Women born under the sign of Aries areMost complex and contradictory natures, than others. Aries women are often confident that they can safely do without a man, and it is worth acknowledging that it succeeds like no one else. But at the same time they feel the need for novels, heroes-lovers and other romantic nuances, which are so abound in women's novels. Even if such a hero of the woman is a fictional character, collected from the best qualities of men, but he must be without fail.

Sometimes women-Aries argue that for them the mostThe main thing in life is love, but it's not entirely true, because they themselves and other important matters are in the first place. Women are sincerely sure that they can do any work better and faster than any man, be it the burden of a bag, the ignition of a cigarette, the driving of a car and many other things. At the same time, they not only think so, but they also successfully do everything themselves: from opening the door to wearing heavy bags. They try to be the first in everything and everywhere, whether it be love relations or sports competitions. According to the women of Aries, men for the most part only hamper their development and success, so they prefer to do everything by their own hands, and not wait for help from the stronger sex.

Horoscope of a woman - Aries

Confirming the originality, purposefulness andThe independence of women of Aries, we can say that they are the only women who can easily and unconstrainedly make a man an offer to marry them. Sometimes even the elect himself may not show any special feelings for the woman, but this is not a hindrance to courageous rams. As a rule, in a couple, women tend to occupy a leading position and always control all aspects of the life of the married couple.

For the most part, Aries women are strongNatures, with a male character and aggressiveness. But they often have an almost angelic appearance, which does not really fit in with her masculinity. With its attractiveness and natural beauty, Aries women have a large number of admirers and admirers who are ready to go for it for everything. But only the man who will not only be interested in her will be able to achieve this woman's disposition, but also be able to adequately withstand her charm and charms. It is to such a man that women-Aries will be attracted.

Like most women, womenAries like flattery, but only if this flattery is based on objective reality. They love to be admired, but without notes of sweetness and ingratiating. If a woman meets or is married, then she is faithful to her chosen one. True, this fidelity remains until the moment when the senses melt. Despite their masculine nature, women are very sentimental, but at the same time contradictory. The latter quality is expressed in their attitude to the attention of one hundred electors. So a woman needs constant attention and care, but it can be very angry if she does not fall behind by a single step. Innate independence and masculine character create the desire to lead a husband, but at the same time, like other women, at heart they want to be weak and defenseless in the strong hands of a man, and this leads to internal conflicts. In the ideal case, the husband will neither dominate nor trail behind the object of adoration, and relations will be built on equality and mutual respect.

As mentioned above, the woman-Aries aspiresFind that single knight on a white horse who will be stronger than herself, possess all the qualities that women like, and give her her love and the whole world. At the same time, this knight must do this all elegantly and confidently, without dropping his male dignity. But, alas, such princes exist often only in fairy tales and bylinas, therefore women-Aries often live long alone. They live a bright, busy life during the day, and night brings solitude and sadness. In order to love a man, a woman-Aries should be proud of him, and at the same time a man should not forget about the abilities and talents of his chosen one. We can say that women demand a lot from their potential women, but they return it all in triplicate.

To your beloved Aries woman is sweet,Benevolent, generous and she can easily close her eyes to the shortcomings of a man. But at the same time, women-Aries have a highly developed sense of ownership in love. Even for the slightest insignificant reason, they can have acute jealousy, which can lead them to rabies. So a small praise to another woman, expressed by her husband in the presence of his wife, can lead to a terrible scandal with shouts and the beat of utensils. Figuratively speaking, even a slight insult can turn a love-burning heart of the Aries woman into cold ice.

The subject of sincere admiration of women,Born under the sign of Aries, is power. And the force, both internal and physical. Women tend to idealize human nature, so their ideas can easily break down into a vital, sometimes not very rosy, reality. They will never forgive their chosen ones, if they in the conflict moments or situations are on the side of their loved ones and did not protect them with all possible or impossible methods.

In turn, women-Aries will always beProtect their loved ones, even if this adversely affects their position in society or other negative aspects. After marriage, women are unlikely to devote themselves to all the domestic concerns and worries, because they have many other interests. At the same time, women will manage to do all the necessary housework and keep it clean, cozy and positive atmosphere. Wife-Aries will never get bored with her husband, and will constantly bring a twist to their relationship, trying to bring diversity into the gray monotony of family life.

Aries women are resistant to disease and fairlyRarely when you can hear from them about complaints about fatigue or a cold. But if a woman is sick, her relatives and husband will require a lot of effort to put her in bed and get fully treated, without being distracted by everyday activities and worries. Women are extremely jealous, so if the husband calls and says that he will be late at work or go with colleagues to the bar, he can easily run into another wave of jealousy from his wife and scandal. One of the distinguishing features of these women is their nervousness, if they can not check where and with whom their chosen one is actually.

A loving woman considers her belovedPerfection and embodiment of all the best that can be in the ideal man, and thus will not notice even the most obvious negative aspects of the character or appearance of a man. If someone starts to criticize the chosen woman of Aries, she can run into a rage from her side. If a woman's husband is jealous, then he will have to be quite difficult, because Aries women prefer to be in the company of men. In this case, the spouse will insist on the freedom of his life and the boundless trust of his chosen one, who, incidentally, will be completely deprived of this.

In most cases, Aries women reachGood results in the work that allow you to successfully build a career ladder. At the same time, women can easily perform both female and male jobs. If the newly-made husband demands from his wife to leave work and deal exclusively with household chores, then this is unlikely to work for him, since the woman-Aries most likely will not leave her favorite business. Such women are excellent companions of life who will support and help in various situations of their chosen ones. They will be able to surround the beloved with care during illness, lend money, help in any endeavors and work. At the same time, in the depths of his soul, he expects the same from his beloved, although, most likely, he will first turn away any help and support.

Being next to the woman-Aries, the chosen one shouldTo share with her all the experiences and feelings, whether it be joy, happiness or sadness. If there are some temporary difficulties in the life of the chosen one, the woman will endure and help them. If her chosen one earns less money than herself, then it is unlikely she will respect her man, but this can not cause them to break. After the birth of children, Aries women will be excellent mothers, providing children with everything necessary and surrounding them with care and love. Women can often make scandals and quarrels, but thanks to their optimistic and kind nature, quickly departs, and will not take revenge or resent their offender.