Sugar depilation at home

There are little things that can spoil evenThe most delicate, most thoughtful image - an unpleasant smell, an absurdly made hairdo or hairs protruding through pantyhose. Removing hair in certain areas of the body has long been a sign of good taste, a procedure that should be followed by each woman, respecting herself and watching her beauty, if she does not want to cause a single fact of her appearance of laughter and an inadequate response in general.

Even in ancient Egypt, as well as in Persia, tenderThe skin without hair was considered a sign of beauty, and beauty is exquisite, noble, aristocratic. Millennia passed, but during this time little has changed in this aspect - and we still want velvety and silky smooth skin. This is especially true for the summer, swimming season, when women are exposing a maximum of the body and we want all our efforts to care for it to be appreciated.

Ways of depilation at home

Sugar depilation at home

To date, the most painless andRapid way of depilation is deservedly considered a razor. However, even if you use a specially designed female razor for such purposes, this does not guarantee you no ugly cuts, besides, hair that is easily removed easily returns. You will need to repeat this procedure almost every day, and this takes a precious time, which could be used to other uses. And the skin is perfectly smooth after any razor is called problematic, only a part of the hair is given.

Using the latest electric dividerModels painful feelings are reduced to minimal, and the skin itself remains perfectly smooth until a month. Agree, the razor will not give you such an amazing effect. Depilator cream allows you to participate in the procedure minimally - smeared and after some time washed away, but there are already some nuances - you can have a certain degree of skin sensitivity - the real chemical burns, even if you use a depilation cream really good Brand. In addition, you should not discount the individual intolerance of creams.

Another common method of depilation isHot wax in different types and variations of its use for depilation. The convenience of this method is that it can be used both in the cabin, where all of you will do well at home, on their own, buying a special wax plate. You can get them almost at any store.

There are also folk remedies thatHelp to inhibit hair growth. However, not all methods are painless, some are fraught with chemical burns, so it is necessary to resort to them with extreme caution and to begin with, trying on a small patch of skin. If the body's response is normal - then the remedy can be safely used for the procedure, and if not - then you will suffer only a small area of ​​the skin, and not the entire body.

Do not forget about such a method as depilationSugar. Its advantages are the rich experience of women in its use - according to legend, hair removal with sugar began to use the queen of Egypt, Cleopatra, then he became extremely popular in Persia, from where he spread throughout the world. However, some data indicate that this way of getting rid of excess hair arose in the XIV century BC, and its author or the most ardent admirer, more precisely, the fan was Queen Nefertiti. She plastered her divine body with a thick mixture of wax, honey, and plant juice.

Depilation with sugar

By itself, sugar depilation (shugaring) isA specific procedure that has its pluses and minuses. The main drawbacks are that the integrity of the skin is disturbed around the hair. The degree of damage applied depends heavily on the particular composition of the mixture, on which preparations are used. In addition, shugaring can cause individual intolerance in women, and it is also contraindicated for those with low pain threshold. Yes, and the bikini area in this way will not work.

However, the idea of ​​using sugar for depilation was notWould be so popular if it did not have its advantages. One of the main things for the women of our country in the midst of the economic crisis is low cost. All money costs will go only to sugar - and another lemon juice. The third used ingredient is water, which costs nothing. Many women are also more comfortable doing such things at home, and shugaring allows it. The results of a home-made slouch are to last a pretty long time - almost a month and a half, which also attracts many women of fashion, especially busy ones. They believe that it is better to suffer once, but then 6 weeks not to know any problems and generally forget about what depilation is.

By the way, despite all the rumors that it is -A painful procedure, it is still more sparing compared with the wax option. And the degree of damage is much less. Although the principle of action, these two methods in general are comparable. They are even sometimes confused.

Sugar removal at home

Sugar depilation at home

So, how does the depilation of sugar at home? Nothing very complicated in the procedure itself. Prepared paste can be cold, it can be hot, but in moderation, so as not to cause a burn of the surface of the skin. The paste can be removed by sharp movements, simply by hands or by means of specially designed strips for this purpose.

