Women born under the zodiac sign Libra,Have a natural appeal and a real feminine beauty that attracts a large number of men like a magnet. Women-Libra is so charming that few of them remain without a partner in life. Such women, however, and most of the fair sex, believe that love is the main feeling in life, therefore, for her sake, almost everything is ready. If the Libra woman still does not find her ideal man, she can easily accept the offer of a loved one and live with him in marriage for the rest of her life, and such marriage sometimes does not bring true happiness to any of the spouses.

Horoscope for a woman - Libra

Not least because of its beauty,Women Libra often surround themselves with a large number of fans, among whom, at times, it is quite difficult to choose the one with whom a woman would be happy. In this case, women do not mind a little flirt with men, showing innate coquetry. The uncertainty in choosing a companion among the fans can be explained by the fact that the woman is so good that she does not want to offend or upset anyone. Besides this, even despite its practical mind, it is difficult for a woman to imagine with whom she will be really good. This behavior of Libra women usually leads to the fact that they become wives of those who were most persistent in their courtship.

As noted above, the main thing in the life of eachA woman born under the sign of Libra, remains love. Women-Libra are well-known temptresses who know this art almost completely. Women have a thin, delicate and fragile nature, so in life they prefer to stay close to a person who would be her reliable support in a boiling ocean called life. The woman's chosen one should save her from everyday troubles and protect her from life's troubles. Therefore, no one can take care of such women, and even such courtship can be expensive for a gentleman, since a woman demands beautiful treatment, expensive gifts, beautiful clothes and other items that would emphasize the woman's attractiveness and her exclusivity. Despite the above-mentioned inquiries, Libra women never have a lack of gentlemen and potential husbands. If a woman remains alone, which happens extremely rarely, she feels somewhat lost and lonely.

At a very young age, the Libra girls dream ofTrue love, about which so much sounds from the speakers of radios and televisions. Growing up, women do not lose faith in true sincere love. Sometimes they can make mistakes in their feelings, so according to statistics, many marriages can end in divorce. In addition to love and peace in family life, Libra women must necessarily have material well-being. Soon after marriage, a woman may lose interest in her chosen one, if he does not treat his wife properly. So a man must constantly foment in his chosen one a feeling, to be a real knight and gentleman for her, constantly surprising and admiring his wife with her actions.

Women-Libra are delicate feminineNatures, in every gesture, movement or deed of which one feels their grace, tenderness and refinement. These women sometimes look like cute dolls, which you can always admire and not lose interest in them. But along with this they have a glimpse of some masculine principle, which is capable of stumping any man. So the women of Libra have an excellent logic, which has nothing to do with the famous female logic, which is devoted to millions of jokes and jokes. So in a dispute with a man, a woman can so operate with facts and build them into a logical series, that almost any man recognizes her right. But women also have a fairly subtle mind, so they often live with the motto "I'm not so stupid as to show my superiority and real strength", so they behave cautiously with men, giving them the opportunity to feel elected and unique in their own way.

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  • What do Libra and women have in common? The answer is found in the article.

Women-Libra willingly enter into all kinds ofDisputes and disputes, even if the subject of discussion does not enter into the strengths of women. True, the very theme of the dispute to a woman is just as unimportant, she is interested in the very process of talking and persuading an opponent. If a man gets involved in a dispute with a Libra woman, he needs to be ready to listen to a lot of facts and thoughts built in an ideal logical chain and accompanied by the most innocent and charming smiles of a sweet interlocutor who will convince any man of the woman's rightness, even if her opinion is mistaken. According to the woman herself, Libra, her point of view is the only true and fair, and all the others are mistaken.

In the wardrobe of women, Libra can often be foundPants of different cuts and colors that she likes to wear at any opportunity. This applies when wearing trousers is convenient, and sometimes just necessary, for example in the forest, in hiking, in sports and many other aspects of a woman's life. If a woman-Libra attends some receptions or parties, she will appear before the public in a refined dress with a deep neckline and with various ornaments. But if it comes to the intimate situation, then she will conquer the man with her seductive attire, which favorably emphasizes the natural attractiveness of women. It should also be noted that the Libra woman knows her strengths and weaknesses very well, so with the help of her outfit she easily manages to hide some of the shortcomings of her appearance, and also to emphasize areas of special pride of a woman.

After the wedding, the women of Libra do everything toTo maintain a happy and harmonious marriage, while they are able to go even to the victims. In the family life, women are always ready to support their spouse, listen to the boils and give useful advice or just sympathize, which also has a beneficial effect on the moral condition of the husband. At the same time, Libra women do not lose their soft feminine nature.

A stumbling block to a happy family lifeMay be the lack of material wealth in the family, since the Libra woman needs comfort. She can assure herself that the saying "with a nice paradise and in a hut" is true for her, but it will be nothing more than self-deception. Daily life together with an unsightly environment can easily turn a woman's life into a nightmare. In such an atmosphere, a woman will feel unhappy, but if she is surrounded by beautiful exquisite things and interesting educated people, the Libra woman will blossom as never before and give radiant smiles and sincere laughter to all around her. It is for this reason that such women should be treated very carefully and carefully to the choice of a life partner, since a wrong choice can turn her further life into a gray routine.

The furnishing and style of housing for women LibraPages of fashion magazines, which describe aristocratic houses. Women are trying to select furniture and accessories that will harmoniously fit and complement each other. Typically, the furniture of a woman-
Scales prefer muted shades. Also in the setting of the rooms there is a large number of vases and pots with fresh flowers. Complementing the cozy atmosphere of the house is a pleasant quiet music, spilling over the room.

After marriage, women-Libra will not be whole andCompletely trust their provision to her husband, and they themselves will help him in this. So a woman will not quit her job, even if her husband insists on it. This is also due to the fact that Libra women have a small weakness - it is easy and not forced to spend money on themselves and housing. The spouse will always support her husband, give useful advice, sympathize, help in matters and, if necessary, easily give all of her savings to her husband.

Woman-Libra is equally excellent can beAn aristocratic lady who impresses everyone around her with her exquisite manners, and a wonderful hostess who is able to do all her homework as well as any man. The main enemy in the life of Libra women are themselves. So they have a genuine love for sweets, which sometimes leads to some excessive weight. But thanks to their dedication and love for everything beautiful and perfect, Libra women are able to overcome their not very useful habits and regain an attractive figure. For this, women often resort to fitness, morning and evening jogging, exhausting diets, all sorts of gymnastics and other ways to lose those extra pounds.