Every modern girl knows how sometimesIt's difficult to be different every day, but sometimes it's just a matter of changing your hair and everything, you're already looking in a new way. A strictly assembled bundle or a ponytail will create the image of a business lady, but long loose hair or twisted curls say that your image is perfect for an evening out, and the owner of a stylish image will be a girl with a fashionably braided braid or several pigtails.

In order to look stylish and fashionable, you need to know what hairstyles will be in vogue in the 2012 season.

Light hairstyles

Fashionable simple hairstyles 2012

As for the female and male image of oneOf the important components is the hairstyle. Everyone feels transformed, coming out of the hairdresser with a new haircut or styling, but agree that going to beauty salons requires a lot of time, and sometimes it is not enough. Therefore it is very important to be able to do simple, but at the same time, fast and stylish hairstyles at home.

Before you start to do your hair, you need toDetermine the type of hair and face, since not every hairstyle will look good with a non-standard face shape or thin hair. In addition to all this, the lightness and simplicity of the hairstyle directly depends on the length of the hair. Girls who prefer short hair can simply wash their hair and hair with a hair dryer and various hair styling products.

As for long hair or medium hairLong, they are more demanding, but for them there are more options for simple hairstyles. It's just such simple hairstyles made by yourself that allow you to save your budget and give vent to your imagination.

The most simple and light hairstyles areKnot of hair or tail. The hairstyle is quite simple and will suit both for long hair and for medium length hair. Such a hairstyle has many different variations, so it will allow to look every day in a new way. For example, you can make a Spanish knot, it is by itself quite simple and suitable for wet and wet weather.

Such a node is made quite simply and alsoTime quickly. You should wash your hair, dry your hair, moisten it with air conditioner or mousse for styling. After that, the hair must be combed and gathered in the tail at the back of the head, it will be best if you fasten it with a strong hair band.

After which it must be braided in a braid, andAfter that, wrap around the elastic, fastened with the help of hairpins. It is necessary to pay attention to the fact that the locks of hair do not get out of the hair, it should be perfectly smooth.

Do not forget about such light hairstyles forLong hair as a simple bundle, in addition to the classical version on the back of his head, you can also place it in other parts of the head. For example, such a hairstyle like a tail on his side will give your image a charm and some kind of scruples. Such hairstyles are quite easy to make, you just need to assemble the hair into an asymmetric tail on either side of the head at any height that will be comfortable.

This hairstyle is fixed with a hair clip or hair clip. Beforehand, you can curl your hair or comb it, this will give your hair a volume.

Fashionable simple hairstyles 2012

A light hairstyle is also a braid, thisThe option is great for all times. For many years, such a hairstyle does not go out of fashion. Stylish hairstyle as a scythe is simple, making it pretty simple, the main thing is to have a skill. And he will come a little practiced.

The most simple and non-standard, but at the same timeA fashionable option is considered to be the "fish spit". At first glance, it may seem a little complicated, but in fact it is not. She looks beautiful on straight hair. Before you do this, you need to wash your head and dry your hair with a hair dryer.

Then you need to divide the hair into two parts. Next, you need to take a small strand of hair on the right side and toss it to the left, then take the strand from the left side and toss it over the previous one to the other side. Then you need to repeat everything step by step until you are at the end. The resulting braid should be fastened with a beautiful rubber band or hair clip.

Fashion hairstyles with braid braid are suitable for bothParties, and for business negotiations. It will look great such a hairstyle as a Greek braid. For its weaving it is necessary to comb the hair and moisten them with foam for styling or mousse, and separate three locks of hair from the temple.

What you need to start the weaving of the usualA spikelet, braiding at the same time with new strands from the side of the bangs. After the weaving approaches the right temple, you can finish it, or you can continue. The braided hair can be laid with a beautiful knot or it can be curled with a plait and collected on the back of the head in a bun.

Fashionable hairstyles are made quite simply and easily, the main thing is to believe in oneself. Of course, do not forget about training.

Hairstyle in Greek style

For several years a fashionable hairdoIs considered a hairstyle in the Greek style, and not only fashionable hairstyles in this style, dresses are also very popular. This style has made a complete furore in the field of fashion. This style of clothing implies free pleating and draping, and in large quantities, as well as a unique design of the top.

Fashionable hairstyles in the Greek style are very elegant, comfortable and romantic, with their help a modern woman can feel like a Greek goddess.

Greek hairstyles are very beautiful looking atLong hair. Basically, they consist of curly strands, an excellent option for such a hairstyle for those who have hair curly from nature. In case you still have straight hair, then they need to curl along the entire length or only at the tips - it depends on which option you prefer.

Stylish hairstyles in the Greek style have their ownDistinctive features, it is for them to be easily recognized. These are the curling strands of hair that are partially or completely collected from behind. The hair in this hairstyle is not free, they are always assembled or tied together with a double hoop, which in turn is quite beautiful and not trivial, and the hair is thus in sight and does not interfere at all.

Fashionable simple hairstyles 2012

Greek hairstyle is quite easy to makeHands. Namely, for the beginning it is necessary to make a basis - to wind hair on all length with the help of hair curlers. As a result, you should get even curls that do not require further combing. After that, you need to stock up a lot of hairpin bells, hoops for the hair and start creating your own version of the Greek hairstyle.

The simplest version of a fashionable hairstyleThe Greek style is an option in which the curls are gathered at the sides and fastened at the back of the barrette, or they are simply gathered in the tail. Doing such a stylish hairstyle, you can safely experiment, ie from both sides wrap your hair in flagella, tucking them in any direction from the face, then take them back and there already secure with invisible or with a beautiful barrette.

You can arrange a Greek hairstyle and as follows, collect the curls in the tail on the side of the head at the face, from where the hair will fall wide curls.

Fashionable Greek hairstyle is quite simple and inToo, time is elegant with the use of hair hoops. With this option, the hair must be beaten at the roots, giving them the missing volume. After that they need to be intercepted with the help of a hair clip or elastic, having gathered thus in a magnificent tail, and naughty locks it is necessary to fix two or three hoops which in turn will favorably shade the volume-designed hairdress.

The fashionable hairstyle of the Greek braid deserves special attention. It is perfect for both curly hair and straight. Several variants of this hairstyle are common, namely:

First option: Hair must be washed, evenly distributedOn them means for styling hair. Then the hair should be dried. After they are finally dried, you need to take one fairly large strand of hair over your left ear, if you are left-handed, then it's best to start weaving a pigtail around your face.

To braid the pigtail is necessary by the technique of spikelets, stepBy taking hold of strands of hair, alternately right and left. Thus, by braiding the pigtail, it must reach the other ear, where it will be fixed with a hair clip. If there is a desire, braid plaiting can be continued by the usual method. And the curls that remain behind should be secured with a lock.

The second option: Begin by the same method as inThe first option, but from the moment when the weaving of the spike begins, there is already a difference. In this version, spikelet fluttering from the middle of the head in different directions. In the classical version of the Greek hairstyle, these braids are woven around the head with a ring and are fixed over the hair that is disbanded from behind, but the variant is also quite common when braids are fastened with invisibles under the curls that are spread from behind.

You can use one of the above options, or you can experiment and come up with your own style.