What profession to choose!? This question is asked not only girls - graduates of the 11th grade, but even adult women. In this article, we would like to not just answer this question, but carry out an in-depth analysis to understand which profession is better to choose and how to find the right approach to solving this issue.

Choice of profession

Features of the choice of profession

Choosing a profession is a very difficult topic. Why? If you are a regular reader of our women's magazine Timelady.ru, then we are always very seriously approaching issues related to work. Work is not just a way of earning money, there is also a moral component in it, because we spend at least 8 hours at work on the day. Thus, work becomes an integral part of our life, and if it does not bring pleasure, then the big money earned will not please you.

For some reason recently, girls chooseThe profession on the basis of wages, and not because of personal preferences or the demand for a profession in the labor market. In addition, you must distinguish the profession from the position in which you will work. That is, to have a profession and work in a certain position is, to date, two big differences.

The profession you choose does not mean that you will work on it.

There is such a joke on the Internet: "Surprise your university - go to work by profession." And really, for the sake of curiosity, analyze: who among your relatives, close and familiar works by profession? Except for those who received a second education, working in this position, then there are very few such people, if they exist at all. Nestle by profession now is very difficult, besides most of the girls work in the service sector, where as such there is no profession.

If you do not like your profession, and youShe was chosen not on her own will, then the work is unlikely you will like. Each working day for you will be a "torment," you will eagerly wait for Friday, and every new working week will be a test for you. Daily wait for the end of the working day and the end of the working week - this is not very bright prospects.

The girl chooses a profession

How to understand which profession to choose

What to consider when choosing a profession

On what aspects it is necessary to pay attention, when choosing a profession:

  • The relevance of the profession

Despite the fact that we are actively advocating that,So that you choose a profession to your liking, nevertheless, you need to really assess the situation on the labor market. That is, if you study for a meteorologist, and in your city there is no meteorological station - then there is no sense from having knowledge and a diploma in this industry. The same goes for the profession of a manager and a lawyer - there are a lot of specialists in this industry, and the likelihood that you will find a job in your city is unlikely. But teachers and doctors are needed always and everywhere, but there is already a lack of pay.

  • You should like the profession

Of course, the chosen profession should youlike. Very often parents interfere in the choice of their child's profession. Parents of bad will not wish, they can express their opinion, but do not insist and do not force you to choose the profession they want. Be sure to listen to the opinion of the parents, but make a decision on your own - work for you, not for them.

  • Wage

Well, what kind of choice of profession can be without taking into accountMaterial component of the industry. Yes, we choose the profession for the soul, and to work on it, but the salary of this profession should cover your expenses. You can say that marrying successfully, the main income in the family will be for the husband, but, nevertheless, it will be very good for your family when you will receive a fairly large salary that will allow you to live in full prosperity. In addition, women should have financial independence.

  • Career growth and development

Career growth and development are very important. Agree, work without any prospects - not particularly bright. Each employee should have a desire, if not in career growth, then in raising wages (premiums).

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Tips for choosing a profession

First, determine who would you like to work with. This is very important, because the work should be fun. Analyze your preferences:

  • Love drawing

If you like drawing, then move in this direction, for example, go to study as a designer, architect, or as a drawing teacher.

  • Love to communicate with people

If you are a communicative person, then choose a profession in which you will need to communicate with people: a manager, a salesman, a consultant, a sales representative.

  • Love children

In this case, of course, you are bestChoose the profession of a teacher: a teacher in a kindergarten or a teacher in a school. Salaries for teachers, although they want more, but nevertheless they are constantly being raised.

  • You are good at organizing people

Many people say that if you know how to command, thenOne must choose a managerial profession, but this is wrong. Almost everyone can command, but it's completely different to manage effectively. If you are able to find an approach to people, organize them and manage them, then choose this direction, for example: the personnel manager, manager, etc.

