An integral part of female beauty areLegs. That they are always a subject of admiration for our men, they need special care, including the use of creams, as well as proper depilation. In our past articles, we have already talked about the ways in which depilation is done at home. This time we would like to talk in detail about how to choose the right epilator.

Philips Epilator

What is a depilator

The epilator is an electrical device,Removing hair directly with the bulb. In the head of this device are special little tweezers, which wrap around the hairs and pull them out. Due to the fact that the hair is pulled out with the bulb, this is one of the best methods of hair removal, as the growth of new hair occurs only in a week, and in some girls even after 3-4 weeks, after this procedure.

The disadvantage of the epilator is that the procedureEpilation can occur a little painfully, and new hairs can grow under the skin. But nevertheless, if you comply with all the rules, in particular, correctly pilling, then these problems you can avoid.

On what parameters to choose a depilator

Which firm to buy a depilator

When choosing and buying the epilator, we recommend that you target the following manufacturers:

  • AEG;

  • Braun;

  • Orion;

  • Panasonic;

  • Philips;

  • Rowenta.

The above brands of manufacturers are widely known in the home appliances market and have proven themselves.

Number of speeds

The presence of velocities in the epilator promotesComfortable and convenient epilation. The speed of the epilator depends on the number of tweezers per second. To remove short and thin hair, the first speed is used, it provides a tight girth of hair and pulls them together with the bulb. The second speed is used to remove stiff and long hair.


Modern epilators come in three types of food:

  • From the mains;

  • From the battery;

  • From the network and battery.

Epilator working from the network - a practical option,Because for epilation you just connect it to the network and you can immediately make the procedure for hair removal. Epilator battery-powered is good because it is more convenient to make hair removal, because there are no wires, but you need to monitor the level of battery charging. The epilator working both from a network, and from the accumulator - the most universal variant.

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Battery life time

When choosing a model of epilator, pay attention toDuration of battery life. The most common are epilators, the accumulators of which work from 30 to 60 minutes, which is quite enough.

Battery charge time

The optimal time for a fully charged battery from 0 to 100% - should take no more than an hour.

Use with foam

The use of foam with epilation helps to softenHair, which provides a cleaner hair removal and at the same time helps protect the skin from irritation. In addition, these epilator models are perfectly cleaned, to do this, after the epilation, rinse the head of the epilator under the stream of water.

Floating head

Special floating head in depilatorCan deviate to the sides, so that she can repeat the contours of the body, for a cleaner epilation. Especially it is convenient for the knee area and underarm area.


As you know, the procedure for hair removal epilator is notSo pleasant, because in fact he pulls out, and does not cut his hair. Therefore, in order to reduce pain, in some models of epilators a special rubber roller or brush is installed, which, thanks to vibration, massage and relax the skin, before removing hair from the area.

Skin Cooling

To date, there are two types of skin cooling during epilation: using a special nozzle and using a glove.

The cooling glove is a conventionalThe glove, on the surface of which is a special compartment, where the gel frozen in the freezer is placed. During epilation, the cooling glove is applied to the skin, before epilation is performed on this site.

As for the cooling nozzle, itIt is made in the form of a container, which is filled with a special liquid. This nozzle is pre-placed in the freezer and after freezing the liquid in it, is put on the epilator, thus cooling the skin area, before epilation.

Braun Epilator


The kit with modern epilators can beIncluded special nozzles. For example, manufacturers often complete epilators with a peeling attachment, which when the hair grows into the skin, helps to peel it and release hair. Another such nozzle is the nozzle for delicate zones, which is intended for epilation in places where the tender skin (armpits and bikini line) is located, in this nozzle there are fewer tweezers for more comfortable and painless epilation. In addition to these attachments, epilators can be completed with other attachments, the presence of which must be specified in each model.

Brush for cleaning

In those models of epilators, in which there is noThe possibility of using foam, then such models can not be washed under a stream of water. Therefore, if you prefer "dry" epilators, they should be accompanied by special brushes with which you can clean the heads and attachments from the hair. But it is better to give preference to models with the possibility of washing the head.


If you like everything to be in place, or you will often transport a depilator, then purchase its model with the presence of a storage case in the kit.


Design - this is what you should pay attention toAt a choice of a depilator, in the last turn. After you have chosen the epilator for all the necessary functions, the final selection criterion will be its design: shape, color, patterns and so on.