The main distinguishing feature of women whoWere born under the zodiacal constellation Aquarius, is charm. Inside a woman, several personalities can coexist at once with their own characters and experiences. That's why boring women-Aquarius never happens, and those who are around also have no time to be bored.

Women born under this sign, however, howAnd male Aquarians, are hardworking personalities, although they often have problems with discipline. Women from a young age are inquisitive and sociable, which makes them excellent interlocutors. In addition, women-Aquarians adore dancing, so they can often be found at all kinds of parties or balls that have recently become popular in major cities of our country.

Horoscope of a woman - Aquarius

In each case such women bringA sign of brilliance and elegance. Aquarius women easily marry, but in marriage they often are not happy. In everyday life, both in marriage and marriage, such women are very paradoxical personalities. They, even experiencing a sincere love for man, will not show it to the fullest.

If you do not interfere with the Aquarius woman to communicate with yourFriends and be in the familiar surroundings, then in that case they can develop a good trusting relationship. In the family life for these women is primarily freedom, so the spouse or potential spouse is strongly encouraged to part with hopes to tie the wife in the kitchen near the stove.

A woman Aquarius can simultaneously belong toTo everyone and anyone. If the chosen one accepts a woman as she is and will respect her desire for freedom, then in return he will receive boundless love, tenderness and loyalty. Unlike many of the fair sex, women-Aquarius is not inherent mercantile. So to such women it is absolutely all the same what amount lies in the bank or purse of her chosen one.

The main qualities for which a woman-AquariusCan love a person, this is intellect and honesty. Even if the richest man in the city takes care of her, if the above two qualities are alien to him, his chances of conquering a woman are almost equal to zero. If a man first of all appreciates a woman's passion, the Aquarius woman is not the best party for him, because she perceives physical intimacy as an addition to feelings, and not vice versa.

Women-Aquarius at a subconscious levelThere is a fear that love and affection for man can deprive the main value of their life - freedom. So a woman simply needs the freedom to experiment and to know life. The Aquarius woman will become the ideal spouse to the person who conducts scientific research. Among Aquarius women there are very extravagant personalities, only a few can live with. Such women can easily inject into shock the surrounding people by their behavior. So these women can easily walk around the streets barefoot or smoke a cigarette in public transport. Sometimes there are absolutely unbridled women who do not let their surrounding people get bored with their eccentric character. As a rule, women from the latter category are highly valued in society.

Women-Aquarius from a young age amaze theirIntellect and an excellent sense of humor, which, combined with natural beauty and purely feminine grace, makes such individuals a welcome guest at any party or meeting. Such women can harmoniously fit into almost any company, be it a rugby team or a knitting circle, a social event or a student's party.

Women-Aquarians are sociable and friendly, willinglyThey go for acquaintance with interesting people, and at the same time they do not have a sense of suspicion. Even adult women are trusting as children, but if she is deceived and she finds out about it, that it will be the deepest wound. Without any apparent reason to suspect a person of infidelity or deceit, such a woman will trust him until this person proves otherwise. So they will not check the phone of their chosen one, constantly call to work or get questions about where he goes and with whom. Such unlimited trust is not a consequence of the woman's exceptional naivete, but the fact that she is thoroughly studying her potential companion by tying up relationships.

The planetary patron of Aquarius women isUranus, who instilled in his wards love and even the need for change. Having a large number of friends and acquaintances, women remain in the soul of individualists, so they are never bored, even when they are alone with themselves. In the conversation of women, Aquarius is interested in literally everything, from what they ate for breakfast to what their interlocutor thinks about the rise in price of one barrel of oil. Responses of the interlocutor such a woman will remember and subsequently analyze, but at the same time to learn any secrets about her most practically useless. Deceiving the interlocutor, the Aquarius woman can get real pleasure. At the same time, Aquarius women can not in any way be called deceivers; moreover, they do not like to lie to themselves and can not tolerate lies towards themselves from other people. But do not say something or keep silent about some details - this is quite typical for such women.

Women-Aquarians are kind and sympathetic, and alwaysWill come to the aid of their friends. So if you need money, they can easily be borrowed from a woman-Aquarius, if, of course, she will have such an opportunity. You can borrow money and such a woman for the second time, but if you come to lend for the third time and did not return the first debts, then most likely the woman will refuse. When a woman herself takes a loan, then at the earliest opportunity, everything returns to a penny.

Women-Aquarians are endowed with a spectacular natureAppearance and pleasant facial features. Its attractiveness is often emphasized by women with tight outfits and deep decollete. But there are also those who prefer the classical style of clothing. So-called youth dresses are also popular. Even less often women-Aquarians prefer the grandmother's style, dressing in modest, discreet things. Variability is characteristic of women, not only in the style of clothing, but even in the hair. So the hair and hair color can change quite often, and only one remains invariable always - originality and individuality of style.

Thanks to her good manners, the woman-AquariusFeels like a fish in the water among the bohemian society. Often in the company of women, Aquarians behave modestly and with restraint, but in it the spirit of change can break out again and in a moment a woman can turn from a sweet modest woman into a real socialite who stumped many men with her statements and sarcastic or vulgar jokes.

Communicating with a woman-Aquarius in no wayIt is not necessary to try to impose on her an opinion that is different from her considerations, since any imposition causes a woman to feel unequal, and she can simply shut herself off from the interlocutor. Like most of the representatives of a weak but fair sex, Aquarians dream of starting a family and becoming a mother. However, when it becomes known that a woman is pregnant, she awakens numerous fears, and in her head there is complete confusion and confusion. True, this state lasts for a very long time, and it is connected not with fear of motherhood, but with the fact that a woman needs to fully understand and adapt to her new role, because pregnancy means that soon most of her time will be devoted to a single A person - her child.

Having given birth to a child, the Aquarius woman becomes caringMother, but her inner timidity is affected and therefore it is difficult to openly show motherly love. But at the same time she really loves children and is attached to them. Together with them, a woman experiences their successes and failures, helps overcome all life's difficulties. Despite the fact that Aquarius women are usually changeable and always aspire to change, the mother will only become after marriage, and before that the potential spouse will have to persuade her for a long time that marriage is not really a prison, and that life does not end after the registry office.

Convincing a woman of absolute harmlessness of marriage,Cavalier should not expect that immediately a woman will pull him in the registry office and change his name. First, a woman will thoroughly study the nature and habits of a person, and only after she is truly confident in it, will be able to go with him to the crown. Choosing a groom, a woman is unlikely to be guided only by the advice and opinion of her friends and relatives around her, but at the same time she may wonder what they think about this or that person.