Once upon a time we already talked about sex in the firsttime. Since then, enough time has passed, you are used to each other and you and your partner want to try something more. In classic sex, you tried, probably already a large number of poses, and oral sex for you has become a routine. At a certain stage of sexual life, partners begin to think about anal sex for the first time. Anal sex is quite a difficult topic in the sexual relationship between a man and a woman, since the desire to do it, often not mutual.

It's anal sex we want to devote toThis article, telling you about his psychological and physical characteristics, and of course about how to properly engage in anal sex. Also we will answer all questions about anal sex, which are of interest to beginners.

How to have anal sex

Psychology of anal sex

For any of the girls is not a secret that very muchMany men dream of anal sex, and this is an "exciting" topic for them. Surely he already hinted to you or spoke about the desire to do anal sex, or maybe he insisted. Some girls agree to anal sex, as they themselves want it, some agree to please, make it nice or to keep the guy, and some flatly refuse it. Let's take a closer look at this issue, since the psychological factor plays a significant role in this situation.

Why do men want to do with a girl anal sex

Men love sex very much, in all its forms. Female anus for them is a secret place, which, in fact, is not the subject of sexual intercourse, but can be used for this. Also, anal sex is like men as another kind of sex that brings variety to classic and oral sex.

Why do girls want to have anal sex

The female organism can be compared with the SwissHours. Some of us get pleasure from all kinds of sex: vaginal, oral and anal, and by force of sensations they are equivalent. There are girls who receive great pleasure and enjoyment from one of the types of sex, and it is possible that it can be just anal sex. In women's forums there are many examples where girls get incredible orgasm from anal sex, and to vaginal and oral do not really gravitate. In principle, there is nothing wrong with the fact that the couple practices exclusively anal sex, but it's not necessary to get hung up on one form, because it will quickly get bored.

Why do not partners have anal sex

The first reason why partners do not practiceAnal sex is a simple reluctance. It happens that both partners simply do not have the desire to have anal sex. The second reason is fear, when as one of the partners and both are afraid to do anal sex, because they do not know how to do it right, they are afraid of negative consequences and do something wrong. The third reason - far-fetched fears and ever heard myths.

Anal sex: yes or no?

If you do not want to and are afraid of anal sexSex, then as your partner would not insist - do not "rape" yourself. The technique of anal sex involves complete relaxation, and if you do not want this and are afraid, then there will be no relaxation, and therefore anal sex will not be pleasure, but punishment. To anal sex it is necessary to be ready both morally and physically.

Is anal sex harmful?

The positive and negative side of anal sex

Let's start with the negative factors of analSex, and then touch positive. Many girls are very interested in the question: is anal sex harmful? Unambiguous answer you will not find on any site, as this information is presented very blurry and not specific.

So, by itself, anal sex is not harmful! But, there are a lot of nuances here - very much! If anal sex alone is not harmful, it does not mean that they can not be harmed, and this harm can be both physical and moral.

Negative aspects of anal sex

Physical harm of anal sex

In order to uncover all the negative aspectsAnal sex, you need to tell what dangerous anal sex. Because of the wrong technique, tactics and training - there may be the following consequences of anal sex:

  • Inflammation of the sphincter;

  • Damage to the walls of the rectum;

  • Incontinence of stool and gases;

  • Acute anal fissure;

  • Infection with viruses and infections;

  • Constipation;

  • Diarrhea;

  • Prolapse of the rectum, etc.

This is about the physical consequences. Do not think that we want to intimidate you, we just listed the possible consequences that in medical practice took place to be. If you approach anal sex with all responsibility and seriousness, then these consequences do not threaten you.

Moral harm of anal sex

Now a few words about moral negativeConsequences of anal sex. Of course, if anal sex is not your desire, and sacrifice yourself, then about any pleasure you should not say, but on the contrary, you may get apathy.

As some girls admit, even ifAnal sex was a mutual desire, then no one is immune from pain, and if during anal sex the girl experienced severe pain, then this postpones the negative trace morally, and at a subconscious level she can lose attraction to a partner, not to mention the relationship to anal sex .

As you know, with anal sex canThere are some unpleasant situations. For example, with an unprepared anus and abrupt movements, as well as with strong excitement, the girl may have involuntary emptying, and this will be unpleasant for both. In addition, with anal sex on the condom, and its presence is mandatory, there may remain particles of feces, and other elements, which can also impose a negative imprint.

For these reasons, partners can completely disappearSexual attraction to each other, and maybe even hatred. Before you have anal sex, you must learn everything about it, and also understand each other and the possible consequences.

Positive aspects of anal sex

To calm you, we decided to first talk about the negative aspects of anal sex, and then about the positive.

As mentioned above: Anal sex is a way to diversify sex, get new sensations, emotions and pleasure. In addition, it's a great way if vaginal and oral sex have already become common for you.

Some couples who start practicingAnal sex after several years of relationships, note that the beginning of anal sex practices is comparable to the first sexual intercourse. This gives the relations of the former trembling and very close.

There is a group of girls who reach orgasmEven with anal sex, and some only with anal sex. For some, the sensation of anal sex is several times brighter than in others. As for men, in addition to the moral pleasure that they have taken over "this place", they experience physical pleasure, because in the anus there is a strong girth of the penis, which increases the sensitivity during intercourse.

