Painting eyebrows with henna - how to make biotatuazh?


Clear, fairly wide and thick eyebrowsThe correct form is especially fashionable for the past few seasons, so much attention is paid to working with them. Women especially like the design of eyebrows with henna. This procedure is not just harmless to the hairs and skin, but it also helps to improve the growth and condition of the eyebrows due to the natural coloring and the ability of henna to stimulate hair growth.

Eyebrow henna photo

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What is biotatuazh eyebrows

Before registering for a procedure in theSalon, you should understand what biotatuazh eyebrows. A conventional chemical dye stains only individual hairs of the eyebrow, and from the skin it is gradually washed off. If there are bald spots in the eyebrows, and they differ from each other, it will not be possible to correct their shape, location and dimensions. This can be done with the help of eyebrow tattooing, that is, the introduction of a special dye under the skin in the eyebrow location area. But in most cases this procedure does not look too natural, besides the paint can change its color with time. If this kind of tattoo gets tired or ceases to please, getting rid of its remnants will be very difficult.

In contrast to long-term tattooing, biotaggingEyebrows henna persists on average 1-3 weeks, smoothly and imperceptibly washed off the skin, does not harm the body and even benefits, strengthening the hairs and stimulating their growth.

It is also easy to correct eyebrows with henna. With this procedure, you can correct the shape of the eyebrows, correct their location, add width, color and brightness to them.

How long does it take to stain eyebrows with henna?

Tattoo of eyebrows with henna is a temporary procedure, itIs designed to be worn for an average of two weeks. The duration depends on the composition and quality of the paint, as well as the individual properties of the skin and hair of the woman's eyebrows. On some fine ladies the paint is delayed for about a week, while others can boast of excellent coloring quality for a month, so the time of socks can be very individual.

Biotatuage of eyebrows with henna before and after photos

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Technology of painting the eyebrows with henna and the cost of the procedure

In this procedure, women are attracted not only byEnvironmental friendliness, benefits and beautiful results, but also a very low price. In most shops for this service will be asked about 300 rubles. Low cost allows you to perform the coloring of henna as often as necessary or desirable to a woman.

Among the shortcomings of this procedure areIts duration. If the treatment with chemical paints takes an average of 10 - 15 minutes, then the work with henna takes at least one hour. In addition, it takes a lot of accuracy and knowledge, how to build henna for eyebrows.

A dye that is commonly called henna forEyebrows, in fact is a mixture of natural henna, basma, cocoa powder, coffee and other additives used to achieve the desired shade of paint. Thanks to a large selection of natural, natural colors, you can choose the right paint for blondes, reds, blondes, brown-haired and brunettes.

The dyeing process is carried out according to the following scheme:

  1. Removal of make-up from the eyebrows - the surface should be clean and degreased, so that the paint smoothly and uniformly lies and absorbed into the hair and skin.
  2. Dye dilution. Basically, henna is bred simply with boiling water, cooled, and the drug is ready for use.
  3. The paint is applied to the eyebrows with a small brush with a fairly thick layer, drawing the correct shape, giving clear contours and carefully checking the symmetry of both eyebrows.
  4. Leave to "manifest" the paint and fix it.
  5. Gently, without smearing, wash off the paint from the eyebrows.
  6. After the procedure, to prolong the duration of the tattoo, it is recommended not to lubricate the eyebrow area with creams and do not wet the surface.

Since the compounds for dyeing exist very muchMany, choose the ideal option for yourself will have a trial and error method, good, the paint can be washed away quickly enough if the effect does not like it.

Important! To choose a color and a shade of a paint for brows it is necessary on 1 - 2 shades more darkly, than a shade of hair.

How to paint henna eyebrows at home: step by step instructions

To learn how to make henna eyebrows at home, you can use a simple instruction that step by step describes all the actions:

  1. Before the beginning of the process it is recommended to cleanse the skin very well, and also to conduct a light delicate peeling - this will help to keep a clear contour and a bright saturated eyebrow color for a long time.
  2. Brew henna with boiling water, using only a couple of grams of the drug. To keep the dye firmer, it is desirable to add acid to the water, for example, a little lemon juice.
  3. For the process of preparing the paint, you can use only non-metallic containers and tools.
  4. While the paint is being prepared, it is necessary to tighten the dishes with it with a food film.
  5. At first, to get a smooth and clear contour, the skin around the eyebrows can be lubricated with petroleum jelly or greasy cream - it will not allow the paint to soak up in unnecessary places.
  6. If the paint falls on unprotected skin, it should be removed as soon as possible with a moist cotton swab or corrected with a stick.
  7. For the most natural appearance of the eyebrows, the "tail" of the eyebrow, the central part, and the head of the eyebrow are first colored.
  8. Painted with a thick layer of eyebrows left at the right time for staining.
  9. The dye is washed off with a cotton swab and cold water without soap, without rubbing or smearing henna on the face.
  10. The skin is allowed to dry without applying any cosmetic means to it.

