Women born under the sign of Cancer, you canDescribed in three words: sensitivity, mystery and care. Women-Cancers are very emotional and close enough to heart perceive everything they are told, even if all that was said was just an innocent joke or sarcasm. They can look in the eyes of others sometimes mysterious women with a lot of all sorts of mysteries and secrets, and can cause a feeling of an absolutely open and naive person. But at the same time there is always the feeling of some mystery, which she cherishes for her only man who can get close to her and be her faithful reliable companion of life.

Being a sensitive person, the Cancer womanHas a penetrating look, which can bring into the paint almost any man. From an early age girls have excellent imagination, often fantasize and throughout their life remain childishly naive and touching. The qualities listed give women Cancers a certain charm and charm that appeals to most men.

Horoscope of a Woman - Cancer

Despite its sensitivity and someElevation, female Cancers are quite practical in everyday life. Any room where such a woman is, she tries to adapt to herself and her requirements and taste. Family Cancer women easily create a cosiness and an atmosphere of harmony and tranquility in the house, and at the same time all domestic people, including husband and children, will always be fed, clothes washed and ironed, and a pleasant aroma of cooking will be delivered from the kitchen. Along with this, the Cancer woman constantly surrounds her husband and children with attention, care and love.

In an unfamiliar room, a Cancer woman can feelSome discomfort and uncertainty, so every effort is made to every room, in which it often happens, to equip it habitually for itself, to bring home comfort and tranquility into it. Otherwise, the woman will not be able to work fruitfully, since she is unlikely to be able to think in an atmosphere of insecurity. It is for this reason that women prefer to always stay at home or in rooms where they have already been and have felt more comfortable in it. But to get such a woman somewhere in a nightclub or at any other party, where there will be many unfamiliar people is very problematic. The Cancer woman will rather choose to sit with old friends in a quiet cozy cafe, rather than agree to go to a noisy party. Ideally, these friends will come to visit her, and while the woman will feel confident. To such women the long-known expression "my house is my fortress". This expression can be called the motto with which the Woman-Cancer goes through life.

In the home familiar surroundings of the female CancerCan reveal their emotional feelings to close people, share their warmth, listen and give advice to others. If someone wants to speak out, the best person to listen to your experiences will, undoubtedly, be a female Cancer. Women without much effort can penetrate deep into their souls to their interlocutors, understand their experiences and give effective advice for overcoming psychological crises or problems.

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Of Cancer women often get excellentPsychologists who successfully help people in difficult life situations. In addition to listening to other people's experiences and feelings, women born under the sign of Cancer sometimes like to dig in the depths of their own souls, understand their feelings and find something new and exciting. In their thoughts, Cancer women are often worried about their future, so they may become nervous and worried even because of the smallest detail. If a woman does not take herself in time and does not calm down, then her experiences can easily lead to real hysteria with tears and incomprehensible whims. Being good psychologists of their souls, Cancer women know these negative aspects of their nature and can easily put them to sleep. For this, women usually deepen into memories of pleasant moments of life or to bright, kind fantasies.

With any failure, the Cancer woman will not lose heart,Because he knows that life can offer several options for solving the difficulties that have arisen. It is worth noting that life is not in debt and often gives women new opportunities. So often among relatives, friends or acquaintances, Cancer women have people who occupy high positions in a particular structure or organization and who can provide protection, support, or simply can help a wise council.

With age, female Cancers themselves can easilyAchieve success and will be able to provide protection and support to others. High position in the society or leadership position in the organization allow Cancer women to feel more confident and comfortable, and also to be confident in the future. As a leader, a woman basically manifests herself from the best side and creates a healthy working atmosphere in the team and always tries to help the word or deed with her subordinates. Among their subordinates there are also close friends of female Cancers.

The stumbling block seemed to be successfulBeginnings and positive results of working activity is the excessive emotionality of female Cancers and frequent mood swings. For effective work, women should learn to control their emotions and calmly solve emerging problems, and it is also necessary to create in the team an atmosphere of mutual understanding and goodwill.

Often female Cancers choose work related toCommunication with people and helping them, because they have a caring soul and sincerely wish to help people in their problems or troubles. From women-Cancers, excellent psychologists, social workers, teachers, teachers, educators, acquire all kinds of professions related to children, and other professions that are necessary for mankind. From a young age, girls show talents and a craving for the arts. Particularly noticeable are their achievements in the musical field: women have a charming voice, excellent hearing and a sense of tact. In addition to music, Cancer women are interested in drama, literature, and sometimes director's work. One of the main drawbacks of Cancer women is their non-perception of time, not the ability to plan and dispose of them.

The terrible word for women-Cancers isSchedule or schedule, as it is very difficult for them to observe any specific timeframe. So they are often late for scheduled meetings, classes or work. While doing something interesting, Cancer women completely forget about time. But if from a young age they were inspired by such concepts as schedule and discipline, then the girls will strictly follow them, and after growing up, they will remain punctual and collected. From a young age, girls born under the constellation of Cancer, will communicate more and trust the mother, whereas with their father they often have not quite a warm relationship. If Cancer women have any difficulties or problems, they often turn to their mother for support.

Like most women, Cancer women stronglyIntuition and sensitivity are developed. And they are so pronounced that they can practically read the necessary information from the surrounding space. With them it is comfortable and easy to communicate and is in the same room, but this is when they are in a good mood and good spirits. But if a woman-Cancer is angry or if she is something upset or worried, then it is unlikely to talk with her normally. The best way to calm a frustrated Cancer woman will be a handkerchief stretched out in time and a sympathetic look. Sometimes you can cry with her, and she will soon come to her senses and will want to console all those around her. Such frequent, sometimes causeless, mood swings also do not benefit women.

On assurances of astrologers, if the female Cancer is stillLearn to control his mood and to stop his differences in the early stages, then she can achieve great success, both in work and in her personal life. With the latter, the female Cancers are not always smooth and successful at the same time. Sometimes they so want freedom from parents and new sensations that they do not hesitate to marry, and after a year they already doubt their decision. In spite of this, they will remain faithful wives and caring mothers.

Women-Cancers responsibly approach everything,Including marriage, so they rarely initiate a divorce and go for it only in extreme cases. In their home, family women-Cancers feel full and sole mistresses, so they should not be mistaken in domestic affairs. In the walls of housing, a woman will not allow her to do anything against her will, even if the children have already grown up, and the spouse holds leading positions or positions. Nevertheless, women surround their family with warmth, care and love.