For each of us is very important place of work, becauseWe devote a lot of time to it, and payment for it is an integral part of our material prosperity. If you want to find or change a job, special attention should be given to writing a resume.

In our last article, we told you that,How to find a job for the soul. Conditionally the process of the device for work can be divided into 2 stages: the search for vacancies and the interview. There is no point in stopping search for vacancies, since it is enough to buy local newspapers with ads, and it's better to rewire all the large websites with vacancies, the so-called Internet labor exchange. We also talked about how to pass the interview in previous articles, but we did not talk about the most important link in the search for vacancies and the interview. The link is a well-written resume, and we want to dedicate this article to this issue.

Notepad and pen

How to write a resume for a job

The Importance of Resume

So, from the compilation of the resume depends most importantly- the first impression of you, it is a competently and correctly drawn up resume will give a ticket for the interview, so you can only interest your potential employer with your resume. Allows you to do this briefly and succinctly stated information about you and your achievements. In fact, a summary is self-advertisement, very nicely and correctly submitted to a potential employer.

Before writing a resume, you must decideWith the position and place of the desired work, since it is not logical to make a professional resume for a cashier at a supermarket - to put it mildly, or vice versa, to make a simple resume for a position of leading specialist in a large company where a very large competition is also illogical.

How to apply for a resume

The first thing your potential looks atEmployer - for the resume: side margins, line spacing, font, structure and then content. First, let's look at how to write a resume.

  • Compilation type

The abstract should necessarily be printed onComputer - as it will have a beautiful design, and besides, today everyone sends a resume by e-mail. To write your resume is best in the text editor Word, as it has a large number of functions in the design and spelling check. Save the document is best in * doc format.

  • Lateral intervals

The upper, lower and right intervals in the document should be 2 cm, the left - 2.5 cm.

  • How to write a font

The resume should be written in Times New Roman, Arial is also allowed, but it is used very rarely. Therefore, if you have the default Calibri font in the text editor, change it.

The font size should be 12 pins. A font of 14 pins is used to write a name on the top of the sheet. The font must be only black.


  • Line spacing

As a rule, the line spacing is single.

  • Structure

A summary can include bold text, andAlso numbering and markers. You can only use underscores in the subtitles of enumerations, for example in sub-headings, and in the names of the firms in which you worked.

  • Size

As mentioned above, the summary should be briefAnd concise, so try to put all the information in one page, but from the beginning to the end, because a small summary is also very bad: either you are very modest, or you do not have any such achievements. A great resume can be if you have a large track record, but in that case it should be reduced to a minimum (indicating the most important), so that the employer does not consider you a "man with great pride." Based on experience, the CVs are read superficially, and employers appreciate the brevity and informative content.

What you need to write in your resume

Now let's look at the structure of the resume - the sections from which it consists.

  • personal information

In this resume block, you must provide personal information. What should I write in my CV about myself?

  1. Name (center, bold 14 pins);

  2. Date of birth (through the margin of 12 pins);

  3. Address (city, street, house, apartment);

  4. Desired work schedule;

  5. Family status;

  6. Contact phone (you can both mobile and home - better both);

  7. E-mail address (it should be solid,Not "kiska", "sterva" - you can immediately forget about this post with this address, it is best that the address consisted of your surname: you can include initials, for example "Antonova-VI").

Example of an interview:

Antonova Viktoria Igorevna

Date of Birth: May 10, 1984

Address: Moscow, Academician Korolev, 77-188

Phone: +7 (XXX) XXX-XX-XX

El. mail: [email protected]

Family status: Married, two children

Desired work schedule: full time work


  • Your aim

Next you must specify the purpose of the job search. What is the purpose of writing a resume? Some miss this point and this is in vain - it must be mandatory (according to the standard), although it does not carry anything particularly informative. In the "goal" section, as a rule, a standard phrase is indicated: "job search ...". For example:
goal: Job as an accountant


goal: I apply for the position of seller-cashier

Be sure to specify the goal, because if you wantGet a job in a large company, where many vacancies are being searched, you do not have to worry about the position you are applying for in the personnel department, you should specify it yourself.

