One can not even doubt that very muchReaders of our site at least once in your life, but thought about how to make yourself a tattoo. Yes, sadly, tattoos have become fashionable, and health care workers are beginning to sound anxious about this. If still some 10 years ago a tattoo was in one for 20-30 people, then now there is a tattoo for one for 10 people. What is characteristic, the overwhelming number of people who make themselves tattoos - girls.

Very often the girls regret what they didTattoo, but there is practically no way back, as it is impossible to withdraw a tattoo without leaving a trace. In addition, the tattoo does not always bring joy to its owner. Let's talk about this in more detail.

Is it worth it to make a tattoo

What is meant by a tattoo

Under the tattoo is meant a drawing printed onThe body with the help of special means, and which will be on the body constantly. Probably, many have heard such a thing as a "temporary tattoo" - this is not a tattoo, but a so-called temporary drawing, which is applied to the body by diluted henna with a brush. Thus, we can conclude that the concept of "temporary" for a tattoo can not be, this is the so-called in-time temporary drawing.

How to make temporary tattoos

"Temporary tattoo" is applied to a smalltime interval. This tattoo is kept, as a rule, 10 days, after which it starts to fade and wash out. Yes, this variant of tattoos is the most practical: you have drawn a drawing, walked with him for a while, after which you can make it called - if you liked it, or make a new one - if the old one gets bored. In addition, to wait until the tattoo begins to wash off itself - it is unnecessary, for this you can just rub it thoroughly with a washcloth and soap with a tattoo and it will safely be washed. That is, you put on the skin a "tattoo" that you like, and then easily got rid of it.

Permanent tattoo

A real tattoo is applied to the subcutaneousFatty tissue with the help of special ink, and therefore, such a tattoo is not on the surface, but under the skin, and remains for life, not taking into account the radical methods of its removal, which we will talk about a little later.

The time of applying this tattoo directlyDepends on the complexity of the picture and its size. For example, a black image, the size of which is from a matchbox, the master will do about an hour, taking into account all the preparatory procedures.

Please note that a tattoo is necessaryCorresponding care. Firstly, one can not sunbathe a lot (which is not suitable for a group of girls who can not live without tattoos), since the bright sunlight dulls and loses its color, this also applies to the solarium. Secondly, the tattoo must be renewed at least once every 5 years, because again, it loses color. Updating means repetitive application. Well, and most importantly, what should be taken into account is that it is very, very difficult to get a tattoo out.

Is it painful to make a tattoo?

Cosmetic tattoo

Another type of tattoo is cosmetic. Judging from the name, you can guess that such tattoos are applied to make a permanent make-up. Cosmetic tattoos are also called tattooing, probably everyone has heard this word.

With the help of tattoo you can draw eyebrows,Giving them a different shape, density and other nuances. For tattooing eyebrows use not black, but a dark brown paint, as the black paint eventually turns green, and the consequences of such tattooing are not at all rosy.

We also recommend using advice on how to properly pull out eyebrows.

Also there is a lip tattoo. Lip tattoo is used when it is necessary to make a more precise lip contour or want to visually increase them.

The last kind of tattoo is the tattoo of the century. Tattooing eyelids is done very rarely. Tattoo eyelids are used to make the so-called arrows on the eyelids. This procedure is very complicated, as it is carried out near the eyes and therefore it is produced with extreme caution.

Thus, we can conclude that cosmetic tattoos are made in two cases: when you want to visually fix something in the contours, the shape of the eyebrows, eyes and lips.

Is it worth it to make a tattoo

Let's analyze the pros and cons of the tattoo.

The main thing is readiness. If you are not sure whether to do a tattoo or not, then do not do it. In this case, there is an excellent option - a temporary tattoo, which you can "try on" on yourself and then decide whether you need a constant or not.

Ask yourself the question, why do you needtattoo. To express yourself? - Tattooing is not a way of expressing itself, but a way to stand out, but not in the best way, and note that your tattoo does not appeal to everyone. It is clear that she should like you first and foremost, but, nevertheless ... Girl - there is a girl, she must be gentle and feminine, and the tattoo, in turn, spoils this image.

The most frequent mistake made by girls,When they make themselves a tattoo - this is a drawing. Having made a certain drawing, in time it can simply bother you or become irrelevant. Pretty tragic and funny situation, when a girl makes a tattoo with the name of her "only". All this is beautiful and romantic, as long as they do not stretch. Therefore, before you do a tattoo, consider this question.

Maybe a tattoo and a beautiful thing, but keep in mind thatOver time, interests and priorities change, and how do you imagine yourself in 30 or 40 years with such a tattoo ?! Imagine yourself when you are a mom and go for a walk with a child on the street or when you are with him on the beach.

How your tattoo will be perceived by your guy orThe future husband? You are very lucky if he himself like tattoos, or else if he put up with it. But if he does not like it, then there will already be a dilemma. Yes, we can say that if you really going to love the tattoo is not an obstacle, but do not be so categorical. According to surveys of one of the famous women's magazine, almost 80% of men negatively commented on the female permanent tattoos and called it one of the reasons why they do not build relationships with these girls.

Try to understand what it means to If this is a beautiful drawing, then why do you need it, if it is a symbol, then why should it be on your body, and not, for example, in a medallion. You can not argue that there are very beautiful tattoos, but you will agree, no matter how beautiful the tattoos are, they will not in the course of time be so impressive and start to bore.

