One of the most feminine and sensitiveNatures from the entire zodiac circle are undoubtedly the women-fishes. As a planetary patron of representatives of this sign is Neptune, who gave his wards responsiveness and attractiveness. Women born under the sign of Pisces are also endowed with excellent intuition, which is often used to solve certain life problems and to make decisions. In such women, a strong sense of empathy is expressed, and this is not a show of sympathy, but quite sincere.

Females will never pass by a person,Who really needs sympathy and support. In addition to the above qualities, the Pisces women are also endowed with magical abilities, so they can easily be discerned when they are told a lie or try to hold. Therefore, you should not lie to women, because this will not only bring the desired results, but even more worries the interlocutor.

Horoscope of a woman - Pisces

From a young age the girls-fishes manifest themselvesAbilities in the field of parapsychology and occultism, so with the age of such women can become successful palmists or mediums. There is a feeling that a woman's penetrating sight is able to penetrate the person and learn all his secrets and experiences. Like many visionaries, women are often confident that they lived in the future, so they perceive certain providences as memories from the past.

Mysteriousness and attractiveness of women-PiscesAttracts the admiring glances of men, so these women never lack the attention of the male. Having fallen in love with a person, the woman-fish becomes strongly dependent on her chosen one and considers him to be the main one in her life. Sensitive nature of women requires constant reminders from the side of a loved one in his high feelings for the chosen one. If a woman is surrounded by the attention and care of a loved one, she will generously repay him with her tenderness and love.

Females often spend time in meditationAnd dreams, trying to move away from a bubbling stream called life. Women also try not to get involved in all sorts of conflicts, staying away from various competitions and the struggle for power. To the set goal, Women-Pisces basically go in a roundabout way, demonstrating a cunning and sharp mind. So women skillfully conduct a conversation with powerful high-ranking individuals, achieving what they wanted. Defenseless look and a mild look make men every time rushing to rush to help women and protect them. If the achievement of the goal set for itself depends on the decision of the man, the Rybka woman will easily seduce him and achieve her without the slightest remorse.

Being pragmatic sensual persons, women can easily understand how to get the desired result in a given situation without going on an open confrontation with the surrounding people.

On the love front for women-fish is not all well andSmoothly, because, as practice shows, they often fall in love with "bad" men, while "good" people pass by. Married Pisces women often go to extramarital affairs, and this is not due to the harmfulness or the way to take revenge on the spouse, but the sensual nature in which sexual passions sometimes boil. Moreover, a woman can change her husband even if in marriage they are all well and smooth. Women-Pisces perfectly master the art of flirting and seduction, leading the conversation nicely and at ease, without forgetting to present the interlocutor with charming smiles.

Women-Fishes have all the female means andTricks to arouse interest in his person almost any man. But if a man seriously became interested in a woman and goes on the offensive, she can try to escape from him and hastily hide behind a protective barrier.

Like most women, womenThe sign of Pisces, are excellent actresses and can skillfully play any role not only on the theater stage, but also in life. The game is so good that they succeed, which is sometimes quite difficult to discern where the woman expresses real feelings, and where she plays the next role. Taking into account that women besides this also have excellent imagination and imagination, it can be assumed that women-fishes can make a brilliant career in the field of acting in cinema or theater.

Family women are excellent wives andGentle mothers. Women-Pisces bring happiness to all those who are near it, surrounds them with warmth and care. From such women, excellent nurse can get, because they are able to take care of sick people carefully and caring, showing kindness and sympathy.

As already noted above, women-fishes often do notLucky in choosing his partner in life, and they choose a man who can thoroughly undermine their subsequent life. Playwrights could say that women who were born under the zodiacal constellation of Pisces, on the fate written by an unhappy family life and love relationships with representatives of the opposite sex. This state of affairs is able to bring out the delicate, sensitive nature of female Pisces from herself, and often such emotional experiences end in nervous breakdowns and hysteria. At the same time, graceful and beautiful women have little understanding of financial issues and in life they can be called not practical, since money for them is not a value, but a means to achieve recognition of the surrounding people. So such a woman can easily spend the last money by buying a gift to her colleague or boss, thereby deserving some respect from the people around her, but leaving her and her family without dinner.

Sometimes women-fishes are interested in people,Standing below them on the career or social ladder, as the Fishes feel the need of downstream people in their support and compassion. If a woman is asked to perform any assignment or a favor, and she will be sure that her efforts will not be in vain and will be fully appreciated, the fair sex representative will by all means try to fulfill the task assigned to her in good time and in time to fulfill the request .

For their immediate environment, women-fishesCan set too high a bar, and will sincerely be friends with a person, as long as it meets its requirements. But if "a friend turns out to be suddenly not a friend, but ..." then the belief in this person will evaporate like dew on a hot day. Moreover, if a person, even a friend, is not fortunate enough to offend a woman with a word or action, then an imminent revenge is most likely expected, as the Pisces women often do not just forgive the offenses they have inflicted.

Perhaps, the unhappy marriage of women-Pisces can beExplain and its idealized perception of the surrounding world. So a woman-fish can in her head draw a happy life with her husband, a lot of cute kids and their merry laughter in the garden, but most of all her dreams relate to the character traits and qualities of the future spouse. So she sincerely believes that her husband will be a handsome, interesting, intelligent, romantic noble young man with a manor near Kiev or Moscow, an account in one of the Swiss banks and a cottage in the Canary Islands. But, it is clear that such dreams can break about the realities of life, then a woman can feel deceived and deeply disappointed, which in turn can lead to adventures of the faithful in clubs, parties and other entertainment establishments. At the same time, in her real companion, it will be difficult for a woman to see the ideals that she originally attributed to him.

Women-Pisces are often easier to continue buildingAir locks and love their most ideal ideal, while trying to establish relationships or to consider in their chosen one their unique and unrepeatable knight, or at least not to interfere with the relations between the spouse. Such vital views of women can change if she meets a noble sensual and decent man with good manners and sharp mind. In this case, a woman can believe in true sincere love, and their marriage will be long and happy, which, in fact, the woman saw him from a young age.

When communicating with people, women-fishes can leadHimself modestly, shyly and somewhat inert, sometimes frightened of his own success with men. In the latter case, a woman can simply snort and dissolve in space without any explanation, as if she had never been here before.