Hair coloring is a routine that has become routineFor many women. Paint for hair helps to change its image, make it more attractive, hide the gray hair. But not every woman knows how to choose the right hair dye - and home hair coloring for some can end in a lamentable result, far from the expected. Therefore, the choice of hair dye needs to be approached very carefully. What should I pay special attention to?

Color map

How to choose a hair dye?

Interested in choosing which hair dye to choose,Remember that their initial color is of no small importance. Dark-colored hair contains melanin, a natural pigment that prevents staining. Therefore, dark hair is more difficult to color, and dyed hair may have a color that is not similar to that indicated on the package with paint. Therefore, it is recommended when using a hair dye to use a special color map.

A color map is a large folding book fromDense cardboard on which the curls of hair of different color marked with numbers are curled into rings. Thanks to this card you can easily determine how to choose the color of the hair dye, which will give the expected result.

How to use a color map? On the map you need to find a lock of hair of your own color. The number with which it is marked consists of 2 parts, for example, 4-10. The first digit means the intensity, the depth of color, and the second - its shades. The first digit is especially important, it is something to remember.

How to choose a hair dye, knowing the figureIntensity of their hair? It is important to remember the main rule: you can choose a lighter (darker) paint for a maximum of two tones of your own hair depth. Thus, if the intensity of your hair is number 4, then you will need paint, which has a number not less than 2 and not more than 6.

Being guided by this rule, you can withoutProblems to choose the color of the hair dye - exactly the shade that is in a suitable color range for you. It can be, for example, number 3-12 or 6-24.

Types of hair colors

When choosing a hair dye, it is superfluous to pay attention to its appearance. Hair dyes are divided into three types (groups):
- natural hair dyes;
- chemical hair dyes;
- Physical dyes for hair.

So which hair color is good? There is no single answer to this question, and everything depends on the goals that you pursue.

How to choose a hair dye?

Natural Hair Dyes Are natural dyes. They have not only a coloring effect, but also positively affect the hair, strengthen and nourish them. Traditionally, natural hair dyes are henna and basma, also the dyeing effect is chamomile, onion husks, sage, lemon (natural hair clarifier). However, natural dyes are not able to penetrate deep into hair, permanently dye hair and have limitations in color, not allowing to realize all the desires of a modern woman who wants to change her appearance.

Chemical (persistent) hair dyes. These hair colors work one by onePrinciple, which is based on the interaction of hydrogen peroxide and organic metal compounds (copper, lead, silver salts). Oxidation reaction, which in this case, leads to a deep penetration of coloring pigments into the hair. Thanks to this, the paint stays on the hair for a long time, providing a stable color. The most common type of chemical paint is cream paint.

Hair colors without ammonia. This is a modern type of chemical paints, which has becomeEspecially popular in our time, when women are increasingly thinking not only about the beauty of their own hair, but also about their health. Ammonia, contained in many paints, causes the persistent fixation of coloring pigments inside the hair. At the same time, ammonia adversely affects the condition of the hair, destroying their structure. Therefore, modern manufacturers started producing hair dyes with a reduced level of ammonia in them. Instead of ammonia, alternative paint substitutes are used. However, hair colors without ammonia are not as stable as traditional chemicals, so you need to color your hair more often.

Physical (toning, tinting) hair colors Not able to penetrate deep into the hair, theyRelatively quickly washed away. This kind of paints will not change the color of hair and will not help to color the gray hair, it does not contain ammonia and hydrogen peroxide. Physical colors can only give a hair a certain shade and refresh the natural color for a short time, allowing them to experiment with them without harm to the hair. Among the physical inks are common shade shampoos, conditioners, balms and foams.

So, if you are wondering which paintFor hair to choose, then remember that chemical paints are suitable for changing the color of hair and coloring of gray hair, and natural and physical colors, without changing the color of hair, will help give them a certain shade. An alternative to harmful chemical paints will be sparing non-ammonia hair dyes.

Where and how to buy hair dye?

How to choose a hair dye?

Thinking about how to choose the paint forHair, remember that important is the place of its sale. Try to buy paint in branded stores and do not be afraid to contact a consultant for help.

To purchase, select the daytime. Only in daylight you can determine your true color as correctly as possible and correlate it with the corresponding curl on the color map.

Be sure to pay attention to the expiration date of the hair dye, and also for the period of its validity.

It is interesting

It has been proven that taking certain medicinesDrugs, as well as hormonal changes in the body (during pregnancy or after childbirth) can affect the fact that the paint will not take up well or as a result will turn out completely different, in contrast to the declared color on the package. Therefore, it is not always worthwhile to sin on the manufacturer or the "wrong" color map - it's possible that your hair "did not want" to be painted in the planned color.

Having defined the purpose for which the hair color is purchased and how to choose the right color, you can choose the most optimal option for yourself.