Actually, the sun tans the sun. But, firstly, not at all times of the year you can sunbathe, at least not going anywhere. Secondly, not every skin perceives the sun well, besides there can be medical contraindications. But how you want sometimes to amaze everyone with a luxurious tan! If you really want to acquire such a charming tan, but there is no real opportunity for this, try using special suntan oils, thanks to which you will look as if they were lying on the beach for a week.

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Among the positive aspects of the use of such cosmetics are the following:

  • 1. Using self-tanning, you see the effect instantly. Immediately after application, your skin will have a pleasant golden hue.
  • 2. The sun strongly drains the skin, therefore, it ages much faster. Autosunburn is completely deprived of this lack.
  • 3. The use of such a means allows not only to give the skin the desired shade, but also to mask its small imperfections and irregularities.
  • 4. The use of autosunburn can not provoke the development of any skin diseases or cancer.


Despite a fairly wide range of positive qualities, such tools have a list of shortcomings. Among which you can especially highlight the following:

  • 1. Self-tanning requires certain skills. As a rule, it is rarely possible to apply it perfectly evenly. In this regard, the color is uneven.
  • 2. Sunburn in the sun stimulates the production of vitamin D in the body. Using self-tanning, we do not do ourselves any good.
  • 3. The effect of such cosmetics does not last long. As a rule, it only lasts a few days. Therefore, it will have to be used quite often.
  • 4. It is quite difficult to choose a tan color that matches your skin tone. It is worth a bit of a mistake and the result may not be what you expected.

How to choose the right tan?

Modern autosunburns are produced in the form of a cream, gel or spray. The result will not depend on what you choose.

If the tool is of doubtful origin orExpired, it is better to abandon it immediately. You do not want to get all in divorce, like a zebra, or, better, get allergies or skin irritation? It is best to give preference to the means of proven well-known brands.

After you have decided on the brand of the productYou need to choose the right color. To do this, be guided by your natural shade of skin. For light skin, honey hues are more suitable. Girls with olive skin are better off stopping their choice in darker colors. It is also worth remembering that for the face and the body will have to acquire funds of different shades. It is better not to buy bronze or orange tanning.

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How to apply self-tanning?

As usual, before using anyNew for you cosmetic preparation, carry out the test for an allergy: put some money on the wrist and leave for 12 hours. If during this time the skin does not appear rash and irritation, self-tanning can be used.

Preliminary cleanse the skin: Shower with exfoliating gel or scrub, you can also use a special washcloth to remove dead cells of the piedermis. After the shower, you need to very carefully wipe dry and give the skin 20 minutes to "cool down" - then the auto-tanning will lie evenly.

In the middle of the stomach is best to apply a smallLayer of any suitable body lotion for you. This will make the treated areas of the body a little lighter. Because of this, the press will appear more taut. You can also treat the lotion with age spots, scars and freckles.

Now, finally, you can apply self-tanning. You need to do this starting from the legs upwards, to the shoulders, not missing any part of the body. If you use a cream, then it should be applied to the body in long smooth strokes. Carefully rub the product into the skin. On the elbows folds, knees and feet, apply very little autosunburn. Otherwise, they will be significantly darker than the rest of the body.

Pay special attention to the person: That the autosunburn has laid down more smoothly, use a cotton swab to cover the wings of the nose, the line of hair and eyebrows growth. If you mix the tan with your usual day cream in equal quantities, then it will lie evenly. Autosunburn is not applied to the eyelids and lips, as well as under the eyes.

After you have applied the drug, give itDry for a few minutes. Then take an old terry toe and turn it out. Using such a sock, intensively rub the skin in circular motions. So you can avoid the appearance of streaks and stains.

After you have applied self-tanning, you can not dress and sit at least 30-40 minutes (for reliability - an hour and a half).

As follows, wash your hands with soap, clean your nails with a brush, otherwise your hands will turn dark, and your nails will be as dirty.

You can not immediately take a shower or bath to avoidTo wash out a considerable part of sunburn, - it is washed off easily enough. Generally, cosmetologists recommend not taking water procedures at least 3-4 hours. Also, do not use any moisturizers.

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To maintain the resulting color, this procedure should be repeated every three days.

If you are not satisfied with the result, then take a shower with a scrub or a bath, add a glass of milk to the water, since lactic acid will help neutralize the color.

The use of autosunburn allows fast andIt is enough just to get a beautiful shade of the skin. In order to achieve a similar effect, you would have to visit the solarium or the beach several times. But it is worth remembering that the tan is beautiful only if you apply the cosmetic product correctly and evenly. The slightest mistake can lead to the fact that the color of your skin will be spotty.

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