Proceeding from all the above, it is possible to makeConclusion that if you really want to make yourself a tattoo, then the best and right option will be temporary. You can wear it as much as you want, while only refreshing the color. Temporary tattoo has a lot of advantages: it does not hurt to do, you can change the picture, you can take breaks in "wearing" and most importantly - get rid of painlessly at any time.

As for cosmetic tattoos, tattooing, then there is nothing wrong with that.

How to remove a tattoo

What you need to know before you make a tattoo

If you still decide to make a tattoo, do notTemporary, but permanent, then first decide what pattern you want to apply on the body. Remember that the tattoo is leaving its imprint on the future destiny of the person. Indeed, scientists have established that the tattoo made, having a certain meaning, affects the life and destiny of a person. That is, if you want to become rich, make yourself a tattoo in the form of a symbol denoting wealth, etc.

Separately, we want to say a few words about the symbols,Especially about hieroglyphs. Before you make such a tattoo, be sure to make sure that this symbol means what you put in it, and does not have any other interpretations, otherwise it may negatively affect your life. Do not also tattoo in accordance with the trend (associated with celebrities, groups, trends, etc.), as interests change. Think about how this tattoo will look when you get older.

Never tattoo in accordance withFashion, as the fashion is fleeting and your tattoo will not be fashionable before you think, and you will continue to live with it. Also we want to warn against so-called personal tattoos, where the name of your boyfriend or husband will be written. As much as you do not like him and what are your ideal nebyli relationships, no one knows what will happen next, and if you part, then the name of the person on your body will probably not like the new guy, and you yourself will be annoyed.

Understand that a tattoo needs to be done forDrawing a certain drawing, and not choose a drawing, because you just want a tattoo. The choice of the picture should be taken over a long period, not permanently: I liked this tattoo - I want, tomorrow I'll make myself - no! First, make a temporary tattoo of the proposed drawing, if you like it and do not get tired - do it real. Tattooing is recommended to do in the place where it will be the least likely to come across your eyes, so that the picture does not bother you and as they say, it does not get boring.

But drawing a tattoo is just the first problem,The second problem is where and with whom to do the tattoo. Tattoo, in any case, you need to do only in a specialized salon with an experienced master. Do not do tattoos at home, as there are "masters" who practice this, but a real professional always works only in the salon.

Pay special attention to the search for a master. To do this, ask friends who have tattoos, read the forums, go through the tattoo parlors. Look at the finished works of the master: the outlines should be clear, the edges - even, and the picture itself without spaces. If the tattoo is made unprofessional, then the way back is gone. Also, do not save on tattoos, if you decided to do it for life, then do not regret money for quality.

When you have selected a drawing, the wizard draws itPaper, and you specify the colors and size with it. Then on the body is applied a so-called stencil, according to which the master makes a tattoo. Tattoo is made by a special typewriter, on the handle of which is a needle, through which ink is supplied.

After identifying with the master, specify all measuresSecurity. The room must be clean and sterile. The needle, with which the tattoo will be applied, should be disposable and the master should open the package with it. Learn about the methods of anesthesia and anesthesia. In professional tattoo parlors, those who made a tattoo are given an instruction with recommendations for the care of a tattoo.

If you have done one tattoo - then it will bequite enough. Very often people who have tattooed can not stop at one, so initially promise yourself that you will only be limited to one tattoo.

Is it painful to make a tattoo

Is it painful to make a tattoo?

Despite the fact that there is a large number ofPainkillers and anesthetics to make the tattoo painless, there will still be some pain, it's not like a "mosquito bitten." Of course, after the first minutes you will get used to the pain and you will not be so hurt anymore. As for those places in which it will be painful to apply tattoos, these are the places where the sensitive skin is located and in places close to the bones.

  • Is it painful to make a tattoo on the neck?

Yes, because the neck is very sensitive and tender skin.

  • Is it painful to make a tattoo on the arm?

It depends on where. Doing the tattoo on the wrist and on the hand - it hurts. Doing a tattoo above the elbow is almost not painful.

  • Is it painful to make a tattoo on the body?

Pain from tattooing on the torso depends on the location and your kit.

  • Is it painful to do a tattoo on the leg?

On the feet most often do tattoos on the ankles and on the inside of the foot, in both of these places do the tattoo hurt.

How to remove a tattoo

How to remove a tattoo

Tattoo can not be withdrawn. The tattoo can only be veiled, or "clean" the skin on which it is located. If you decide to get rid of a tattoo - you do not have to do it by handicrafts, that is, to remove the tattoo at home, as you can simply enter an infection, or even mutilate your body.

To get rid of a tattoo, you can apply a new,This procedure is called a cover-up. You can remove the tattoo either in beauty parlors, or in specialized clinics, such a procedure is very expensive.

The most common way to get a tattoo is a laser, when the top layer of the skin is removed, where the tattoo is, but getting rid of the tattoo, you will have small scars on this place.

There are 2 myths of deducing tattoos. The first myth that a tattoo can be removed with the help of milk, that is, to do a repeated tattoo with milk, but this is inefficient, since the milk will not remove the ink. The second myth - to make a cover-up, but only ink close to the color of the skin, but after a few months the dark paint will still appear and the drawing of the tattoo will be again visible, and it will already become blurred.

Once again, we urge you to make a temporary tattoo, so you do not regret it.