From the very childhood you dreamed of havingBeautiful long hair, but for a number of reasons could not grow them? - Now, thanks to the build-up, this problem is completely solved. The topic of hair extensions and will be devoted to this article.

Hair extension

Hair extension procedure

Surely you have already heard about thisProcedure as a hair extension. Hair extensions are very popular now and in great demand. In view of the widespread popularity of this procedure, there are a lot of methods of building up, which we will talk about a little later, but, and now, we will touch on some of its nuances.
Hair extension is a procedure, with the help ofIn addition, additional hair strands are added to the hair in various ways. Stretched strands, as a rule, are long and at the expense of it the total length of hair visually increases.

How to build hair properly

If you decide to increase hair, then you must first collect as much information as possible about this procedure:

  • What are the types of hair extensions, their positive and negative sides;

  • Possible negative consequences from hair extensions;

  • Where and from which master is better to build up;

  • Reviews about the buildup.

Where to build hair

The procedure for hair extensions in most casesIs produced in hairdressing salons, but sometimes it can be produced at home. The best option, of course, is hair extensions in the hairdresser or in the beauty salon, since everything is specially equipped for this procedure. In addition, the master himself is a salon employee, and the large beauty salons value their reputation, and so the craftsmen must be highly skilled, unlike the private craftsman. Large salons use expensive and high-quality materials, including strands of hair, which is very important.

To increase hair it is possible and in house conditions, itCan do as a private master from the salon, having come to your house, or a private master who deals exclusively at home. The choice of a private master should be approached very seriously.

Preparing for hair extensions

When all this information is collected, you meetWith the selected master. The master will examine the hair and ask you a few questions. This is necessary in order to learn about the possible contraindications to the application of this procedure, as well as to choose the right way to build. For example, if you have recently lost hair above the norm, then it is recommended to undergo treatment and recovery first, but only after doing the procedure of building.

Also, together with the master you choose the color and length of the strands that will be built up. Master in more detail tells about the method of building up and about the features of care for the hair extensions.

Please note that for hair extension, the length of the nativeHair should be at least 15 cm, it is necessary to ensure that they can be properly strengthened with strands of artificial hair, as well as to hide the places of these compounds.

Immediately before the procedure itselfHair extension needs to be prepared. To do this, you need to wash your head with neutral shampoo, without conditioners, masks and other fatty hair products. It is necessary that the false strands firmly fixed on the hair.

Ways of hair extension

As already mentioned at the beginning of the article, the waysHair extensions are quite a lot, but they can all be divided into two groups: a hot way and a cold way. Let's take a closer look at the features of each of these methods.

Hot hair extensions

Hot hair extensions

Hot called hair extension capsuleWay. With the capsule method of hair extensions, scalable strands are soldered almost at the base (with a small indentation) to a strand of native hair, this is done with the help of special tongs, clamps which have a sufficiently high temperature.

The base of a lock of scalable hair is appliedFrom below to a strand of native hair, and using soldering iron is soldered. After soldering, it is necessary to make a special smoothing to strengthen the connection, this is done again with the help of forceps. The procedure is very long and its duration is about 4 hours.

Removed stretched strands of hair with a special tool, which is applied to the joints with a few drops and the capsule breaks with the forceps.

More details about this method of hair extensions will be told in the video posted below.

Hair extensions cold way

Hair extensions cold way

Cold hair extensions are build-upHair banding - one of the most popular to date. The peculiarity of this procedure is that the hair extensions do not use thermal treatment. The belt method is based on a special adhesive tape, on which there are several strands of hair glued to their native hair. Such tapes can be delivered as already with strands of hair, and strands can be pasted by the master himself. When the tape is ready, a strand of hair is taken, which corresponds to the width of the ribbon, and from below is attached a ribbon with strings gluing the side upwards. Then a strand of native hair is pressed against the tape and thus glued. Further, the upper tape with scalable hair is glued. In the end, it turns out that a strand of native hair from below and from the top is pasted with ribbons with scalable hair. More clearly, this method will be demonstrated in the video below.

Hair extension, which way is better

There is no single answer to this question, each ofWays of building up has its advantages and disadvantages. Each type of hair suits its own method, but if you analyze all the pros and cons, then, perhaps, the tape method of building is more sparing compared with the capsular.

Hair Extensions: Pros and Cons

It is harmful to build hair

First of all, many girls are interested in the question: It is harmful to build hair. As though the hair extension itself is not harmful, but harmful consequences may come from this. Very much depends on your personal characteristics and the master who produced the build-up.

Hair extensions

There are quite a lot of examples of how,That the girls after the build up began to drop hair heavily. Yes, hair loss is natural, but when their number does not exceed 100 hairs per day, and when increasing this figure several times may be more. Hair can start falling out, what to say, tattered. Restoring hair after this can be very difficult. Falling out is due to the fact that the native hair can not withstand the weight of the exposed, and because of this can begin to fall out. At first, this is not so obvious, since the falling hairs stick to the strands in which they are, but when the hair is removed, the fallout will be very noticeable, and there may even be a bald patch. In addition, in addition to hair loss in some girls, there was an allergic reaction and general intolerance to foreign hair.

But at the same time, there are lots of examples whereThe girls produce hair extensions for several years in a row and did not bring any harm to the build-up procedure. Hence it can be concluded that the probability of occurrence of negative consequences from hair extensions entirely depends: on the professionalism of the master who produced the procedure of building, on the way of building up, on the characteristics of your hair and other individual characteristics.

Is it worth it to build hair

A large number of girls and women are askedA difficult question: is it worth to produce hair extensions or not. Immediately it is necessary to say that there is no unambiguous and correct answer to it. Why!? As just mentioned, hair extensions can have negative consequences, which are very difficult to resolve. Therefore, without special need, it is better to refuse from the hair extension procedure.

To grow hair is best in those cases when you can not grow your own hair or their thickness desires the best.

Those who have problems with hair,It is also recommended to give up hair extensions. Hairdressers and stylists do not recommend the procedure for hair extensions for girls under 18 years of age, because at this age hair does not have the power to retain the hair extensions.

It should also be borne in mind thatHair requires very special care, depending on the method of extension, this may concern hair combing, washing of the head, restriction in the choice of hairstyles and other nuances about which the master himself will describe in more detail. Pricked hair requires correction and care in order to do this, they must be removed and special procedures should be performed and after that they again grow.

Most men are very negative about the hair in the girls, so this must also be taken into account.

How to build hair videos

We bring to your attention a few videos, from which you can learn more about the most common ways of hair extensions.
Video about how to increase hair on capsules

Video on how to build hair in a ribbon way