The beauty of the female body is as natural asAir and water! Nature has created all of us equal, and only in our power to preserve the uniqueness of the natural gift! Taking care of yourself is a daily and laborious work carried out by a woman, knowing full well that only this way she will be able to prolong the years of youth and attractiveness.

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Every woman has her own secrets fromGenerations in a generation, carefully guarded and time-tested. Secrets and tips for body care are a huge part of the accumulated female experience, because despite the change of centuries and aesthetic standards, the beauty of the body has always been understood as its grooming, even skin, harmony and even beautiful color.

And if earlier in the arsenal of women were onlyFolk remedies and cosmetics for body care, which only provide an opportunity to maintain beauty, but now the skill of professionals allows you to eliminate even significant defects!

Proper body care

Daily care of the body has long been the norm forModern woman - its diversity depends on the cultural level, traditional views and financial situation. Typically, among the usual procedures for body care - the various applications of creams, wraps and cleansing procedures. Depilation - the necessary action to eliminate excess vegetation on the body, has become familiar today and without it it is difficult to imagine a modern woman! We will tell you about all methods of depilation, detailing their advantages and disadvantages. Having received the necessary information on the methods of depilation, any woman can choose the one that is most acceptable for her - sugar, wax, electric depilation, laser or ultrasound!

Fight against cellulite

Proper home and professional care forThe body includes an unimaginable variety of procedures, thanks to which our body becomes ideal. Visiting cosmetologist, we have the right to hope for the most recent research in the field of cosmetology, which will make the body look great! Among them are various types of peelings and massages, including SPA massage and hydromassage, unique hardware techniques, for example, myostimulation, which allows maintaining skin and muscles in tone. And different types of wraps - they help not only to achieve a wonderful fat-burning and anti-cellulite effect, but give great pleasure! Individually selected professional procedures bring unquestionable benefit to the whole organism as it stimulates blood circulation, outflow of lymph and increases vitality!

Having learned about all the variety of professional care, you easily stop on what you need, and contact the best specialist!

Paying tribute to professional cosmeticProcedures, do not forget that there are folk remedies and cosmetics for body care that are easily applicable at home! Surely you will want to learn about the most effective methods of combating cellulite, enlarged pores and dry skin of the body, which our authors will share with pleasure!

For lovers of sauna or Russian bathhouseSurely useful for our recipes of healing wraps with honey, coffee or chocolate. Perfectly combined with the bath and various types of home peeling on the basis of natural products, such as sea salt, oatmeal, rice, apricot stones or sugar with olive oil! Even those who can not often visit the sauna will benefit from advice on making nutritional masks for the body, and about the various techniques of anti-cellulite massage, which can easily be done with honey or olive oil!

In addition, we are happy to talk about how,How to get rid and prevent stretch marks, soften the skin of the knees and elbows, tidy the heels and provide the skin with the necessary substances in a difficult winter period! You will learn how to choose the right cream, soap, autosunburn and bronzant - for you will become available all the "women's secrets", without which our life seems so boring! We very much hope that our secrets and advice on body care will allow you to achieve an ideal state of body and soul harmony!

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