Women born under the sign of Taurus areHappy owners of those traits of character and qualities that are so appreciated and sought, at times in vain, in women all men. Women-Taurus are friendly and nice, but if someone still manages to anger them and make them angry, they will surely come across fits of rage and anger, from which all around can easily suffer. If you behave peacefully with such women, they will repay the same - they will remain calm, gentle, smiling and good-natured cute creatures.

Everyone knows the feminine cunning, cunning andPrudence, which women sometimes use in everyday life. These qualities are not at all characteristic of Taurus women who remain honest throughout their life, regardless of the situation. Women born under the sign of Taurus have a great strength of mind, which any man can envy, but thanks to a subtle mind, women skillfully hide this quality before their chosen one, while remaining vulnerable to femininity. From a young age, girls paint themselves an image of a real man and in the future they are looking for just such a type.

Horoscope of a woman - Taurus

Women-Taurus quite calmly perceivePeople as they really are, with their positive and negative qualities. Such women can have a great time in conversation with a car salesman, a nuclear scientist, a linguistic student, a pizza deliveryman and other people of all kinds, with different activities and interests. Among the friends of Taurus women can include the most versatile, sometimes even original and expressive, personality, the common feature of which is innate liveliness and interest in the world around. For their friends, Taurus women are reliable advocates and comrades who will never leave friends in trouble and will always come to the rescue in a difficult situation.

Taurus women are ready to make any sacrifice for the sake ofFriend, not noticing their shortcomings or negative qualities of character or behavior. At the same time, women expect the same attitude from friends and to their person. If the words of Vladimir Vysotsky's song "if a friend turned suddenly, and not a friend and not an enemy, but ..." will become applicable to one of the friends of the Taurus woman, she may be disappointed and offended, or even completely withdrawn. But such women almost do not notice enemies, which sometimes enrages and anger the enemies.

Another character trait that you like so muchMen in women, and which is characteristic of Taurus women is trust in their chosen one and very weak jealousy. Often there are times when a man, going with his lady, comment or praise a figure, gait, hairdo or other details of the appearance of a woman passing by, and his companion rolls up a scandal or a quarrel about it. This attitude is not at all applicable to Taurus women, who are more likely to join the male commenting on the merits of a passing woman, rather than begin to quarrel and resent her companion. True, this applies only to innocent comments or modest admiration, but when the Taurus woman's elect really changes her or gives her a real reason to doubt her loyalty, then it will be very difficult for a man. Therefore, it is better not to give the chosen women such women the slightest reason for serious jealousy or suspicion.

Despite his developed intellect and subtle mind,A woman of Taurus can hardly be caught reading such abstruse books as quantum mechanics, probability theory, philosophical doctrines of the 17th century and other books of similar subjects. Women-Taurus can hardly be interested in the presence of several diplomas or even academic degrees, since one diploma is enough for them. Above diplomas women appreciate common sense and understanding of the real essence of things and phenomena, because they are practical and prefer to be guided by reason, rather than a minute impulse. At the same time, such women also possess the qualities that are characteristic of many women, such as sensitivity and artistry.

In the apartment women Taurus will never putArtificial plants or flowers, and will prefer real natural flowers with aroma. In this case, it does not matter what flowers will be, whether it's simple wild flowers, collected by own hand, or luxurious garden plants. The subtle sense of smell of Taurus women pleases not only the aromas of domestic plants, but also good spirits. And perfumes can be very different.

Women-Taurus are very sensitive to flavors,So their chosen ones are advisable to approach the choice of the smell of after shave cream, cologne or deodorant more carefully and take into account the wishes of your beloved. If a person smells unpleasant for a Taurus woman, then it is likely that acquaintance or communication on this will end. The sense of color harmony is also strongly developed in Taurus women. So women often prefer pink color and various shades of blue.

Women-Taurus does not mind eating tasty food, thatOften almost not displayed on their adorable figures. And women prefer dishes richly seasoned with spices, so they are impressed by Caucasian cuisine, known to the whole world with an abundance of seasonings. It is desirable to invite female Taurus more often to cozy cafes and restaurants, where she could taste delicious food and enjoy the conversation with a pleasant person. If a woman will invite a gentleman to her home for dinner, then with a probability of almost one hundred percent, you can say that the man will be subdued, because everyone knows the saying that the way to the heart of a man lies through his stomach, and the Taurus women are excellent culinary And deliciously feed their guests.

To the skills of female Taurus are veryNot bad, and they themselves often draw, and also like to listen to music and admire the natural beauty and painting. They will be happy to visit an art exhibition or a concert. Taurus women adore nature and walks in the open air, as well as visit various amusement parks, ride horses, travel to various beautiful places and travel outside the city. Such a love of nature is not strange to them at all, because their sign is the Earth.

Taurus women prefer to wear a strict andSimple clothes, but very fond of silky materials and soft fluffy things. Becoming a friend of such a woman, a person soon realizes what kind of calm character and enormous willpower this woman possesses. The favorite room for these women is basically a bath, in the design of which they invest, it would seem, all their soul. Often they decorate bathrooms with decorative objects, a large number of mirrors, lockers and shelves, on which there are a large number of various tubes, bottles, jars, bottles and other containers with various shampoos, balms, creams, lotions, colognes and other means for leaving the body.

In most cases, female Taurus does not like to tolerateMay objection expressed in their direction, especially if it happened in public. Most of the conflicts arise because of some sluggishness of Taurus women, but this is their usual pace of life, so it's pointless to reproach them for this and customize them. Due to their calmness, such women become excellent mothers who with pleasure nurse with their children and with the offspring of friends and relatives. When children grow up, a caring mother begins to treat them more strictly and demandingly, but this only does for the sake of education, and not because of some whim or lack of love for children.

To the negative traits of the character of female TaurusIt is possible to attribute their excessive stubbornness and reluctance to put up with disobedience. This quality is especially negative when children grow up and they begin to show the first signs of disobedience, which is typical for adolescence. This can lead to some complications in the relationship of the female Taurus with her children up to conflicts.

But, despite the fact that female Taurus areExcellent mothers who day and night will take care and take care of the child, while they will not forget about her husband. So, having come tired and hungry from work, the husband of the house will be waited by an excellent supper and the loving wife who at any moment will help the spouse in all his affairs and undertakings. Women-Taurus can create a cozy atmosphere in a dwelling, an atmosphere of peace and tranquility, and also always support their own household with word and deed.