Skirts for fat women: models and styles

Feminine plenitude, which drove men from the pastCenturies, again in vogue! And this is great news for those who did not lose weight in favor of standards 90-60-90 and a wonderful occasion to review your wardrobe! Down with hoodies, shapeless cases and black color - a full woman should look luxurious, dresses and skirts for fat women are able to express the beauty of a magnificent figure, fortunately, there are many models that emphasize virtues and correct errors.

Many fat women hide their luxurious bodiesUnder hoodies and shapeless cases - the only way to call it the kind of dresses and skirts that were chosen bbw. Modern standards of beauty have departed from thinness and turned towards those whose size is much larger than the size of anemic beauties. Ladies of size + were able to dress beautifully, tastefully and exquisitely - today every self-respecting boutique has a model range for large sizes, where dresses, blouses, trousers, sarafans and skirts are presented for fat women who want to beautifully present their natural beauty.

In order to look irresistible, you need to be able toTo emphasize its unique charm: sensual bend of magnificent hips, magnificent breasts, sloping "Kustodiev" shoulders and a beautiful neck. You need to learn how to dress according to the figure: with a sense of style, with pleasure and love for yourself.

In the wardrobe of any lady, and even more so feminine, there must be skirts: they allow you to model the image, change the style, create a unique look. The skirt is an obligatory element of the wardrobe.


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A-shaped skirt for owners of luxurious thighs and wasp waist

Depending on the features of the figure, it follows thatPick up the skirts - if the hips are wide, and the waist is narrow, then surprisingly harmonious and beautiful will look skirt A-shaped. It smoothly passes from the waist to the belly, hiding its bulge and expanding to the hips, making them more graceful and slender.

This skirt can be elongated and stretch -Descending to the ankle, she is walking around, tightening her legs, intriguing and disturbing the surrounding men. She looks great with a high heel and loose blouses just below the belly. If you wear a skirt with a corrective underwear, then you can put on a fitted blouse.


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Tulip skirt sits perfectly on any shape

Another great option for skirts for fullWill become a skirt-tulip. It fits girls with a wide waist and any hips, ideally sits on any figure - its length varies: if the legs are slender, then the skirt can be up to the knee, if full - then lower. If the waist is large, then you can choose a style with an overstated waistline.


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Skirt-year for girls with outstanding thighs

The skirt-year can be executed in 4 different styles:

  • In the classical - with tight hips and a widening bottom hem;
  • In spiral - six of its wedges are cut in a special way, so that they have a special spiral shape;
  • In the form of a "bell". This style is made with vtakchnymi wedges of circular shape;
  • With a train - one of the most actual in recent times styles. The skirt is slightly shorter in front, and there is a plume behind it.

It is necessary to take into account the specifics of your physique, choosing this or that model of the skirt-year:

  1. The most graceful is to look like such a skirt on a figure such as an "hourglass."
  2. If the thighs are the most prominent part of the figure (another type is called the "pear"), it is better to abandon such a style altogether, because the skirt-year only further emphasizes the volume of the hips.
  3. But if your figure refers to a type that is commonly referred to as an "apple", then the skirt-year will be successfully combined with a blouse up to the middle of the thigh.
  4. Even if your figure is a rectangle, do notThink that you should abandon such a bold style. If you make wedges flared higher than usual, then your contours will become more slender and graceful.




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Classical frankness is fashion for all time

Models and styles of skirts for full include andClassic straight skirt - her models are so diverse that they allow full ladies to feel in them just fine. They can be any length, with a smell and with a zipper, with folds in the front and side, with cuts on the sides and behind, with a coquette and vertical zipper along the entire length, located in front and allowing coquettishly unfasten it and show the legs.

This model, although classical, is, however, suitableWomen are not of any type of physique. So, girls with a pear-shaped figure in this fashion not only emphasize their dignity, but also supplement their images - business, evening. This skirt perfectly matches absolutely with any top - be it a large or small knitted sweater, a strict blouse, a shortened jacket with a collar-stand or lapels or even a tunic flared.

But if the woman is the owner of the silhouette "inverted triangle", then she will have to give up this style. A straight skirt visually makes the lower part of her figure wider.



