Hair care

It is impossible to imagine a modern woman, notGiving much of his time to hair care. Proper hair care is a guarantee of their health and excellent appearance, and therefore, the attractiveness of their owner. Brilliant, silky, "live" hair, laid in a well-chosen hairstyle, can dramatically change the appearance of each of the fair sex. And if such procedures as dyeing, perm, hair styling, are not an obligatory ritual of every woman, then without daily hair care at home, you can not escape. What includes regular hair care?

Determination of the type of hair

It is very important to know your Type of hair - without this, full-fledged care of them is simpleIs impossible. Knowing the features of your hair, you can choose the most effective means of caring for them. And wrongly selected means, on the contrary, can harm them. In total, there are four types of hair - and each has its own characteristics.

Normal hair type. Hair of this type have a healthy shine,Elastic, not prone to cross-section, easy to be combed, laid, curled. This is healthy hair that does not deliver its possessor any problems. It is worth noting that the normal type of hair is rare.

Greasy hair. For this type of hair is unhealthyGreasy shine, rapid soiling, sticking. Such hair should be washed frequently so that they look neat. The reason for the fatness of the hair is the increased secretion of the sebaceous glands of the scalp.

Dry hair. Such hair is characterized by dullness, brittleness,They are easily tangled and difficult to comb. Dry hair is most often caused by improper care of them: abuse of chemical wave, staining, exposure to the sun without a headdress.

Mixed hair type. This type is typical for long hair - theyAre fat at the roots and dry at the tips. This is because the hair of a mixed type is not greased along the entire length, and their tips often break and split. About care of long hair read this article.

Choosing a hair conditioner

Hair care

First of all, hair care at homeConditions assumes influence on them of shampoo and the conditioner (a balm-conditioner). The first will help remove dust and fat from the hair, the second will make them more docile for combing and styling, moisturize and fill with nutrients. You may also need hair masks - they should be used once a week. This remedy has a healing effect on the scalp and hair and will help to solve various hair problems: from falling to fragility. Complex use of these products will help to ensure that you will always have healthy hair.

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Choosing a means for hair care,Focus on your hair type first. It is not superfluous to get acquainted with the composition of the shampoo: it will be nice if it contains plant extracts and oils (in particular, burdock oil for hair), vitamin complexes. However, "your" hair remedy is usually chosen by trial and error. No advertising, no consultant in the cosmetics store, no girlfriend who tested a miracle shampoo can not advise the option that will be the best for you. Indeed, from the same shampoo in a woman's hair will become shiny and silky, and the other will begin seborrhea. Having chosen the shampoo that suits you (as well as other hair products), be loyal to him - and he will never let you down.

Hair washing

Home hair care is impossible without washing them. Depending on the type of hair, the frequency of this procedure can vary from 1 to 7 times a week. So, dry hair does not need too frequent washing, moreover - for them it will be harmful. On the other hand, greasy hair and hair, every day exposed to various means for styling, requires daily washing.

In general, this question should be guided by a single rule: Wash your hair as it gets dirty. Remember also that if you are forced to wash your hair too often (every 1-2 days), you should use soft shampoos.

To wash hair, use warm water (35-40Degrees). Before you apply the shampoo on your hair, soak them, put a little water in your palm and dilute the shampoo in it. Apply shampoo to the scalp, then gently spread it over the entire length of the hair. Massage your hair and wash off the shampoo.

Proper hair care involvesApplication of detergent twice: for the first time to remove dirt and dust from the surface of the hair, in the second - to provide therapeutic effect of shampoo. After use, rinse the shampoo thoroughly with water so that even the smallest particles remain on the surface of the hair.

Combing hair

Without this procedure it is also impossible to imagineDaily home hair care - and yet some ladies manage to do it wrong. Short hair is combed from the roots, long hair from the ends. Mash the unhurried ends slowly with your fingers. Hair is also recommended to comb before washing them - then they will be easier to comb after it. Use combs made of wood or plastic, as well as special massage brushes, which will help improve blood circulation at the roots of the hair. Wet hair is desirable not to comb.

Drying hair

It is best to allow hair to dryThemselves, pre-wet them with a towel. A hair dryer for drying hair should be used only in extreme cases. If using a hair dryer is a real necessity, keep the hair dryer at a distance of more than 40 cm from the hair and use the cold drying mode.

Hair Protection

Hair care

Hair is exposed to a negative dailyImpact of the surrounding world: summer sunlight, winter frost, strong wind. In addition, the structure of the hair is destroyed as a result of the desire of a woman to be more beautiful: she abuses the use of hair curlers and plaques, curling and aggressive staining, daily styling using a large amount of lacquer. Even initially healthy hair can not endure such experiments.

So do not forget that hair careInvolves the use of funds to protect them and try to reduce the risk of damage to the hair to a minimum. Wear a hat in frost and strong heat, instead of hairspray, use less aggressive foam or mousse, prefer curling hair with straight hair, and drying with a hair dryer - natural drying of hair. It is much easier (and cheaper!) To prevent problems with hair than to deal with their subsequent elimination.

Fighting dandruff

A separate item in hair careIs dandruff. This is one of the main manifestations of seborrhea, a serious disease, which can not be cured with cosmetic shampoos alone. You will need special medical shampoos and hair capsules, which can be purchased at the pharmacy. Treatment of seborrhea should be comprehensive and include not only care for the scalp, but also a special diet with the exception of salty, sharp and fatty foods, the reception of vitamin complexes.

In order to have Beautiful and healthy hair, It is not necessary to constantly visit a beauty salonAnd undergo expensive procedures. Regular regular hair care at home is no less effective. Do not forget about the simple rules of hair care - their health and attractive appearance is in your hands!