Types of hands for the eyes: how to paint correctly

If you still do not know how to draw arrows correctly, then this master class is just for you. We will consider what varieties of arrows are and in which cases they are appropriate.

To create a makeup with arrows you will needPodvodki various shades, a brush for podvodki, base shades in brown and peach shades. Forget also that the skin of the face and eyelid, before applying makeup, must be treated and cleaned. Very well work out a zone of dark circles under the eyes, so that they do not aggravate the situation.

Pay special attention to: If you have a fat eyelid or you know in advance that it will be hot and you will sweat, then it must be fixed with a base under the shadows.

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Option shooter number 1: for every day

This type of shooter is suitable for every woman andIs very easy. You can use both persistent pencils and eyeliner. The arrow begins with the outer iris of the eye and repeats the bend of the lower eyelid. That is, the tail of the arrow and the line of the lower eyelid will go in parallel. It is gradually expanding. Then we slightly grow the arrow no further than the pupil, we achieve a smooth transition. If you drew an arrow with a pencil, then duplicate it with a pod.

Such an arrow corrects the eye and is suitable for everyday make-up.

All the arrows draw with the open eye, looking atmirror. At least we set the form this way, and we paint how it will be convenient. If you have a eyelid with folds, then draw the arrow, then with the half-closed eye shade the middle.

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Option number 2: classic hands

If you like a more saturated makeup, then youAn arrow fits the entire ciliary row. It is painted the same way as the previous one, just extend it to the inner corner of the eye. Note that for everyday make-up, the elongation to the corner should be as thin as possible and then gradually expand from the pupil.

Such arrows are appropriate in any make-up of the eyes, because they make the ciliary row more dense, and the make-up is saturated.

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Option number 3: retro arrows

If you deviate from the standard thicknessArrows, then the next option is the retro arrows. In this case there are no restrictions and the thickness can be completely different, depending on the image and idea.

There are several options, how to make up such aArrow. The first is that you draw an ordinary arrow across the entire ciliary row. Then on top of this arrow draw a new one, thereby thickening the previous one. Strictly repeat the form, and the tail will go further than the bottom. If you correctly draw the bottom arrow, then the tail will look new towards the temple.

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The second option, how to make up arrows, is drawing the thickness that you need, along the contour. Draw the desired shape and shade.

Arrows of this kind can be thicker, it all depends on what you need makeup for.

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In order to make the look more open,Better to shade the lower and upper eyelid with natural shade colors. Lower eyelid is decorated with brown, slightly leading up to the arrow. The upper is decorated with a peach tint, starting with the fold.

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Option number 4: colored arrows

In addition to the fact that the arrows can be standardThey can also be colored. Colored paint the same way, like the first version of the retro-shooter. First, we paint the black arrow, and after drying it above we apply a colored pigment. You can even have several layers. Just in this version you can see how long the upper arrow extends. Stain the crease, if necessary.

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Option number 5: the grown arrow

The latter option refers to everyday, but by changing the intensity and color, this makeup can easily go into the evening.

First we apply a natural shade of creamShadows. We brighten the area under the eyebrow and the corner. In brown color, draw an arrow over the upper eyelid, and then tushuem a little with a small brush. It turns out a light haze, which is appropriate for daytime make-up.

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As you can see, there are many varieties of arrows, and only you can choose which image you want to try on today.

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