Depilation is one of the most important andInteresting topics for each girl, since it they carry out almost every week, in order to always look beautiful. In this article we will consider the most common types of depilation at home and tell you how to properly implement them.

Depilation at home

So, the most common types of depilation at home are:

• Depilation with cream;

• Hair removal with razor;

• Depilation with wax;

• Depilation with an electrodepilator.

Let's consider these methods in more detail.

Depilation at home

Depilation with cream

Depilation with cream is the most painlessWay of hair removal. Creams for depilation contain a large number of chemicals that affect the hair follicle, thereby causing its atrophy. Despite this, this method is painless and is quite effective. Moreover, with the regular use of depilatory cream, the hair becomes thinner and may disappear completely from a given area of ​​the body. Among the shortcomings is the possible appearance of an allergic skin reaction to the chemical components of the cream.

Depilation cream is as follows: On the necessary area of ​​the body we apply a thin layer of cream and wait for 5-10 minutes (the exact time is indicated on the cream package), then we remove the cream with a plastic machine that is in the package.

Depilation is that, along with the creamFrom the surface of the skin will be removed and hair. The cream copes with hair of any length and density. This method of depilation is an excellent option for removing hair from any part of the body, even from intimate areas.

Depilation at home

Hair removal with razor

Hair removal with a razor is the fastestWay, because in this part of the body, after shaving, there is practically no vegetation. But the main drawbacks of this method is the bristle, which appears on the second day after shaving, possible irritation on the skin and ingrown hairs.

For depilation with a razor, we put on the gel a gel forShaving or soap, wait a few minutes, and shave your hair with a razor, against their growth. After that, we treat the surface of the skin with an alcohol-based lotion. This method is most suitable for depilation of legs.

Depilation at home

Depilation with wax

The advantage of waxing is that,That it is necessary to produce it least often, namely once a month. The disadvantage of this procedure is that it can not be used on delicate skin, that is, depilation with wax can be done only to remove hair on the legs and hands. Do waxing at home can only be when the hair length is more than 5 mm, which is not always comfortable for girls, since after their appearance, you need to wait until they grow back.

How to apply wax depilation? Wax melts to a temperature of 50-60 degrees, so that it becomes liquid and well applied to the skin, but does not burn it. Evenly we put it on the surface of the skin and apply a special strip on top. When the wax is frozen, take the tip of the strip and sharply rip it off the skin, against the growth of hair.

Depilation at home


Advantage of electro-epilation isSimplicity of its use. Of the drawbacks, it should be noted that this procedure is more painful than depilation wax. If we experience one-time pain with depilation wax, then with this type of depilation, we will feel pain throughout the procedure. This type of hair removal is not suitable for delicate skin areas: underarms and bikini zones.

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Many for some reason believe that the electroepilatorWorks on the principle of a razor, but it is not. Unlike a razor, an electro-epilator pulls out the hair, and does not cut it off like a razor. Electrolysis is performed by carrying out the epilator over the skin area from which we want to remove the hair.
Which is the way to choose for depilation at home - it's up to you.