Women born under the feminine zodiacThe sign of the Virgin, have an unshakable willpower and a strong character. It would seem that the women of the Virgin should have purely feminine traits of character, like modesty, submission, tenderness and defencelessness. In practice, everything looks a bit different. If something does not appeal to a woman-Virgo, she will resolutely try to change it. So if such a woman really falls in love, she can, without hesitation to go for her chosen one, even to the end of the world, which even her husband can not prevent, if, of course, that was.

You can safely say that for women, DevIt is much easier to give birth to a child from a loved one outside of marriage than to marry a person to whom she does not feel. Figuratively speaking, the Virgo women refer to those people who endure with all their might, all the vicissitudes of fate, and yet they do not lose their innate pride. In the aforementioned acts of the Dev women it is difficult to discern the notes of obedience to circumstances. As a rule, visually attractive women-Virgo, who look gentle and feminine, inside are staunch, as if made of steel, natures.

Horoscope of a woman - Virgo

From a young age, girls born under the sign of the Virgin,Shyness and modesty differ from other children. Such childish shyness remains with the Dev women for life. You will never see such women shouting at any meetings or rallies, they are unlikely to take part in dubious meetings or events, they will never sit behind the wheel in a state of intoxication, even if they drank a whole glass of champagne. Such women are the true embodiment of femininity in its classical understanding. They will continue to fight hard for their happiness until the last, overcoming in their way all kinds of obstacles and difficulties. In such a stubborn struggle, the Virgo women first of all rely solely on their own strengths and never start to cry at the first failure, but purposefully go ahead without fainting, typical for some women, and never kneel down, praying for help.

On their life, such womenAre guided by the laws of morality, and it is unlikely that anyone will be able to blame the Dev women for any immoral or illegal acts. But if it concerns real love, which the poets of all times and peoples have so richly and colorfully sung, a woman is able to step over her life principles and sacrifice much. For the sake of their beloved, such women may even commit unlawful acts, which, taking into account their high moral standards, is sufficient proof of their dedication and love.

Virgo marry, as a rule, for love, butSeeing in the relations of any quarrels, subterfuges, deceptions, the woman coolly break such a marriage. Let it be extremely difficult for them, but it's better than seeing the imperfection of relations in the family and the gradual split. But if the true love will reign in the family, the woman will try to keep it and protect it from all sorts of difficulties and threats from the outside. In Virgo women harmoniously combined seemingly completely incompatible qualities: calculation and romance.

Like most women, Virgo RomanticA person who is entirely devoted to his feelings, but they have a clear calculation and a sober assessment of the situation. Such a symbiosis of qualities is inherent only in women born under the sign of the Virgin. True, it is very difficult to wake up the high feelings of the Dev women, and it is a rather painstaking process, but if a woman has a love flare up, she flares up with such strength and passion that she would be enough not only for the chosen woman, but for most of our Planet.

In the soul of female Virgo are hardenedIdealists, who always and everywhere are striving for an ideal. In this case, they have not only not the ideal character traits, but also sometimes very irritable habits or so-called bzikami. In domestic or work matters, the Virgin women prefer to do all the work themselves, because they believe that no one will do the job as qualitatively and quickly as they do. Sometimes they can shift work to others, but they will necessarily monitor each step of the receiver.

If a woman-girl is offended or upset, sheIs unlikely to start a scandal or to start a quarrel with a battering of dishes and scratching his face, but he can easily start to release trifling jokes about the offender and in every way maliciously. If the offense to the woman is strong, then Virgo can easily choose the abuser in the literal sense of the word. Among the Dev women, sometimes, though not often, there are special zealous and sarcastic individuals, which are popularly called not quite an attractive word - a meger.

Psychologists often recommend not to get involved inLong quarrels with the Virgo women, and admit all their mistakes, even if they do not, and rush to put up with the offended Virgos with sweets and flowers. At the same time, apologies should be sincere, or seem so, and brief, without lengthy speeches and explanations. If a female Virgo suspects in apologies a note of falsehood or outright lies, the quarrel will break out with renewed vigor. Women have a developed intuition and a subtle mind that can successfully detect lies. Such women can not be called naive in any way.

Another characteristic feature for women is DevIs not the perception of criticism in his address. Virgo women rarely make mistakes, but if they made a mistake, they will never publicly admit it, even if there are undeniable facts and evidence against them. That is why it is better not to criticize such women at all, but to fine-tune the conflict without going over to individuals. If you want to maintain a good relationship with the female Virgo, whether at work, in the family or in the company, you should take your accusations against her, and the friendship will be preserved.

Married Virgins are easy and effectiveManage family finances, so you can safely trust the family wallet to your wife, if this, of course, does not cause a feeling of infringement of the man's pride in the wife. Even if the family budget is managed by a husband, he can at any time turn for help to his wife, and, undoubtedly, will receive a reasonable answer to his questions or advice on how to solve this or that problem.

Seeing off girlfriend-girlfriend categoricallyIt is not recommended to pester her with kisses, if she herself does not want. This applies not only to the first date, but also to all subsequent ones, since in relations with the female Virgo it is better to restrain one's impulses, to be not particularly intriguing, but at the same time attentive and gallant. At the same time, be ready to listen to the sea of ​​criticism in your address, as the Virgo women are usually excellent critics who use their talent with pleasure. Virgo can easily and naturally criticize the actions of the satellite, its actions in this or that situation, its appearance, gait and everything else.

Criticism for Vir is a natural activity,Which they sometimes devote a lot of time. But here the criticism in his address Virgo takes an irritable and can respond with something not quite friendly and benevolent. If the woman-Virgo reciprocated to the high feelings of a fan, then all relations will be under the strict guidance of a woman, and the man will only have to enjoy life with his beloved. The Virgo women notice all the little things, and try to give them as much time as possible, but they remain caring, kind and sweet creatures.

Noting all the details, the Virgins are prettyShrewd personalities that in a symbiosis with innate intuition make them natural detectors of lies that are able to recognize even the slightest slight untruth. Women-Virgo appreciate in people not only external beauty, but also internal. So Virgo can only like that person who will have the same honesty as herself.

At home, the Virgins are governed by purity and order,Comfort and coziness. On the table in the kitchen there is often a vase of fruit, which the Virgins consider useful, unlike all sorts of sweets. Such women become caring mothers, whose children will never walk in the yard in torn clothes. Together with this, Virgo Mama will treat her offspring very strictly and pedantically, not allowing them to paint the wallpaper, throwing on the floor numerous toys, building towers from dishes and other classical children's pranks.