Do you want to find a guy and become an ideal girl for him? Then, for sure, you need this article, in which we will talk about what girls like guys.

Initially we want to note that oneA universal image of a girl who would like absolutely all guys and men - no. Therefore, in this article, we will try to describe a kind of collective image that is pleasing to most men, namely, touching on the issues of appearance, preferences, interests, inner peace and character traits.

What girls like guys

What girls like guys in appearance

It is undeniable that a lot of men appreciate girls' grooming and neatness. What exactly is included in these concepts, we will try to explain further.

Well-groomed body

According to statistics, the absolute majority of menSays that it is very important for them that the girl was well-groomed. In particular, the body does not have to have extra hair, that is, men like when girls make depilation in areas of intense hair growth: legs, arms and genitals.

Important for men is the skin. Men like it when girls, as they say in advertising: beautiful, soft and delicate skin. In order to have such a skin, it needs special and thorough care.


Many girls are interested in the question: What girls like guys full or thin. Strangely enough, and in this issue there is no consensus among men, because someone likes very thin girls, someone - skinny, and someone and plump. Therefore here all you will not please.

Despite the fact that men are inspiredDiscuss the forms of girls, especially the silicone breast models from glossy men's magazines, to the question of "not their" forms in girls, are very negative. Even if you have a second-sized breast, but your own, this is appreciated by men more than the fourth-size breast, in which the implants will be located. Hence we can conclude that in the female body, men appreciate the naturalness.

Hair and makeup

Few of the men will like it whenGirls "mess on the head." The ability to make beautiful hair is very appreciated by men. It is worth noting, men like when girls make different hair stylings and when they do another haircut, and do not walk for several years with one haircut and styling.

Here you can not fail to mention the hair extensions,Which are in great demand among girls. As such, when the girls have hair extensions, the guys do not have anything bad, but to the exposed hair of their girl - they are negative.

Special preferences in make-up for girls, for menno. The main thing is that this makeup should match the chosen style of clothes and furnishings. The ability of girls to emphasize and make more expressive any facial features, also like men.

Taste in clothes

The next factor that guys like in girls is the taste in their clothes. When a girl wears beautiful and stylish things by herself, which, in the general picture, perfectly harmonize with each other.

In addition to the ability to choose and combine clothes,Men like it when women dress and in accordance with the situation. That is, if she goes for example on a visit, it's not jeans and a jacket, but a dress or suit that matches the event.


In principle, all of the above, and are components of the appearance, so to speak, of the general image of the girl.

Let's notice, that men do not welcome excesses in appearance of girls: a considerable quantity of ornaments, superfluous accessories, presence of cosmetic operations (the raised labiums, braces of a skin) and tattoos.

What girls like men

Inner world of girls

As the saying goes: Meet on clothes ... so when you get acquainted with a man, he first of all makes a visual inspection, on the basis of which he immediately builds his first impression of her. After that, the man already evaluates the girl according to her inner world: mind, interests, manner of communication, habits, character, a look at certain questions.

Of course, men like smart girls, and thatDid not speak on TV, it's true. Only with an intelligent and wise girl a man will feel on horseback, he will be interested with her, she will always give advice and reasonably will act in any situation. Yes, and agree, it's nice when with your second half you can talk on a variety of topics, not just on household.

As for character, it is also impossible to giveAn unequivocal answer, girls with what character they like men. Some like the quiet and modest, some - "with a character", but someone likes calm girls, but who can and persist in certain situations.

Also, men like girls with exquisite taste: in music, movies, food, drinks and other things.

What should be the future wife

What kind of girls marry men? To a greater extent, the future wife should be complaisant and modest. Affluence does not mean submission, here it is meant that the girl will reckon with the opinion of her husband and in some matters give way to him, wives who do not have their point of view husbands are not interested, he must always win!

The future wife must necessarily be feminine. The femininity of a girl is manifested in her kindness, tenderness, affection and care. In the view of a man, a wife should be strong spirit, but at the same time, occasionally show weakness, because next to her there is a reliable man and he should feel that he is for her reliable support and support.

The last, very important quality thatLike guys in girls - it's economic. For men, the house is very important, they really consider it to be their fortress. Any man wants to be always drawn home, so that his beloved wife will wait for him, preparing a delicious dinner. To the house was clean, nice, cozy, tasted smell and that his wife indulged in various delicious dishes. Well, finally, that his clothes were washed and ironed, and most importantly - a neatly hung out wife.

What kind of girls marry men

What girls like men in sex

What girls like guys in bed? All without exception, men like passionate girls who, in bed, can be said to "do wonders."

In sex, guys like these girls whoAre different, with which you can diversify sex: complaisant and obstinate, those that can transform into different images and like to try something new in sex, etc.

If you possess all these qualities, then you are a real ideal for most men!