Dazzling white teeth - a permanent attributeModern attractive and successful woman. However, few of the fair sex can boast whiteness of teeth - love of sweets, smoking, dental diseases lead to the formation of yellow plaque. Fortunately, today you can easily whiten your teeth both at home and by using professional dentists. What are the methods of teeth whitening?

Professional teeth whitening

Methods of teeth whitening

The most effective (and at the same time the most expensive) dentifrice is Laser whitening. The procedure is fairly simple, and the result is visibleImmediately after its completion. A special gel containing hydrogen peroxide is applied to the teeth, after which the teeth are exposed to the laser. Each tooth is lighted for about 2 minutes. Laser teeth whitening - the procedure is absolutely painless, fast, and its result will be pleasing for many years. Perhaps the only drawback to this method of teeth whitening is its high price (whitening with a laser will cost you about 1000-2000 USD)

Another type of professional teeth whitening (Zoom technology) Is less expensive, and therefore more popular. This method somewhat loses in the effectiveness of laser bleaching, but a significantly lower cost makes it the most common at the moment. The essence of this method is reduced to the application on the teeth of a whitening gel Zoom containing hydrogen peroxide, and activation of it with a special lamp light. Subsequent tooth treatment with fluoride strengthens tooth enamel. The cost of the procedure of teeth whitening with the help of Zoom technology fluctuates around 500-1200 USD.

Whitening teeth at home

Methods of teeth whitening

You can whiten your teeth at home. However, once it is worth adjusting to the fact that there is no way to whiten your teeth, which is similar in efficiency and duration to professional bleaching, and can not be for quite logical reasons.

"Night" home teeth whitening Is carried out after a preliminary examination atDentist. The doctor, making casts of teeth, makes on them plastic cases (kappa). These cases are filled with a bleaching solution containing about 3% hydrogen peroxide, put on the teeth and left so for the night. To achieve the desired effect, these attachments must be worn on the teeth every night for 2 weeks. When the problem of yellow teeth returns, you will again be able to take advantage of the kappa you already have. This tool for teeth whitening is quite effective and economical.

Another way to whiten your teeth at home is to use a strip of bleach to attach to your teeth. It's called Blend-a-med White Strips. This remedy is considered not very effective (it bleaches the teeth unevenly, the yellowness remains on the edges of the teeth) and uncomfortable.

Whitening gels, Applying with the help of brushes and freezing onTeeth to complete removal under the influence of saliva - a pretty good option for home teeth whitening. The course lasts 2 weeks, the effect does not come immediately, and it certainly is not as tangible as with professional bleaching, but it is a worthy alternative to the latter, taking into account "home use".

Methods of teeth whitening

Whitening pastes
Containing abrasive materials for removalPlaque with tooth enamel, are not so effective. But the harm from the constant use of such pastes is much more than good: abrasive materials have a very negative effect on the teeth. Therefore, it is recommended to use bleaching pastes periodically, taking a break after 3-4 weeks.

Whiten teeth at home will help and folk remedies. They will suit those who have littleYellowness of teeth, as a short-term method of bleaching. In order for the effect to be felt, it is necessary to use folk remedies for teeth whitening regularly. The most common methods of home teeth whitening folk remedies are rubbing the teeth with lemon rind, rinsing the mouth with lemon juice or soda solution, cleaning the teeth with wood ash and adding hydrogen peroxide to the toothpaste.

The procedure for teeth whitening has a number of contraindications:
- age up to 16 years;
- Pregnancy;
- Diseases of the teeth, in particular, periodontium, caries;
- wearing braces;
- the presence of crowns or seals on the front teeth.

Whichever method of teeth whitening you choose,Remember - none of them is eternal. To prolong the effect of whitening will help to abandon harmful habits: smoking and abuse of sweets - as well as regular regular oral care.