Many of us know how sex is. But to know how and what is not enough, because in sex there are a lot of nuances that are practically nowhere described: how to start sex, in what order and what to do, how to finish it, etc. In this article, we will try to tell you about the rules and nuances of sex, which are most often interested in girls.

Instructions and tips in sex

Sex is a very quivering and exciting process,Since we are staying with a tete-a-tete partner and are afraid to do something wrong, especially if this is the first time or sex with a new partner. Modern realities are such that in life, girls have several sexual partners, and if you are used to your former boyfriend, then sex with a new partner is like sex for the first time: you are shy, do not know what he likes, how to do it right and so .P. Let's look at the frequently asked questions about sex in this article.

Rules of sex

Place for sex

Anyone who respects himself and his potentialPartner, a man, should think about where to have sex with her, if this is favored by the situation. Of course, it also happens that after thinking over all the options he can not find such a place, so if you have your own option - suggest it yourself: "And they went to me ..." or "I have the keys to my girlfriend's apartment, went with me. I need to water her flowers ... ". Yes, there are exceptions, when you really really want sex, and there is no suitable place, and there are two options: to have sex in a spontaneous place, or to abstain. It all depends on your good breeding, excitement and relationships with the guy.

Often girls do not know where to have sex: At home or at the partner. In any case, if you want to have sex with a guy, you should know him well, including where and how he lives. If his apartment does not particularly please you, then in this case, it is better to invite him to your place. In other cases, it is better to have sex with him.

How to hint at sex

If you like a guy or you meet, andWould like to have sex with him, then just hint to him about it in the course of the conversation, at a convenient opportunity. If you can not do this during the conversation, write it to him in the message, having translated the conversation into a romantic plane, for example, that you are going to take a bath and would like to do it with him. You can start a conversation about the secret desires of each other, where to smoothly transfer the topic to sex. When the topic is affected, you can only decide when it will happen and where.

How to switch to sex

So, the romantic atmosphere, you two together - and thatContinue to do? It is at this point that many girls begin to hesitate and fall into a stupor - do not worry, it's pretty simple. Go to sex in two ways: spontaneously and smoothly.


Spontaneously go to sex is best in case,If you are in a state of intense arousal and can not contain yourself more than yourself, because the fire of passion is burning inside. Or, if you do not know how to go to sex, then just start it spontaneously, that is, you start kissing with a partner, switching to stroking and stimulating each other's genitals.


Smooth and gradual transition to sex is the mostThe best option, since this method will help both of you get excited, enjoy the process and make tenderness in this action. So you can calm down and get used to each other, and then go directly to coition. How to gradually move to sex?

The most common way to go to sex -This massage. For example, you start massaging the guy's shoulders, saying that they are very tense, suggest removing his shirt and laying on his stomach in order to do a massage. You can immediately sit on the guy, and do it a little later, supposedly you are uncomfortable doing a massage sitting on the side, you sit on it. First use the massage, then stroking, and then bend down and start kissing his neck. Surely, in that case he will turn and everything will begin by itself.

Another way to switch to sex is gentleStroking. If you watch a movie, then put a hand on his foot, then gradually start to iron it, rising higher. If you are sitting at the table, then start pressing your foot with your foot, and then say that you would like to dance, he will certainly invite you to dance and during the dance you can begin the prelude: after a little dancing, hug him by the shoulders, as usually girls do , Gently press against it, especially in the genital area, then a passionate look, a kiss, stroking and ...

Sex instructions

How to start sex

The next question that interests girls: How to start sex. Perhaps you will be a bit uncomfortable and you will want to take a bath before having sex. In this case, you need to catch this moment, when you are both not yet excited and when it will begin. It's not right to go to the bath in advance, but to go, when both of you are excited and the flesh burns inside - this is a real bummer, for both. If you gradually pass to sex, then erotic whisper to him: "Darling, can I use your bathroom?" - there is nothing wrong with this, since hygiene is first and foremost caressing the pure genitals of each other more pleasantly. Clarify at the same time, what kind of towel you can use. Returning from the bathroom, continue from the same place where you left off.

Be sure to pay attention to the prelude: Kissing, hugging, gentle stroking, oral sex and stimulation of the genitals. After that, proceed to the very sex, after wearing a condom, on the partner's penis.

How to properly wear a condom

As a rule, a man prints and clothes himselfCondom, but some like it when it does, and the partner is so sexy, especially since some girls are also starting. So, how correctly to put on a condom to a partner? If you are confident in a partner, then before you put a condom on him, you can lick his "tool" and then put on "rubber protection".

