Probably every girl dreams to learn how to doBeautiful curls in the home, this is the issue we decided to dedicate this article. Make beautiful curls in the home, without recourse to specialists, it is not so difficult. To do this, it is enough to have special tools and a certain amount of knowledge.


Hair Preparation

So, first of all, beforeYourself to make your own curls, you must wash your head very well. We described in detail how to wash our head in our last article. To do this, use only shampoo, without different conditioners, masks and other additional hair care products - use only shampoo. After washing your head, rinse it thoroughly.

Washing your hair, in no case can hair beWipe with a towel, from this they, firstly they can get confused, and secondly they will "stick out in all directions". For this, the hair must be wrung out and gently bloted with a warm towel. It is also not recommended to use a hairdryer. To make your hair look beautiful, and it was easier to do - let the hair dry by yourself, or if you are in a hurry, then use a professional hair dryer, in cold mode. When the hair has dried up - go to our main procedure.

Curls on long hair

Hollywood curls

In order to make curls on long hair, we will need a conventional classic curl, the 19th diameter. When the fuse has reached the right temperature, we start to work.

Separate the wide strand of hair and take its tipIn the hand. Pinch the lock with a curling hair, stepping back from the base of the hair about 5 centimeters. The rest of the strand is wound on a curling rod and clamped with a clamp. Warm the strand well and then release it. It is very important not to overexpose the strand, not to burn the hair.

The main secret is that afterAs you have made a strand, it must be combed with a brush while it remains sufficiently warm. Of course, so that the strands do not straighten up in a short period of time, they need to be fixed with a varnish. After that you will have beautiful little ringlets.

Magnificent curls

Large curls

In order to get large curls,It is necessary to take larger forceps and wind a strand of hair in the direction from the face. After winding the strand, warm it up thoroughly and then release it. Then, the resulting wave, disassemble neatly with your hands on small curls, which must be fixed with a hair spray.

How to make curls with curlers

So that you have beautiful curls with the help ofHair curlers, they must be wound on clean, damp hair. Hair curlers need to be wound from the tips of the hair to their base. To do this, separate the strand of hair and, holding it at the base with two fingers (index and middle), wind curlers on it. The fixing of curlers is best with the help of special metal clips.

When the hair has dried, we remove hair curlers andWe correct them with our hands. If you want to keep contrasting arcs, then in no case they are not combed, if not, then we disassemble the lock with hands and then we comb it. After that, we cover curls with a layer of hairspray.

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Curls on medium hair

How to make curls ironing

To make curls ironing, take a lockHair, squeeze it with ironing and twist in the direction from the face, warming up the curls well. After this, it is necessary to "loosen" the hair with your hands, while retaining the received wave. But after that another question arises: how to save curls? Everything is very simple! To do this, the curls need to be covered with varnish, and after that take the hairdryer with the diffuser nozzle and dry all the resulting shape.

Beautiful curls

How to make curls using curler boomerangs

In order to make curls in a more gentle way for the hair, use for this curler boomerangs.

To do this, you need to lightly spraySpray the hair at their tips. However, the hair should not be too wet. Then make an even part on the head and comb your hair well. Starting from the face, separate the first strand of hair, comb it and apply a fixative (spray to form the curls), somewhere from the middle of the strand to the ends of the hair. Next, take the curlers and boomerangs, starting with the tip of the strand, wind the first thing on the strand, then clamp its upper and lower parts, fixing on the hair. Winding curlers best zigzagging, that is: the first - the left, the second - on the right, the third - on the left, the fourth - on the right. The ends of the hair should not be broken - this is very important.

Keep curlers on your hair you need at leastHour, after this period of time, hair must be applied to the hair. Then we start to spin the curlers, while splashing them with varnish for the hair, so they do not lose their shape. Twist the curlers in the same order as they twisted. When all hair curlers are removed from the hair, we brush the curls with our hands and apply the hair spray again - beautiful curls are ready.