Modern cosmetology does not stand still, butIs developing at a rapid pace. It would seem, how can a tattoo be applied in cosmetology? It turns out that everything is pretty simple. Tattoos (tattooing) are widely used for the so-called permanent make-up: lips, eyes and eyebrows. Today we will focus on the eyebrow tattoo, telling you about what it is done for, what kinds of it are and how the actual procedure of eyebrow tattooing actually takes place.

What is tattoo of eyebrows

For a start, I probably need a few wordsSay what is eyebrow tattooing. Eyebrow tattooing (permanent makeup) is a method of correcting the shape, contour and eyebrow color. That is, if you are not satisfied with the shape of your eyebrows, fuzzy outlines, dull color, or for some reason your eyebrows do not grow, then eyebrow tattoo will fix this problem.

Eyebrow tattoo is done in special institutions: Medical centers, or in cosmetology offices. Tattooing is called this procedure because the drawing of eyebrows is carried out according to the principle of drawing tattoos. To date, there are two most common types of eyebrow tattoo: hair tattoos and soft shading. As for the significant differences between tattooing and tattooing, the tattooing paint is not applied as deep as with a tattoo, and accordingly, it can be easily disposed of over time.

Tattooing the Hair Method

Types of eyebrow tattooing

Hair tattooing

Voloskovy tattoo is a kind of permanent make-up of eyebrows at which on a place of eyebrows hair of the certain size and color are drawn.

Soft shading

Soft shading is a kind of permanent make-up, when special eye lines are placed on the eyebrows, which create a kind of tinted eyebrows.

What are the differences between these two procedures? With a hair tattoo, the drawn lines are made in the form of strokes, producing an imitation of the eyebrows. Soft shading in turn is the application of solid lines. Soft shading is used in cases where you need to give volume to your eyebrows. Voloskovy tattoo is used when you have rare eyebrows or hair is completely absent. Both these methods produce a very good effect, making your "new eyebrows" as natural as possible. It is worth noting that the soft shade has the best reviews among girls who have performed this procedure.

How long does the eyebrow tattoo? Eyebrow tattoo, if properly applied and when using high-quality materials, will last 3-5 years, which justifies the means and suffered discomfort.

Advantages of eyebrow tattooing

As you may have guessed, the main advantageTattoo of eyebrows is that with his help you can correct the existing shortcomings of the eyebrows. In addition, thanks to tattooing, you will not need to tint your eyebrows for several years, their color will not be washed off even with daily washing.

Eyebrow tattoo

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Where to make eyebrow tattoo

If you decide to make eyebrow tattoo, then inFirst of all you have to determine where you will make the eyebrow tattoo procedure. In view of the fact that the procedure is very serious, because: firstly you will be introduced a special dye under your skin, and secondly, this procedure will be carried out near the eyes - it is very important to find a professional to whom you can trust your face.

First of all, find out from friends whoThey performed this procedure, where they did it, what nuances followed, the positive and negative aspects of it. Be sure to read reviews about this or that master on the Internet, preferably on different sources, as comments can be simply advertising. When you have collected enough information and found the institution that is most suitable for you - go to a doctor for advice. Again, base your choice on reviews, preferably real people, and not on advertising brochures, where the doctor sits surrounded by "fake" diplomas.

Having come to the master, he must devote himself completelyYou in the tattoo procedure and examine your face. He will also talk about the technique of applying tattoo and the applied ink. Surely the master will have photos of his works, so look at them. Then the master, as a rule, shows variants of shapes and colors of eyebrows, then you choose the most suitable variant for you. Find out how long the procedure will take, what anesthetic will be used, and how many days will pass the so-called adaptation period.

The cabinet in which this cosmetic procedure will take place must be sterile, the nozzles and other consumables should be disposable and of high quality.

It happens that for some reason the master willDo not like or do not inspire confidence, no matter how good a master he is, if the sense of internal anxiety is wary, then it is better to use the services of another master.

And the last. Do not try to save on this procedure, saving here is not appropriate, since questions relating to appearance, not the case when it is worth something to gain.

How to make eyebrow tattoo

Now let's find out how the eyebrow tattoo is done. Before you make the tattoo yourself, the doctor should find out if you are allergic to those or other components that may be part of the dye, or an anesthetic. In some cases, a trial tattoo procedure can be performed, when a tattoo of a small area is done, and the body's reaction is checked.

So, the procedure of eyebrow tattooing is going onin the following way. You change and lie down on a special couch. Then the nurse or the master directly removes the leftovers of cosmetics, degreases and sterilizes the skin. The next step is to outline the contours of your future eyebrows, then you approve this "mock" with the master, and he puts contour marks on the skin. After that the skin is once again disinfected and an anesthetic is applied.

What is an anesthetic is probably all. Anesthetic is an anesthetic. Due to the fact that eyebrow tattoo is a painful procedure, the use of local anesthetics is simply necessary. For anesthesia, special gels and creams are used, which have a cooling effect. Anesthetic is absorbed somewhere 10 minutes, after which it manifests its analgesic effect.

Now the master can proceed already directly to the procedure of tattooing, piercing the skin with a needle to a depth of 0.8 to 1.5 mm and introducing a dye into this area.

As a colorant, natural andminerals. You should know that as such black paint, with eyebrow tattooing, is not used, for the simple reason that eventually it fades and turns green, then there will be something like in one famous movie - "radically black", only green . In order to avoid this, dark-brown paint is used to stain eyebrows.

The procedure for eyebrow tattooing takes no more than one hour, but here it is also necessary to take into account the complexity and scope of work.

Eyebrow tattoo

Consequences of eyebrow tattooing

At first, after the procedure, the color of the eyebrowsWill be too saturated, but after a while it will pass and the color will become quite natural. You should also take into account the fact that the area around the eyebrows may turn a little red, this is quite normal and usual phenomenon, since the skin in this area was repeatedly pierced with a needle. Redness will pass with time, for everyone this period is individual in view of features of a skin.

After tattooing, a thin crust can form,Which in no case can not be ripped off. For soothing effect, the master can recommend using a special cream. At first, going out, it is absolutely necessary to apply a protective cream on the tattooed area.

Complete "rehabilitation" after tattooing, somewhereA week and a half. During this period, we recommend that you take a short vacation and do not need to go out without the need. Despite the protective cream, it is better not to be exposed to the danger of sunlight, infections, etc. anyway.

Disadvantages of eyebrow tattoo procedure

Now a few words about the shortcomingsOf this procedure. Firstly, it is a cosmetology salon and a master, their wrong choice - and the consequences can be the most unpredictable. Secondly, do not expect a staggering effect from eyebrow tattooing, this is a corrective procedure, not reincarnating. Thirdly, in view of the individual skin features, some girls and women may have post-procedural problems, you too must consider this.

In short, so that you were satisfied with the tattoo, everything went smoothly, without negative consequences and beauty lasted a long time - choose a highly skilled craftsman and a reliable beauty salon.

In no case do not tattoo in the homeConditions, this is a serious procedure that requires complete sterility. Masters who produce such procedures are not professionals. Have you ever seen a real professional work outside the walls of his office !? - No, because he values ​​his reputation.

How much does tattoo of eyebrows cost?

To make tattoo of eyebrows is not so cheap, but for quality and for its beauty it is necessary to pay. Depending on the volume and complexity of work, eyebrow tattooing will cost between $ 100 and $ 150.