Unique Bohho style


Not as often as I would like on the streetsMeet women who look simply amazing: they have loose, bright clothes, the flowing multilayeredness of which casts the thought of the east, large ethnic ornaments. The style of clothing is so unusual that few can afford to imitate - only the most emancipated go to dress in a Bocho style, which, meanwhile, is very feminine and sexy.

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What is Boho style?

It is difficult to imagine a modern woman followingA fashion that would not change the style of clothes from time to time. Some even manage to change it seven times a week, becoming a business lady, a daring informal, or a glamorous diva. For such bright, unusual girls, and there is a boho style in clothing - a style that can give a sense of real freedom and emotional uplift.

Boho style

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Boho style is aimed at a positive. It mixes all the brightest, most convenient, in things boho there is a place of shock, sexuality and emancipation.

A distinctive feature of Boho can be considered mixingMany styles - there is clearly a connection with ethnic motives, military, there are elements of vintage style and safari style, there is little from the gypsy style (especially skirts and long blouse vests with scent).

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There are no certain calibrated proportions andThe predominance of this or that style over others, everyone is free to choose the ratio of styles in his boho ensemble. Today you can give preference to the gypsy style, complementing it with Indian ornaments and blouse in a romantic style, and tomorrow choose safaris, army boots and a skirt made of handkerchiefs sewn together. And all this will be nothing but a Boho style! The main thing is to combine everything according to the laws of harmony so that the outfit correlates with your inner world and the notions of what is stylish.

Boho style in clothes can be regarded as a manifestation of an acutely conscious individuality, unwillingness to be "like everyone else", sleek and decent - this is a challenge of routine and gray, and what a bright challenge!

Despite the fact that Bohno style in clothes likeThe phenomenon has existed for a long time, Kate Moss decided to bring him to fashionable light - a charming hooligan, whose taste you can not argue with! It had occurred to her to put on an ethnic tunic and shorts of a clearly militarized character, and even adding it with an elegant bag with expressive fringe. Her new image, free from any rules, was so popular with women of fashion that they began to try to combine the incongruous, making up the rules of a new style, called by Bohemia, the area of ​​free gypsies in Europe (by the way, and "bohemia" from here come from).

Coats in the style of a boho

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The basic laws of Bohho style

So how correctly to create boho chic? First, select all the unusual and bright in your wardrobe and try to combine the different things in turn, based somewhere on the contrast, somewhere, on the contrary, on the similarity of color and texture.

Chiffon blouses and jeans of long raincoats as impossibleIt will be better to look with long hippie skirts, stitched around the circumference of the soutache or braid, with sandals or high boots, and, of course, a bright variety of costume jewelery - these can be numerous chains with electroforming pendants, oriental earrings and beads, large bracelets. In the course can go lace and silk kerchiefs, stoles and leather bandanas - anything that at least somehow can be tied together!

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What is noteworthy, in the style of Bohin it does not matter at all,To what brand clothes belong, what is its price - here clothes from leading designers and things from the flea market can be connected. The main thing is that the combination should have its own energy and meet the internal sense of harmony, make the world brighter and more diverse, and people - more positive and cheerful!

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Which decorations are best for Bohho style?

Jewelry plays an important role in creating a style of Boho. They must meet the following requirements:

  1. Naturalness. All ornaments must be made with their natural materials. It can be anything: leather, stones, wood or suede. Their various combinations are entirely permissible. In this case, it is best if the parts are of different sizes.
  2. A large number of. This is just the case when jewelry does not happen much. You can quite at the same time put on, several rings, beads, brooches, bracelets and earrings.
  3. The size. All bijouterie should be as large as possible and do not be afraid to go too far, it's simply impossible in the style of Boho.
  4. Spectacular. An unusual option will be unusual jewelry made by yourself. You can design your own design, which no one can repeat.

Choose jewelry that will reflect your state and inner world to the maximum. Only in this way will you be able to fully convey the Boho style.

Ornaments in the Bohai style

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Choose an effective hairstyle

Adding an image in the style of Boho will help the right hair. It will emphasize your individuality and uniqueness. Choose the following hairstyles:

  1. The braids. This universal in all senses hairstyle can be performed in different variations. Depending on the order, you can weave a simple large braid or many small braids, gathered in a hairdo.
  2. Light curls. Slightly wavy hair looks very sexy. Some will say that this hairstyle is sloppy, but this is what makes her look. It is perfect for the Boho style.
  3. Hairstyles with rims. If you do not have time for a complex hairstyle, the rim will help out. Just comb your hair and decorate it with this stylish accessory. You can choose it for different outfits. And always it will look more than appropriate.

The main thing in Boho style is freedom, so do not invent complex hairstyles. Simplicity and negligence are the key to success.


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What accessories can I emphasize the Boho style?

Particular attention should be paid to accessories. The most important of these is the bag. The idea is in multilayeredness. A simple fabric bag, embroidered with beads or decorated with fringe will be the perfect complement to the style of the Boho. Provide layering will help baubles, key chains, pendants and other similar details.

A stylish accessory will be a hat. It can be felt or straw depending on the season. But she must have wide fields.

To supplement the image in the style of Bohin will help a large scarf. It can be monophonic or have a pattern. This accessory is perfectly combined with wide T-shirts and narrow jeans.

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Stylish shoes complement the image

The image in the style of the Boho will not be completed without comfortable and showy shoes. Shoes do not necessarily have to attract attention. They may well have a calm shade and a classical form.

  • Boots are better to choose on a flat sole or a small wedge. Try to buy models made from genuine leather or suede. The top can be any height.
  • Shoes for everyday wear should be comfortable. Prefer models that fit well on your leg. Ballet are very popular.
  • Sandals remotely resembling traditional Greek shoes - an ideal option for the style of Boho. They can be decorated with large beads or all sorts of decor.

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Can I make clothes in the style of Bohos with my own hands?

If you want to make clothes in a Bohemian styleIt's the easiest to tie it together. Combine different styles of large mating in one product. It can be a spacious dress, a cardigan or a sweater. The more spacious the clothes will be, the more it will approach the Boho style.

Choose only natural yarn. A great option would be cotton, linen or wool. This style does not tolerate synthetics.

Do not forget to decorate the related thing with a large décor. Large wooden beads can be an effective addition to the dress.

Fashionable skirt-tablecloth in the style of bokho

Fashionable skirt-tablecloth in the style of bokho

Pattern for a skirt - tablecloths

Pattern for a skirt - tablecloths

Do not be afraid of experiments. The more unusual your outfit will be, the more attention you will attract to yourself.

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