If the question of payment is important for you, then below in the goal section you can also indicate the size of the desired salary. This is best done if the payment is listed as "negotiable" in the ad.

  • Education

Here it is necessary to indicate all the higher educationalThe institutions in which you studied and the periods of study in them. As a rule, the school does not specify in the summary, if it is not a specialized school, the profile of which is closely related to the claimed position.

Example of the section of education in the summary:

2001-2006 - Financial University under the Government of the Russian Federation

Faculty "Accounting and Audit"
Specialty "Accounting, analysis and audit" red diploma

2010 - International Business Institute

The Integrated Marketing Program

  • experience

In this section of the resume you need to tellTo the employer about the previous places of your work and briefly state what was part of your duties and what you worked with. If you have any merits and achievements - they can also be mentioned if there is enough space. For example, if you brought new customers, then if there are a large number of them, indicate the number, if you signed contracts and negotiated on this issue, or you initiated it, then you can list the names of companies if they are known and cooperative with them was mutually fruitful. Also it is possible to mention, if thanks to you sales have increased, there has passed optimization of production well, etc.

Example of a section of work experience in a resume:

May 2010 - present time - Megamarket LLC

Position: Chief Accountant
- Calculation and calculation of wages (staff - 200 people);
- Calculation of leave, sick leave, travel;
- Accounting;
- Maintenance of cash transactions;
- Preparation of tax and accounting statements in the Tax Inspection, FSS and FIU funds.

October 2006 - April 2010 - Metallinvest LLC

Position: Assistant accountant
- Registration of primary documentation;
- Registration of documents in the 1C database on the receipt of goods;
- Communication with suppliers on the issues of the documents;
- Drawing up reports in the database.

No protracted expressions and vagueness inNo resume should be, if you, for example, were engaged in the preparation of reports, specify specifically what reports you were engaged in, if there were many, list the most basic ones, and then put "et al."

If you had several jobs, then list them all, and describe in detail only those jobs and work that is directly related to the claimed position.

  • Additional Information

In the additional information it is necessary to indicateTheir additional skills, especially those that will be necessary for potential work. This can be the possession of a PC and the ability to work with various applications, knowledge of foreign languages ​​and possession of office equipment. You can also mention your personal qualities, hobbies and hobbies - in a laconic and strict form.

Example of the additional information section:

English is fluent (written and spoken). German is the basic knowledge.
Confident knowledge: tax, civil and labor legislation of the Russian Federation. Good theoretical knowledge of accounting.
The degree of possession of the PC is an experienced user MS Word and Exel, 1C: Accounting, Internet.
Possession of office equipment - copier, scanner, printer, fax.
Personal qualities: purposefulness, sociability, stress resistance, accuracy, diligence.
Hobbies: reading professional literature, traveling, cooking.

Each section of the resume should be entitled and highlighted in bold.

Business lady

When writing a resume, it should be keptOfficially-business, strict style, without anything extra. It is also unnecessary to embellish and write what is not - because all this will later be found out and you will immediately fall in the eyes of management and colleagues.

Once you have compiled a resume, be sure toCheck it for errors by clicking on the "F7" button in MS Word. Then read the resume at least 3 times, but not immediately, but after a while. After reading the resume on a fresh head, you may notice some mistakes or add something. It is also very good, if you give someone to read your resume, so that in addition to you checked it for errors. Errors in the resume are unacceptable!

Sending resume

Sending a resume is unnecessary to attach to itPhoto, if the employer does not require it. Also send a CV from the email address where you do not have any accounts on the social network. If you have a page in the social network - clean it, as many employers often pay much attention to the social. Accounts of potential employees, as this is a mirror of your life.

Good luck.