What a shock it is for young women whatThe chest becomes after the birth and feeding of the baby! Well, it's a tribute we pay to nature. But in any case over the years the breast, unfortunately, loses its elasticity and beautiful shape. Can this be avoided? There are ways that will help to keep the breast of a good shape for a long time and in good shape, that is, elastic.</ P>

How to quickly make the breast more elastic? Cold and hot shower

To the chest was strong and elastic, regularlyDo a contrast shower. Direct the jet of water to one breast and circle it in a circular motion, then repeat it with the other breast. It is necessary to start with warm water, then go to the cold water, then - to warm and finish cold. The whole procedure will not take too long, but due to the temperature difference, the tone of the vessels and skin will improve, and the breasts will be more elastic.

How to quickly make the breast more elastic? Ice for elasticity

This simple procedure will also help to keepThe shape of the chest. A handful of ice wipe the chest in circular motions for 1-2 minutes. It improves blood circulation and tones up the skin, it becomes pink and more elastic. If you can not stand the touch of ice, you can wrap it with a thin cloth.

How to quickly make the breast more elastic? Strengthening of pectoral muscles

To strengthen the pectoral muscles from the armpits toChest, the best exercise with dumbbells. Elastic muscles will better support the chest. Take in each hand on a dumbbell and reduce and dilute them parallel to the floor at the breast level. (Dumbbells can be replaced with bottles of water). Exercise is done 20 times at least 3 times a week.

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How to quickly make the breast more elastic? Wraps

To maintain the shape of the breast, you can useSpecial strengthening lotions for the chest, which can be replaced with inexpensive moisturizing face masks. This, by the way, and a great care for the area of ​​the decollete. Apply lotion or cream, wrap the breast with a food film and hold for 20 minutes. Then remove the film, and massage the remaining cream with the skin.

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