Women born under the sign of Gemini, combineIn itself several personalities. The sign of the zodiac itself has a dual image. It can be outwardly absolutely similar people, but their inner world can be strikingly different. So in many cases, Gemini women get along two diametrically opposed entities, and sometimes more and even the women themselves find it difficult sometimes to understand what they really are. In such women, opposites constantly struggle, and they try to try on them and determine their own opinion.

Throughout their lives, women seek theirOwn self, which is quite difficult to find in a large number of internal ideals and images. Gemini women are charming and charming, since childhood they have shown interest in everything and are very inquisitive. Along with this, the little Gemini girls are sometimes so innocently spontaneous that they often get rid of all sorts of pranks with their hands, which often cause only a kind smile.

Horoscope for women - Gemini

From a young age, the fair sex,Born under the sign of Gemini, become the favorites of society due to their vital optimism, talkativeness and goodwill. With age, Gemini women remain as wonderful interlocutors as they were in childhood. At the same time they show sincere participation even to strangers. If someone has trouble, the first person who rushes to the rescue will be the Twin Woman. Such women can be described in two words: "good-natured minx", who never lose heart, constantly give out flamboyant jokes, which are sometimes vulgar. Such jokes could cause offense to many, but not to Gemini women, since everyone knows that they never want to offend anyone, and jokes or sharp jokes are the result of a demonstration of a living mind and erudition. As for the latter, this is another positive quality of women.

Even in school teachers notice a subtle mind and developedIntellect of girls, which however, sometimes it is difficult to keep at home for books or textbooks. Such activity remains with the Gemini women during their lifetime, they are quite easy to stretch out for country walks or even travel, and they will feel great.

Even in the kindergarten and school girlsAbilities and talents that Gemini is so generously endowed with. Girls born under the sign Gemini, before the rest of the children begin to read and give preference to logical and intellectual games, rather than purely mechanical. Such enthusiasm for intellectual and logical puzzles and games remains not only in childhood, but throughout life. The living mind of the girls on the fly grasps and assimilates a wide variety of information, then, in what year the revolution began in one of the countries of Africa and before the manner in which the ancient peoples extracted fire. It seems that all the information in the head of the Gemini girls is in strict order, which allows you to recall a fact quickly and without any problems. Such a high degree of erudition of girls is not least developed due to another positive character trait - perseverance.

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As noted above, Gemini women are endowed withAn excellent intellectual mindset and a zeal for everything new and unexplored. That is why such women often receive several specialties, get many acquaintances and constantly learn and try to learn something new and unexplored.

The circle of friends among the Gemini women is very extensive, andCan consist of completely different in nature and interests of people. What is noteworthy, these active women are interesting to communicate with all and yet they are not averse to making new acquaintances. In this case, a woman can often complain about the boredom of her life and the lack of friends and acquaintances, but it will not be five minutes before she will have fun with one of her friends from some exotic country.

Gemini women love to travel and doIt is with their inherent grace and ease. The geography of such travels as well as the circle of friends can be very diverse and sometimes incomprehensible. So the woman will fly with pleasure to some comfortable resort in Italy, and in a couple of weeks with such a pleasure will make her way through the impenetrable jungles of the Amazon basin. As a rule, in all places of his rest, a woman gets a bunch of friends with whom, upon his return home, he rewrites by e-mail or calls up.

Conquer the heart of a Gemini woman can onlyAn interesting, sociable and intelligent man, with the makings of a true English aristocrat. And this man should be developed not only intellectually, but also spiritually. The marriage of the Gemini woman is often viewed as obtaining personal independence from parents and as a means of obtaining a new and unexplored life experience. In marriage, women value friendship, mutual support and common interests with their spouses more than exalted feelings or sexual relations.

Her optimism and sociability are women-GeminiCarry and in his new family, in the house of which always reigns benevolence, coziness and ease. With the birth of a child, a woman will try to instill in him a love for knowing all the unknown and studying, to which the mother experienced an innate interest. However, such education will spread not only to the child, but also to the husband, who together with his wife will study various phenomena and facts of our planet. At the same time, the husband must definitely share his wife's passion for learning and self-improvement. Family life of Gemini women is full of communication, vanity and constant throwing in search of solutions to other people's problems, but it will be quite difficult for them to gather their own thoughts and understand oneself.

Women-Gemini can with pleasureFlirting, and this will be an innocent flirtation, boiling down to the sweet fellowship of two intellectually developed personalities, in which there will be many subtle and witty sayings and hints. In such conversations, women show their full talent in eloquence, the subtleties of the perception of the world and enviable erudition.

Life credo, with which women-Gemini cheerfulWalk on life, is "movement is life." It is the movement devoted a lot of hobbies, hobbies, and sometimes even work. It is with jogging that morning begins for the most part of Gemini women. Also these women prefer frequent walks in the fresh air, classes in the gym, active work. Their hobbies include fitness, yoga, shaping and active outdoor sports. Without a constant movement, women lose their gaiety, optimism and strength.

Peaceful character and sociabilityGemini women sometimes come into confrontation with the talent of the disputant. So sometimes women with their inherent stubbornness and persistence believe that in a dispute, she must figure everything out and make her verdict in relation to the guilty and affected side. In such a dispute, women can easily not recognize the authority of their opponents, and if they are teachers or teachers of women, they can simply express extreme reluctance to learn from such people. It is often very problematic to convince a contending woman-Gemini that she is not right. But now, it would seem, a proven fact of women's injustice, is breaking about a mountain of counterarguments of a pretty opponent. And what is most interesting, a woman will prove logically to her opponent that even in a situation where she herself is not right, it turns out that the one who is arguing with her is not right.

In the wardrobe, the Gemini women can be found soonerComfortable simple things without newfangled rhinestones or patterns, rather than glamorous things, as they prefer the so-called youth style without excessive coquetry and openness. Gemini women lead an active life and are constantly in motion, so they can often be found in a spacious, non-tight clothing. Beautiful long hair can also become a victim of the activity of a woman, and she is cut into a more masculine hairstyle. Of course, sometimes there are women-twins dressing in tight classical business suits or in frank dresses. In such women, there are usually internal contradictions between the coquettish and the intellectual side of the woman's character. But, despite the chosen style of clothing, Gemini women always admire men with their natural attractiveness and liveliness of mind.