Women born under the sign of Leo areThe brightest among the representatives of other signs of the zodiacal circle. Every appearance of such a woman in the public will certainly cause a surge of emotion and admiration. People often sincerely admire and love the women of Lviv, who, however, for the sake of recognizing others can give themselves all to their benefit. It's safe to say that the phrase "every female actress" is most applicable to the Lion women who are born actresses, and every new day for them is perceived as a new role.

The lion's share of all his mental powers is the female LionGives to the conquest of the favor of others. Often, such women can successfully embody their creative fantasies in various fields, even if it is a school theater or a stage of a big opera. Her acting skills women actively and successfully apply in everyday life, surrounding themselves with fans. If the woman-lion sets a goal, she will go to her persistently and confidently, without reckoning with the difficulties that arise. The work of such women can envy even the most industrious men.

Horoscope of a woman - Lion

The representatives of the fair sex born under theA sign of the king of beasts, possess such qualities inherent in all kings as self-confidence and pride. It is worth noting that these qualities sometimes open to women even those doors that are impregnable to many others. With a purely royal grandeur, the Lion women go to success without noticing any barriers.

Having to adore being in the center of attention, the mainA place for forwarding free time for women-Lviv are all kinds of parties and festive events with the accumulation of a large number of people. Even on an insignificant occasion, women are ready to organize festivals with good music and extraordinary dishes.

Adult female Lions love to visit cinemasWith cozy cafes, theaters, all kinds of concerts and other places of congestion of the public. In her youth, the Lion girls prefer hiking to nightclubs to all other entertainments, and sometimes they can change several clubs overnight. Also, quickly, as clubs change, girls can change their boyfriends and fans, along with the whole circle of communication. For them it is important to constantly feel the inner holiday. Being a flock to flattering statements, the Lion women should treat the unfamiliar people carefully, because they can use the forest odes for their own selfish purposes, which can bring many problems and troubles to women.

Women-Lions are often too gullible, andRarely when they can detect cheating. This credulity intensifies under the influence of alcoholic beverages, so not sober women-Lions become more vulnerable.

Positive qualities that helpWomen-Lions achieve success in life, are pride and self-confidence, as well as the ability to influence the surrounding people. Over time, these qualities can develop into true selfishness, cruelty towards people, and sometimes indulgence to their whims and shortcomings. If female Lions begin to notice some detachment towards their person from the people or unwillingness to communicate or even is in the same room with them, then they should take a closer look at their behavior and draw the right conclusions, because sometimes the innate egocentrism of female Lions can grow out Into something more.

The sphere of interests of women-lions does not focusOn one of their areas of life, but successfully show abilities in many spheres of life. True, like many other women, lionesses are somewhat cool about exact sciences, and devote themselves entirely to the humanitarian direction of learning and work, where all of her talents can be revealed to the fullest extent. Ideal place of work for women-Lviv will be fashion magazines, model business, art and other places in the world of design and fashion. It is in this area that women are able to create real masterpieces of art, because they have an excellent impeccable taste.

Women-Lions will be excellent mothers whoSurround the children with love, care and attention. It is in children that women see the continuation of their own individuality, objects of pride and admiration. For the sake of children, female Lions can sacrifice much. To educate their offspring, as, indeed, to all other cases, women are creative. If the eyes of women-lions burn with a spark and genuine enthusiasm, then almost any business will be theirs, any endeavors will be successful, and the work will bring excellent results. This situation can change dramatically, it is worth only the female Lion will begin to feel an acute lack of recognition and attention. In this case, women can fall into a real depression and melancholy state.

It is possible to lead women out of such melancholy quiteEasy, giving them an admiring look or a chic gift. Also, the melancholic disposition of the spirit of women-Lvov will radically change the way to a club or theater. Sometimes melancholy is caused by the absence of some grandiose creative project or the main thing of life with the help of which a woman could self-actualize as a creative person. In this case, the options with compliments or a gift may not be suitable. One of the few exits with such a situation may be the beginning of a new grandiose project or a case that can show the woman's talents and talents.

Do not forget that even the most aggressiveThe lioness remains a graceful cat, full of pride, grandeur and strength. To maintain themselves in a normal tone and restore the expended force, women-Lions simply need a long healthy sleep. To do this, take care of comfortable conditions and comfortable beds, and do not forget to turn off the phone, because the innate activity of women-Lions calls frequent calls, which can wake her every five minutes.

The men with whom the women-Lviv foldClose relationship, they cause two sensations. Firstly, it is not possible to not admire such a woman, and secondly, she demands constant attention to her persona, chic gifts and gallant treatment worthy of the queen herself. If a man does not meet at least one of her demands, he can be immediately sent to the so-called resignation. If a man fully meets the requirements and desires of a female Lion, she is unlikely to change it. At the same time, she can easily and not compulsorily flirt with other men. This flirtation is not the result of frivolity or a desire to change to your chosen one, but is only a part of her game.

In addition to the bright representatives of the aboveThe zodiacal sign, there are also a few women who are less noticeable. It is likely that this was a consequence of the fact that at one time they simply were not given the opportunity to fully reveal their abilities and talents. Often such women feel a strong inner strength and energy, but simply do not know in what direction to let it. The common feature of both humble Lioness women and active bright personalities is the belief in their exclusivity and some pride that is characteristic of the greats of this world. Women-Lions can be called fashion women, who constantly follow the novelties and trends in the fashion world.

The natural beauty of a woman is very impressiveEmphasize their outfits, which always give an opportunity to assess the dignity of a woman's figure. In the wardrobe, women-Lions usually have a lot of jewelry and outfits, which she can spend hours on. Sometimes even a seemingly vulgar dress, looks at women-Lions very luxuriously and effectively. In this case, no one can reproach them for excessive vulgarity. Even if a woman is forced to dress strictly and simply, she, nevertheless, take care of the quality of clothing, its decent value and it must necessarily be from a famous designer or famous brand.

The main highlight in the external appearance of women-Lions,As however, and many other women, are the hair. In most cases, women try to build a magnificent hairdo, often with curls. Sometimes, even just loose hair, as a rule, of medium length, women-lions look very impressive. Also, women like all kinds of waving, bangs, and also the negligence of the released strands of hair. Often female Lions experiment with the color of their hair. So often hair is painted in bright shades, and sometimes several colors are applied at once.