Sugar depilation is different from waxing,That traditionally the paste is applied in the direction against hair growth, whereas the second variant implies the application of mass on the growth of hair. A sharp jerk is made in the direction of hair growth. If everything was done correctly, then the entire hair follicle will be removed. You can work with sugar paste like a wax mixture, but in this case the efficiency will be an order of magnitude lower.

By the way, sugar depilation is veryA convenient home way to get rid of excess body hair, also because the experience of such a procedure is passed from generation to generation. If you have the opportunity, as well as an unpleasant experience of dating exactly with this method - entrust yourself and your body to the hands of home masters - they carry out the removal in a matter of minutes. With this option, you can remove a lot more hair in one session than with all the others. For example, when the wax solidifies, you can not work with the territory that it has covered. And here you can work in parallel on different parts of the body.

In addition to working with your hands or using strips, youYou can also make pasta buns or sausage and roll over the surface of the skin. If you have children - take them by this procedure, suggesting they treat them like a game. Thus, if you have a female child, he will be immersed in the world of self-care from childhood.

A separate moment is the preparation of the mixture. Make the paste best in a special refractory vessel, the temperature of the contents is best not to change - do not move away from the stove. Otherwise, you risk ruining everything. Stir gently, turn off - when the mixture will acquire a tint of caramel.

Another point, which is often overlooked -Removal of residues after the very depilation of sugar. Imagine - the skin is inflamed, irritated, has become very sensitive to the slightest touch - and it still needs to be washed, wax or cream removed. But sugar with lemon juice is removed very easily, since this mixture dissolves without problems with simple water and itself cleans the skin, which is an undoubted advantage of this method.

Another important nuance in shugaring - the mixture is completely natural, there are no chemical additives, perfumes, which is fine for people who often have a variety of allergic reactions.

If you are concerned about the problem of ingrown hair - then do not worry - in this case, do not worry about such an unpleasant consequence.

A little secret - if you are up to this procedureHair shaved, then it is worth a little wait, because after shaving they become rougher, and you just do not take them paste. It will be necessary to grab the hairs of greater length, so that everything went well.

If you missed some of the hair -The procedure can be repeated immediately, and in the case of other options this can be difficult. And more - if you often use sugar depilation at home, it can damage the follicles, stop hair growth. You will say goodbye to this procedure forever. Is not that great news?

However, there are some points that areThey are not disadvantages of shugaring, they are just advised to pay special attention to them. To begin with - many ladies say that they practice depilation with the help of sugar, but in practice, sugar is simply added to the wax and advised similar to their girlfriends. This, to put it mildly, is by no means the same thing. Pay attention not to the name of the procedure, but to what is actually offered. When using wax with the addition of sugar, the sensations from the procedure will be completely different, and the result may differ. Be ready for this.

The main difficulty is in making the paste itself. It is difficult to sustain the required degree of concentration, in addition, it is necessary to correctly apply and remove correctly, otherwise the result may not be as impressive as one would expect. And do not forget that to carry out the repeated procedure of home hair removal hair should at least slightly grow - by 2-3 millimeters. Otherwise, paste will not be "hooked" for anything.

Be especially careful about sanitation. Any depilation damages a certain layer of skin. If you perform the procedure with a violation of hygiene, then you can bring an infection, the skin will begin to ache, and reddening for a long time will be inevitable. Do not be afraid to ask questions if they concern sanitation. Remember - it's about your body's safety, its health and beauty. There can not be concessions and compromises.

Note: The procedure for removing hair with sugar is not as painful as wax, as the paste, unlike wax, does not stick to the skin and thus irritates it much less. The most painful areas for hair removal are traditionally the chest, upper lip, bikini and the whole intimate area. Be careful here.

There are also a number of diseases in which depilationSugar is not recommended. This is diabetes mellitus (guessed, I hope, why), pronounced varicose veins, as well as cutaneous benign tumors that can be damaged during the procedure.

As for the price, then sugar depilation is rightfully considered one of the cheapest: making it at home will cost you only a couple of dollars.

It's not for nothing that most women who have experienced this method do not try the others any more and write flattering comments about the depilation with sugar!