Dressing a condom is easy enough, but veryIt is important that you do this correctly, because the whole effect of contraception depends on this. Dressing a condom is necessary on the penis only when he is in full excitement by rolling the head. Then take out the condom itself, grip the tip with two fingers, thus leaving a free space at the end, press your fingers against the penis of the partner and with the other hand start rolling the ring of the condom to the end. It is very important that the so-called indentation remains at the beginning of the condom, and that air does not get into it. If necessary, you can look at the Internet video instructions how to do it.

What to do during sex

We all know what to do during sex, butWhen this happens, the question immediately arises: how? When the condom is dressed, lie down in a comfortable position for you. If you have sex with a new partner, then we advise you to use two poses: you are on the bottom, he is on top, or vice versa - the first time is not the best option for the Kama Sutra, and there, if everything goes well, then you can diversify.

During sex, you can kiss with a partner,Stroking it, caressing it - in one word doing everything that you like and want. When you feel that you will soon have an orgasm, whisper it in your partner's ear.

Nuances and common questions in sex

How to End Sex

Ending sex with a new partner is complicated, soAs you do not know his preferences. Therefore, before you do real sex, it's best to do it virtually. Firstly, you will find out what your partner likes, and he will know what to like about you. Secondly, and most importantly, you model the situation of the final stage of sex, which will help you in real circumstances.

Options to end sex three:

  • You reach an orgasm reciprocally, when it is in you (in a condom, or you use another method of contraception);

  • First, he leads you to orgasm (in coition), and then you take it;

  • You interrupt the sexual intercourse and bring each other up to orgasm: either orally or by masturbation.

If you use the first option, then itThe most convenient, unnecessary extra fuss and interruptions, while you get maximum pleasure, but there is a risk that the condom can tear. The last two methods are called interrupted sexual intercourse, which we will discuss below.

Interrupted intercourse

At the second variant of the termination of sex, the partnerCan bring you to orgasm, and then withdraw your penis and already you bring it to orgasm in many ways. The third option, you stop the sexual intercourse and each other bring to orgasm, in different ways. What ways can these be?

How to bring a guy to orgasm with interrupted intercourse?

In this case, ways to bring the partner toOrgasm may be several, but we recommend two of them: to bring orgasm to masturbation or orally. If the partner is new, then in this case it is better to bring him to orgasm by masturbation, so that the ejaculation occurred in the condom. If the partner is tested and constant, then you can orally bring him to orgasm, while you can swallow the seminal fluid - guys like this madly, or think in advance how you can act in such a situation yet.

Pregnancy and interrupted sexual intercourse

Many girls are interested: Using the interrupted sexual certificate or act what probability to become pregnant? If sex was from and to with a condom, and the ejaculation of the partner did not happen in the vagina - the probability is zero! That is, pregnancy with interrupted intercourse is excluded by 100%!

What to do after sex

After sex, do whatever you want: Take a shower, both alone and together; You can lie and talk, kiss, hug, or go to bed; You can go to tea or coffee, or you can leave. Act on the situation.

Tips for sex

Rules for sex for girls

Rule 1

If you are sure that you will have sex - takeWith a condom. For some reason, some girls think that a man should think about this, but firstly, he does not owe you anything, and secondly, it's better to take the condoms in reserve, because if suddenly he got this question out of his head, then your sex Either it is canceled, or it is necessary to do it without means of protection, which is very dangerous.

On this basis, we recommend that you always haveHandbag condoms, there's nothing wrong with that. Thus, you will protect yourself from unwanted pregnancy, as well as from possible diseases, if you have a non-permanent partner.

Rule 2

Do not drink alcohol before sex, otherwise youYou will not be able to control your actions and will not get any pleasure, the same as doing love and drinking with a man. Make love only sober, well, or slightly sipping low-alcohol beverage, so to speak for courage.

Rule 3

Do not focus on your actions, you do not need to think much, everything should happen by itself, instinctively. But again, it is necessary to think about means of protection necessarily.

Rule 4

Do not be silent during sex: Do him compliments, if you do not like something - say it, groan, etc. But while it is unnecessary throughout the whole sex to constantly supervise him and talk - this is superfluous. If you do not like something or it is inconvenient - tell it to your partner, suggesting changing the position for example.

Rule 5

After sex with a guy, if you are not with himIn a relationship, you do not need to ask him if you will continue to continue the relationship - it's a big mistake, and also ask that he call you. To do this after sex, go to the kitchen and drink a cup of tea, hinting at what is not against communicating with him in the future, but not imposing himself.

Rule 6

After oral sex, decide whether to swallow the partner's seminal fluid - you, if you do not want this and you do not like it, do not do it, bring the partner to orgasm masturbation in the condom.

Well, at last one more nuance. Some people, both boys and girls, want to kiss a partner after oral sex, but someone does not like it, but someone on the contrary, very winds up. So consider this.

If you have questions in sex, the nuances of which interest you - ask in the comments, we will gladly answer them.