To women born under the zodiacal signScorpio, the well-known phrase "fatal woman" is quite applicable. Possessing an impressive willpower and intuition, sexuality and passion, as well as the innate intuition that is so often recalled, the Scorpion women draw close attention to their personalities. This attention is not only a consequence of the attractive appearance of women, but also due to some mysticism. Such women have a low fascinating voice, a keen eye and manners that resemble graceful cats.

Often psychologists share all female ScorpiosInto two types. The first type includes women who have a hidden temperament, and a character that more closely resembles a man's. To the second type, more numerous, are curious, coquettish, sensual natures, to which comparison with females is applicable. This type of women is most dangerous for men, because their passionate nature and passion can drive any man crazy. Alas, but such a character and a hot temper can play a cruel joke with the woman herself.

Horoscope of a woman - Scorpio

Inside, the Scorpion women are hotPassions and contradictions. Such women can be at the same time both pliable and imperious, and modest and brash, and strong and soft, and calmly react to what is happening and not without reason not explode. In the depths of the soul, Scorpio women remain vulnerable, tender and sensitive natures, who are not alien to women's feelings and feelings.

One of the positive qualities of such womenIs the commitment that allows them to endure all hardships and difficulties, successfully overcome problems and achieve the desired results, both at home and at work. If a woman sets herself a goal, she will reach her at any cost. At the same time, Scorpio women take only deliberate decisions and act as they are prompted by inner intuition and reason. Such thoughtfulness in decision-making will almost completely exclude the possibility of any difficulties and unforeseen situations that were not included in the initial plans of the woman, which without exaggeration can be called an excellent tactician.

In addressing any issues, women can leadThemselves somewhat insolent, but at the same time they are extremely efficient and will persistently solve the arising difficulties. At the same time, any difficulties a woman perceives not as a penalty of heaven, but as something due and easily overcome. Figuratively speaking, Scorpio women laugh in the face of difficulties and dangers, and successfully overcome them, becoming even stronger. Scorpio women even perceive emerging difficulties as a training for themselves, since it is precisely in difficulties that steel becomes hardened, while a calm can alarm the representatives of the fair sex. That is why women are always in anticipation of new life challenges, in order to successfully overcome them again and again.

From a young age in the behavior of girls-ScorpiosThere is a certain individualism. They can sometimes feel their exclusiveness and dissimilarity in the surrounding children. Little girls can hardly boast of an abundance of close friends and girlfriends, because in order to win the friendship of the Scorpion girl, they must withstand very numerous checks on decency, honesty and loyalty. But if someone successfully passes all the tests, then he will become the girl's best friend for many years, and sometimes such friendship lasts all his life. Congenital causticism and taunts, Scorpion girls learn not to apply to their close friends and friends.

Not knowing the Scorpio girl is pretty good, you canTo think that she is secretive and unfriendly, whereas those who really made friends with them, see her real nature. So if a Scorpio woman trusts a person, she will reveal herself to him as a sensitive, vulnerable, caring and sincere person. But if the interlocutor has to take an action or say a word that will alert the Scorpio woman, she can quickly close down and move from confidential to a more businesslike tone. At the same time, the woman will try to reduce the dialogue to minor trifles, but rather completely to part with the interlocutor. After she remains alone with her, the woman will conduct an in-depth analysis of her actions and try to tidy her feelings. With age, the fiery temper of Scorpion women somewhat calms down and becomes more harmonious. So gradually in women there is a vital wisdom. At the same time, respect for the surrounding people is soothing to women, and they have confidence in their own strengths and abilities.

Sneakiness in communicating with surrounding people, even withGirlfriends, is the hallmark of Scorpio women. While the majority of women with pleasure share their love experiences not only with close friends, but also with all the surrounding people, Scorpio women prefer feelings inside themselves and do not show them to anyone.

With their heartfelt deeds, such women canTo share only with the best friend or mother. In a love relationship, women value the internal attitude of people more than external manifestations of feelings, which, at times, are only demonstrative. That's why you can often meet Scorpio women in a thoughtful state. They often remain alone with themselves and try to deal with everything that happens in their inner world. Love for such women is not just entertainment and an empty word, with which many are scattered to the right and left, but a wonderful feeling that can transform ordinary passion into something beautiful. This feeling can awaken the Scorpion woman and free her from many inner experiences and fears. When a woman falls in love, the rut may very much worry about this, but hardly anyone will tell about it, remaining outwardly calm and a little thoughtful. If love is mutual, then the same metamorphosis will occur with the woman's chosen one.

The liveliness of the mind, the erudition, the so-calledSharp tongue and an excellent understanding of the hidden motives and motives of the interlocutors make the Scorpion women not very comfortable and pleasant interlocutors. Such women are able to easily get the very essence of the issue of discussion outside, even if the interlocutor will try to conceal and in every possible way try to escape from the topic touched. Of course, not everything is as dramatic as it might seem. Scorpio women perfectly master their feelings, and they can never afford to offend a person who does not deserve such treatment to themselves, even if the interlocutor is not right.

Communicating with a Scorpio woman is notIt is recommended to wake the sleeping beast in it, and also to avoid inconsistency in one's judgments, since a woman who has excellent memory will immediately point out the absurdity of the interlocutor's utterances, and the conversation itself can go on in more aggressive tones.

Women-Scorpions carefully select themselvesCompanions of life, and having met real love, give themselves to this wonderful feeling to the fullest. From such women to get excellent faithful and faithful wives who surround their chosen one with love, care and passionate passion. But at the same time she will be demanding of her husband and quite jealous that sometimes, not much like their spouses. Scorpio women will help their spouse to solve all problems, achieve goals and career growth.

Scorpio women have good abilitiesIn many areas, including economics, science, business, finance, politics and jurisprudence. Above mentioned abilities of a woman can successfully apply in their work and quickly move up the career ladder. The career growth is also supported by the enviable working capacity of Scorpio women, who have one of the top priorities in their life. Such women are unlikely to agree to a low-paid job, on which career growth will be very illusory. But even if life has developed so that the Scorpio woman will work in a low position, she will do everything possible to ensure that she was considered in the team as the most responsible and professional person, without which important issues can not be solved.

At work and out of the workplace, Scorpio womenOften show their ability to manipulate people around them. This quality of women is sometimes very useful and appropriate, and helps them solve these or other issues quickly and successfully. Such manipulation allows you to literally go over the heads of your competitors, but women need to be careful to ensure that among the suppressed people there are no friends, because it can lose even trusted trusted friends.