety of options, accompanied by multi-layered and complex graduation of strands, asymmetry and avoidance of straight and short bangs.
  • In fashion, triumphantly returns an oblique parting,Which allows you to pay more attention to the makeup of the eyes and emphasizes their beauty. At the same time, there is a clear tendency to open the forehead and maximum elongation of the bang, which now reaches the length of the chin, at least - the cheekbone, and pours into the total mass of well-shaped and graded hair.
  • Also, fashion includes styling of hair back with clear graphic lines of the temple, made on the basis of haircuts cascade.

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Hairstyles for the owners of long curls

About long haircuts, you can immediately say one thing -Straight lines and even slices are definitely a thing of the past. In fashionable hairstyles for long hair in 2017, you will not find any smooth strands, or clear bangs. More and more popularity is gaining an open forehead, and some styling even require hair removal back.

The main mass of haircuts is performed on the basis ofCascade, but there are also changes. The ends are worked very carefully and finely, so that as a result, the hairdress looked like it was not touched by the hand of a hairdresser.

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Certainly, in order that any modernHaircuts looked good, they should be performed on perfectly healthy and clean hair. This should be given special attention. No matter how good the master was and how fashionable he would not make a haircut, she simply "lost" on exhausted, dull or visited hair.

Haircuts based on a cascade in the new year 2017Have acquired original features. They added the original elements - much shorter and even shaved whiskey, while this detail is emphasized by the styling. The entire mass of hair forms large natural curls that are combed and stacked on one side, showing shaved or cut out areas.

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For owners of thin long hair idealWill haircut frequent and fairly deep stairs. It will help to give volume and lightness to thin strands, will give them shape and structure, make hairdo. On such hair it is suggested to do graduation or to use asymmetric forms.

From the bangs in general it is better to refuse - it "eats"Mass of hair and takes away part of the volume, as a result of which the hair may seem liquid. Solves the issue of an elongated bangs, especially laid on one side in the latest fashion. Very good such hair looks when creating a good root volume and stacking large natural curls, slightly disheveled and free.

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However, the fashion of the new season gave up"Wet" laying and "ombre", the use of styling products of super-strong fixation and from very high "sleek" beams. In fashion, low "horse tails", "shatush", bronzing throughout the volume of hair and barely noticeable lightening of the upper strands. Hair should be maximally alive and natural, mobile, with soft color overflows, as though also arisen by a natural way.

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