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Well, do not hide your beauty in the summer? Summer skirts for full girls

In the summer, you can afford skirts fromTransparent fabrics on the case - they are long and have a straight cut. Multilayered skirts are also quite acceptable - the layers should be slightly and better if the skirt is on the case. It will allow you to tighten your hips and stomach, while the upper layers of thin fabrics will create a light and airy image. The length of such skirts should be either ankles or even longer - they need to be worn with heels or with a high platform.



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Skirt pencil on a woman in the body looks more impressive

Do not neglect and skirt-pencil - give up the stereotype and you will see that on the full figure this skirt looks even better than the skinny one.

Who does not know that a woman who is truePicked up her skirt, sitting exactly on the figure, turns into a true goddess of beauty? True, inclined to the fullness of the girl, often refuse this element of clothing, convincing themselves that their destiny - pants, shapeless hoodies, and in them the small flaws of their figures are less noticeable. This is a common misconception. It is this garment that transforms the figure so unrecognizably that all its former defects become tempting virtues.

The pencil skirt emphasizes the waistline, delineates and tightens the hips. Combining this style with high-heeled shoes and matching stockings (transparent, black), the pencil skirt visually lengthens the legs.

Those who want to choose their own style of a pencil skirt, it is necessary to observe simple rules:

  • The length of the skirt should vary from a few fingers above the knee to a few fingers below the knee. Frank mini, long skirt to the ankles is taboo!
  • If the hips are wide, and the waist is narrow ("pear-shaped" figure), let the top be tight, but "apples" (waist is expressed indistinctly) better to put on top a loose short tunic or jacket.
  • A pencil skirt for a woman prone to fatnessIn any case should not be made of shiny fabric or skin - it will not only visually make the thighs larger, but will also constantly gather when walking.
  • Monophonic fabric - a win-win option, suitable for full ladies is a dark fabric with a small pattern. Fabrics with large prints, bright ornaments will weight the figure, they should be abandoned;
  • Do not neglect the incisions on the pencil skirt. It can be executed both in front, and behind. Skirts with cuts perfectly complement both the business and solemn image of its owner.



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The actual palette for skirts for "weighty" women

There is a common misconception that slenderExclusively black color. You can choose a color scheme in your wardrobe that harmoniously and brightly collected colors will play so that they will make their mistress just perfect. Yes, you can not argue with the versatility of monophonic skirts. With them, you can easily and easily combine accessories, shoes, blouses. However, only white and pink colors are exceptionally full, and therefore there is something to work on.



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Prints on skirts for pysachek

No one forces you to put a complete cross onPrints. Just need to follow the rule: there are no large and too small patterns. You do not need to wear skirts, in which the patterned inserts are located on the hips or horizontal strips. This will visually make the hips wider. The most optimal variant of the print stylists consider vertical with a pattern of medium size, it is better if it is an abstraction.


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Not a kilt, of course, but also a skirt in a cage

Very carefully it is necessary to address with skirts of checkeredColors. If you prefer a tissue with a large cage, then they will weight the silhouette. But if you really want to make a fashionable note in the wardrobe, then let it be a cage with a diagonal pattern. The cell must be two or more colors, provided that the top is monophonic, with one of the colors of the cells.


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Skirts of dark colors - the most successful solution

The most common colors in all collectionsModels plus size - dark. This is due to the fact that the dark color visually makes the curvy shape smaller. Of course, this does not mean that you need to completely "paint" your wardrobe in black. Derivatives of dark tones - blue, burgundy, purple, dark olive, ginger, chocolate at the same time will dilute the dark outfit and will not make you fuller.


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General rules for choosing a skirt full girl

  1. A summer skirt is best made from linen, cotton, chiffon or silk.
  2. To emphasize the silhouette will help the shape skirt flare from the middle of the thigh.
  3. A large pattern (flower, peas, cage) visually fills.
  4. The original model will make drapery with a cloth.
  5. Help to distract attention from small shortcomings of the figure accessories - buckles, buttons, straps.
  6. Do not tighten the waistband too much - it will weight the chest and hips.
  7. Give up skirt trapeziums (short) and straight baggy styles.

When choosing a skirt for a figure, give upShapeless things, but do not seek to tighten - everything should sit exactly on the figure. Do not get carried away by dark colors - large women are very bright and saturated colors.



Skirts for fat women. Models and styles of skirts for complete

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