By the same principle, and staining the eyelashes with henna, but the duration of the procedure prevents many people from doing it at home.

Coloring eyebrows with henna video lessons:

Important! At the first coloring it is necessary to make a test - for color and for lack of allergy.

Pros and cons of henna staining procedure

Painting eyebrows with henna is one of the few ways,Which not only does not harm the hairs and skin, but even goes to their advantage. Henna is known for its ability to stimulate the growth of the eyebrows, and also to thicken every single hair. As a result of henna staining, eyebrows look not only natural, but also seem much thicker, darker and more expressive.

There is such a process of color and shape correctionEyebrows are very inexpensive, so anyone can afford it. The only drawback of coloring eyebrows with henna is the time it is required, as well as the risk of smearing the paint, apply it unevenly, soak clothes and face and hands. Therefore, it is recommended to use gloves, wear old clothes, cover it with napkins and towels, and immediately remove the slightest drops or traces of paint from the skin.

Review of the best eyebrow henna - how to choose and where to buy it

Deciding to use natural colors, you needFind out where to buy henna for eyebrows and which is better. The most popular is the Indian henna, which is offered by numerous shops selling oriental goods in the real world and in the Internet space.

The most popular brands of natural paint:

  • Henna for eyebrows henna. This is the most popular and in demand now paint, giving effect up to 6 weeks. Henna for eyebrow brow henna gives a uniform dense color, a natural appearance and a long period of socks.
  • Henna for the eyebrows godefroy. This capsular paint is available in five shades and is a ready-made set for dyeing eyebrows.
  • CC brow henna for eyebrows. This brand of henna has eight shades, but it is less resistant than the previous two species.

In addition to these best brands, a large number of other types of henna are available, especially for eyebrows.

Important! Do not use henna for eyebrows, which is designed to color the hair, the result may be unexpected and completely unpredictable.

Results of application of henna

Modeling and staining of eyebrows with henna givesVery good expressive and natural effect. Many women like what a biotatch looks like, but they experience how much henna keeps on the eyebrows, whether it will wash off very quickly.

It should be noted that the terms of henna socksPractically not inferior, and sometimes exceeds synthetic dyes. The average is 2 weeks. During this time, you can forget about pencils, lipsticks and eyebrow shadows, it will be enough just to gently comb and smooth eyebrows with a colorless gel.

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Reviews about the dyeing procedure

Лариса, 39 years

For myself, I have long understood that I should paintEyebrows with henna than with ordinary paint. With my blond hair, any paint gives unnaturally dark eyebrows, and it looks very vulgar. With henna, my eyebrows are natural, as if I was born with these. Keeps on me paint 2 - 3 weeks. I think that this is an ideal option - cheap and effective.

Svetlana, 54 years old

I like the natural henna for eyebrows, on meIt works great, gives a beautiful natural color, very close to the color of the hair. Always doing biotatuazh from the same master, she knows the features of my thin eyebrows with gray hairs. After her work, my face looks five years younger, and my eyes seem much brighter.

Galina, 42 years old

My auburn hair is very well in harmony withHenna shades brown. The paint on me does not last too long, about 10 to 14 days. If compared with the usual eyebrow paint, this is a very good time, it does not stay on me longer than a week.

Marina, 31 years old

I'm a red-haired blonde, so I always paintEyebrows of light henna. It gives a very natural warm color without pronounced reddish, well stains not only my whitish hairs, but also the skin, so the eyebrows look more impressive and noticeable after staining. As if there were no eyebrows at all.

Victoria, 27 years old

After the first time I tried to paintEyebrows henna in the cabin, I bought myself a set of henna for the eyebrows and use it at home on my own. Yes, it takes a lot of time, but the result is worth it. Eyebrows acquire a very clear shape, but do not look so rough, as with tattooing. I really like this effect. I can recommend to everyone who wants to forget about the paint, spoiling eyebrows for a while, and about pencils that take a long time to apply.

The use of henna is safe and does not harmHealth, except for those rare cases when the composition of the paint is allergic. Before using the paint for the first time, it is recommended to perform the test on an inconspicuous area of ​​the skin. In the absence of redness, swelling and rashes, you can bravely paint henna eyebrows.

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