As you know, once a month, girls haveDays when they can not have sex. Some couples do not practice any kind of sexual relations during this time period, and some use oral sex. Anal sex in this case will be some kind of alternative, since despite the monthly, you can work on them and get mutual pleasure.

And the last. There are couples who do not accept the use of contraceptives, in which case anal sex is one of the ways of sex, which excludes the possibility of becoming pregnant, but there is a chance of catching an infection without using a condom for anal intercourse.

Anal sex for the first time

What you should know before you have anal sex

The main rules of anal sex: Mutual desire, excitement, relaxation, preparation and smoothness. It is on these postulates and should be built anal sex. Below we will discuss these issues in more detail.

Is it painful to have anal sex? - It all depends on how well you and your partner will do it. The main thing is to follow all the recommendations that we will give below.

The guy really wants (insists) on anal sexAnd I want to make him nice (broke under the pressure of persuasion) - is it right? - NO! Understand, if you do not want it yourself, but sacrifice your body, then nothing good will come of it. Explain to him that you are afraid of this and you like the classic, if the guy loves you - everything will understand. If to him anal sex is more expensive than your personal feelings and experiences, then let him look for one that practices everything that can only come up.

Beginners may have another question: Is it possible to have anal sex often? If everything is done correctly, it is theoretically possible, and there are many examples, but it is not desirable, since the anus is not adapted to sex, and even more so to the constant.

Very, we draw your attention, a very important roleIn this process your partner plays, and even can be the main one. Why? Only your relaxation and curation of the partner's movements depend on you, everything else depends on it: to excite you, to "enter", to move gently, etc. Therefore, if you are confident in your partner, that he is tender and gentle about you, and will try to make you feel good - then you are unnecessarily afraid.

There are cases when girls want the first analIntercourse with an experienced partner, but anal sex has a completely different feature than the vaginal. If the classical penetration is quite simple, then the anal requires a long preparation, and in itself the first anal sex - this is a long process.

Positions for anal sex

How to Prepare for Anal Sex

The most difficult thing in anal sex is to breakPsychological barrier: the fear that it can be painful and dirty is the very first step in preparation for anal sex. When you are ready for anal sex morally, you want to try it and this topic does not excite you, but on the contrary - it starts, you can move on to actions.

What you need for anal sex

It is necessary for anal sex to have a lotGrease. If it is produced by vaginal sex itself, it is not produced at the anus. Lubrication promotes the sliding penetration and movement of the penis in the anal passage.

In order to prepare an anal openingUse special stretchers, which are sold in sex shops and online stores. This stretcher operates on the principle of an old blood pressure monitor, but only a small rubber stopper is used instead of the cuff. You apply the lubricant and inject this plug into the anus, then pour air into it, which causes it to increase, and therefore also increases the anal passage. Also for this you can use anal plugs, anal beads and other devices.

Doctors strongly recommend for anal sexUse condoms. The condom is used not only as a means of protection from possible partner diseases. As we said above, in the anus can remain parts of the feces and it is better if they stay on the condom, and not on the penis partner. Also, the condom will ensure better gliding of the penis and protect against germs that may be in the anal passage.

On the Internet, on some sources, you can findRecommendations about syringing before anal intercourse, but it is not necessary to do this, the main thing before the process itself is not to eat tightly, as you yourself understand what it can lead to.

Preparing for anal sex

We recommend to pass to anal sexgradually. For example, many men in love games, before or during sex, caress the anus of their partner or slightly inject a finger into it. This prepares for anal sex, so let each time the partner enters the finger a little deeper so that you are used to it and could relax.

The first anal sex is best to do inTranquil setting at home. If you and your partner do not live together, it is better to do it at home, so you will be morally calm, and in case of force majeure, you will know what to take and do. After making sure that no one will disturb you and will not come - turn off the phones.

It is not necessary before the first anal sex to takeAlcohol, since this can have negative consequences. If you want to do anal sex, but you fear, take a sedative, well, or still alcohol, but in very small quantities. Before anal sex, be sure to wash yourself, it is also advisable to empty out so that the stomach is not full.

Preparing for anal sex

How to have anal sex

Include romantic, calm and gentle music. Start with gentle kisses and caresses, your partner probably knows what excites you very much. Girls really like and relax them when the partner starts caressing the anus with the tongue. After that, the partner can begin to develop the anus, with both fingers and special devices.

When you are relaxed, strongly anus and anusDeveloped, you can proceed to oral caresses of the partner's penis, and then put on a condom. Apply on top of the condom a sufficient amount of lubricant, for a good glide.

Next, you lie down comfortable for you and yourPartner position. Positions for anal sex choose from the sensations. The best position, when the girl is lying on the bed, on her stomach, at the level of the partner's penis, to maximally relax the muscles of the anus and the partner could control the speed and depth of entry. Enter the partner need to gradually, not pushing, and smooth movements. As necessary, in the process of sex, you can re-apply the lubricant.

Remember! All the partner's movements should be smooth and calm, when you are ready, the movements can be gradually increased, but again, be very careful at the same time. If you feel unpleasant - tell the partner, correct his actions. If on the contrary, you like this movement - also talk about it to a partner. You can not try to enter the partner as deeply as possible, do it as much as the anal passage allows.

The next time you already haveSome experience, you can experiment with movements during sex, poses, tactics, technique, etc., but do not forget about all of the above. With time, when you study your body well, then it will be easier for you to reach orgasm with anal sex.