Few girls like their naturalhair color. Some people do not like their shade, but someone does not like the color at all. Solve the problem in this case - it's very simple, just paint your hair in the desired color. In this article we will try to answer your frequently asked questions about hair coloring.

If you want to change the hair color, thenHairdressers recommend to paint them exclusively in beauty salons, from trusted professionals. The maintenance of color, that is, the coloration of the roots of the hair, you can produce at home, but you must clearly observe the instructions that are attached to the hair dye.

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How often should I dye my hair?

Many girls are interested in the question: Through how much you can dye your hair. Concrete answer to this question - no, but it is recommended to paint the hair as little as possible. If you color your hair, try to only occasionally tint regrown roots, and not all of the hair in its entirety.

What color is better to dye hair

Dyeing hair is recommended by the paint thatHas a lot of positive reviews on the Internet. To name specific manufacturers - there is no sense, since this is the same as saying: what kind of shampoo is best to wash your hair. For each type of hair comes its own paint. Try to buy paint from a well-known manufacturer. About how to choose hair dye we told in past articles.

How to dye Henna hair

If you prefer not to dye your hairChemical means, and more sparing, for example, such as henna, then you can prepare hair dye from it in the following way. Pour the necessary amount of henna into the glass container and fill it with hot, but not boiling water. Dilute henna to the density of sour cream. Then add a small amount of ginger powder, it will help make the hair color more golden. Then let the cooked mixture cool down. If desired, an essential oil, for example Ylang-ylang, can be added to the resulting mixture. After that, you can start painting your hair with henna.

Hair dyeing

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Can I dye my clean hair

One of the most frequent questions askedGirls: on what hair it is necessary to make coloring. Hairdressers-stylists and instructions to hair dyes strongly warn that you need to dye dirty hair, that is before painting it is necessary not to wash your head for 2-3 days. This is due to the fact that hair colors have chemical components, and sebum, which will be on the head, protects both the hair and the scalp from the negative effects of the paint. In this case, the color of the hair after painting will be the same: as when painting clean, and as after painting impure hair.

If you need to quickly dye your hair, then, of course, you can neglect this safety measure and make dyeing of clean hair, but it's better to try not to let it happen.

How to lighten black dyed hair

In order to lighten the black hair there isTwo ways. The first way is using hydrogen peroxide or simply hydroperite. To lighten hair with hydroperitone, you need to grind two tablets of this remedy and add 2 ampoules of ammonia. In the resulting mixture add a tablespoon of normal shampoo. Applying shampoo on the head, work out the hair well. After 5 minutes, wash your hair with running water, while trying to wash your hair thoroughly. This method has a very negative effect on the hair, however, like any change in hair color. When light hair with hydrogen peroxide, you may have a burning sensation, so in this situation it is best to use the second method.

The second way is to lighten hair withDecolorizing cream-paint. In appearance such cream-paint as usual hair dye is applied in the same way, but it does not color, but makes your hair color more light. Please note that for discoloration you may need several stages of clarification.

Hair dyeing

How to prepare hair dye

To prepare hair dye you needFirst of all, wear gloves that come complete with hair dye. Then open the bottle with developer milk and pour the required amount of the contents of the vial into the glass container. After that, open the tube in which there is cream paint, and squeeze out the necessary amount of content from it. Now carefully mix the contents of the container until smooth and start dyeing the hair.

How to properly color the roots of hair

Directly the hair coloring procedure itself will be demonstrated in a video clip where you can visually see how this is done.

If you often dye your hair, be sure to read the article about what to do if the hair falls out heavily.