The hands of a woman need the same love, care andPermanent care, like face, neck, and decollete area. Especially because often they can tell about the age of women, they are worn out, tired, with thin, dry and wrinkled skin. Hands have a huge load, they are more likely than a person to be exposed to negative factors - ultraviolet, mechanical effects, the impact of chemicals that are encountered daily in everyday life and at work. All this is aggravated by the fact that physiologically, the skin of the hands is more vulnerable, since it is insufficiently supplied with subcutaneous fatty tissue, which makes it prone to premature aging.

Secrets of skin rejuvenation at home

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As a result of these traumatic factors, the skin of the handsEarly loses its elasticity, is thinned and covered with defects in the form of wrinkles and pigmentation. Meanwhile, the secrets of skin rejuvenation at home do not have an increased complexity.

What to do

In order to prevent premature skin aging, you just need to feed it daily, moisturize and massage.

Daily skin care of hands assumes andProtection before starting to do housework or other duties that involve exposure to harmful substances on the skin and the application of a nutritious cream after the work is finished. Ideal option would be to treat the skin with cream, wear gloves, and after work, removing the gloves, wash your hands and moisturize them with a special tool.

If you do not like working with gloves, viz.And half of the women enter, then just apply a special protective cream like the usual "Silicone", which will perform the function of protective coating, and make it impossible to penetrate into the skin of most harmful substances.

After the work is done, it is necessary to giveHands ten minutes of time, so that they permanently retain the maiden velvety and surprisingly gentle color. A special bath for hands will help in this. The tray should be slightly hot and contain a few drops of flavor oil, for example, grapefruit and a little sea salt. When taking a bath, you should easily massage your hands, knead your skin and stroke it. After the bath is finished, apply a little facial scrub to the skin, and massage your hands thoroughly. Facial scrub contains a fine abrasive. It removes dead particles of the epithelium gently, without damaging the healthy skin. Then rinse your hands with a neutral soap, and apply a nourishing cream, which is added a few drops of lemon juice. This nutritious mixture will return the skin of the hands to whiteness and youth, tones and renews it.

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Features of winter care

Secrets of rejuvenation at home includeObligatory leaving in the winter period as on cold winter days the skin of hands requires special leaving, after all a frost and a wind are able to grow old hands even at the sixteen-year girl. Skin, which has been subjected to negative effects of low temperatures and wind, flakes, blushes, coarsens, wrinkles and cracks appear on it.

In order to help the skin get its original look, you need to prepare a special mask that has both a whitening and rejuvenating effect and quickly heals cracks.

In boiled and mashed potatoes (2 pcs.) You need to add a little milk and vegetable oil, so that turned out gruel. This mixture should be lubricated by the skin of hands and wrapped in thermal film, put on terry cosmetic gloves, and keep the mask for about twenty minutes. Then remove the remnants of the compress with hot water and baby soap, and grease with a nutritious cream. This mask is very effective, if you repeat it for a week, and then protect your hands from frost and wind and take care of them with fat protective creams.

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Recipes for rejuvenating hands

  • Fresh carrots peel, rinse andTo dry. On the smallest grater, grind the carrots and apply the resulting gruel to the skin of the hands with a copious layer. You can wrap it on top with a cotton napkin. After 30 minutes, remove the mask, rinse your hands and oil with olive oil. By the same principle, you can use fresh cucumber.
  • Pulp the watermelon and cucumber into a slurry, mix and apply to the skin of hands. Leave for 20 minutes and rinse with warm water.
  • Fruits as good as vegetables help to restore the skinHands. Take the pear, grind until smooth and put on hands for 15 minutes. Or another option. Mix the pulp of one ripe peach with a spoonful of potato starch. Apply a thick layer of the mask on your hands and stand for 20 minutes. Rinse and take advantage of the cream.
  • Stretch a few ripe strawberry berries, mix with a spoonful of homemade sour cream, add a few drops of olive oil. The mask should remain on the skin of the hands for 20 minutes.
    Mix thoroughly two spoons of low-fat cottage cheese,On a spoonful of strong green tea, olive oil and lemon zest. Keep the mask in the refrigerator for about half an hour. Apply to hands, hold for 15 minutes, rinse with warm water.
  • Raw yolk and mix with a teaspoonOlive oil, add three drops of lemon juice. Mix all ingredients well, distribute them on hands and leave for 15 minutes. Warm your hands with water and use a nutritious cream.
  • Two spoons of natural honey lightly warm up, add one yolk and a little sour cream. Lubricate hands abundantly, wait 20 minutes and rinse off the remains of the mask.
  • To effectively care for the skin of the hands,Periodically conduct scrubbing. This recipe for home scrub will make the skin of your hands fresh and young. Spoon a tablespoon of oatmeal with boiling water. When the oats decay, drain excess water, add a teaspoon of candied honey and a tablespoon of milk. Mix the mixture with massage movements on the skin of the hands. Hold 10 minutes as a mask. Wash hands with warm water and apply a nourishing cream.

Secrets of skin rejuvenation at homeAre not something impossible or costly in time and money, they include an elementary respect for appearance, taking care of their health, which always give excellent results.

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