  • Love to treat

If you are not indifferent to medicine, then chooseProfession of a doctor. Do not listen to those who say that the doctor is not the best profession because of low pay. Perhaps, at first you will not receive as much as you would like, but the main thing is to gain experience and create a good reputation. A good and professional doctor is worth its weight in gold. If you are a good doctor, then you can go to work in a good clinic or open a private practice, the income in this case will be very good.

  • Love fashion and beauty

In the event that you and the day can not live without fashion, then choose for yourself the profession of stylist, make-up artist, hairdresser or beautician. Interesting professions, while well paid.

  • Love the rest, travel and tourism

Most girls prefer thisDirection. Indeed, it is very interesting, since you will not sit and do monotonous work, you will visit different countries, learn their culture, life, and will often visit various world resorts. At the same time you can get a tourist guide, a tourism manager, etc., and this is a pretty well paid job. The advantages are obvious, but the main drawback is the frequent absence of a home, which does not suit the guardians of the home.

  • Love events and organize them

If you are a fan of fun and activities, then choose a profession that is closely related to their conduct and organization. The profession is quite in demand, and besides it is well paid.

  • You are important prestige and status

For those girls and women who are important in status and prestige, it is best to choose the professions related to public administration, jurisprudence, finance and economics.

These are just a few examples, to consider them all - it is difficult, as very much. The main thing that you understand the essence, in what direction to move.

Girl with laptop at home

If you can not sit still, thenChoose a profession where you will be on the move. For example, many girls who do not like monotonous work - it is very difficult to work in an office where the same situation, the same team and the same work. Someone on the contrary loves quiet and monotonous work. This feature should be taken into account when choosing a profession.

Analyze the university you want to studyHe must be prestigious and he should have a good reputation. If you have friends who have studied in it, ask them about the features of this institution.

Also take into account the cost of training and methods of payment for the chosen profession. It is very convenient if you can pay for the training: for a year, for six months or monthly.

In the event that you can not select oneProfession, but you want to have two, or your parents insist on it, this issue can be solved quite simply - to study in two specialties. You can learn both in parallel and in sequence. After you learn one profession, you will study less for another, because you will master it on the basis of the existing higher education. At the same time, you will save money for tuition, because you will not pay for 4 years of training, but for 2 or 3. If you study in 2 specialties in parallel without having a higher education, then you will study there and there for a full term Learning. In addition, after studying for one specialty, you then decide: go to study for the second or not.

How to find out which profession to choose

In order to find out which profession you have moreIs suitable - we recommend that you pass the appropriate psychological test. This test will show in which industry and sphere you can best realize yourself. There are a lot of such tests in the network, they are all free, so be sure to pass it, at least just for the sake of interest.

If the test did not help you, then try to choose a profession on a horoscope, at least one more opinion will help to expand or narrow the choice.

Girl in the workplace

What profession to choose after the 11th grade girl

After the end of grade 11, it is difficult for girls to chooseProfession, as there are many options where one would like to go or there are no options at all. For graduates of schools we want to give separate recommendations on the choice of profession.

When choosing a profession, take into account and in what institutionYou will learn. The best option is to study at a university that is in your city or in a neighboring one, from which you can ride a bus every day. To study in your city is very convenient, you will live at home, and from this all the benefits will flow. In principle, if you study in a neighboring city and take the bus home - it's also good, since you will not need to live in a rented apartment or hostel, parents will be nearby, etc., the only drawback is the road, but to it later You get used to it. If the school you choose is located in another city, then there are negative aspects that you should consider when making a final decision.

In other aspects, when choosing a profession, follow the advice that we gave above.

What profession to choose after 30 years

Choosing a profession after 30 years, you are already wellYou must know yourself and what you prefer. Therefore, it should be a little easier for you to choose a profession. If you decide to go to school at this age, then for certain there is some reason that you are motivated, on the basis of this and choose a new profession. If you want to learn a new profession, in order to get a certain position, then choose a profession that comes into contact with this position. If you want to change a profession because you do not like it, then listen to your interests and preferences - what's closer to you, then choose.

In your case, the choice of profession is complicated by the fact that at this age the profession must be chosen for the soul, but at the same time, that it ideally harmonizes with the payment for the work.