How to win a male Cancer?

If you like a man who was born under the zodiacal constellation of Cancer, or you fell in love with him and at any cost want to win his heart, then this article can to some extent help you.

As you know, Cancer is by no means a fast and not hasty arthropod, which at any minute when you want to get close to it, can dive to the depth and hide somewhere in the burrow.

Men-Cancers are similar to their zodiac sign,So to seduce or conquer such a man is sometimes quite a challenge. Moreover, male Cancers often possess excellent manipulator abilities, which can easily persuade or encourage surrounding people to act in the interests of men. That's why, if you seriously took up the conquest of such a man, be prepared that the result of such actions could be unexpected for you.

But to really win such a man,Should be prepared for what will have to go on about him. True, having broken into the confidence of the man-Cancer, there is an opportunity to manipulate him, while he will sincerely believe that the situation is directed by himself.

In order to conquer the male Cancer andTie him to yourself with the bonds of love, first of all, you have to get yourself trusted into him. And how to do it? That's right, you need to ask him for advice and then you and a man will have some kind of trusting relationship. At the same time, it's not worth asking for help directly from a man, it's much better just to ask for advice, and then if a man wants, he will help you not only with advice, but also with business, whether writing a course work or choosing a gift to his brother.

In most cases, male Cancers give quitePractical advice that can help a woman, of course, if they really needed advice on some issue. After receiving advice, a woman should immediately sincerely thank the man and at the same time an innocent kiss on the cheek is also allowed, which also will bring the couple together a little. It is also quite reasonable step to offer men in exchange, their help or even care.

Cancer-men are conscious of the fact that they need itMan. That is why it is desirable for a woman to create the atmosphere that a man is vitally necessary to her and that he helps a woman with her actions or advice. This will help a man somewhat to embolden and trust the woman, which, in fact, was required.

Opening to a woman, a Cancer man can hit herTheir metamorphosis. So in place of a silent, humble man, a confident man can come in his own strength who, even without a shadow of modesty or shyness, will be nice to talk with a woman, skillfully weaving philosophical arguments and historical facts, and showering his companion with sincere compliments.

To men-cancer is quite applicable and fairFolk wisdom, which says that the way to the heart of a man lies through his stomach. Therefore, if you will demonstrate your ability to prepare delicious dishes and his favorite salads or other dishes, this will not be an insignificant advantage in your favor.

From a young age, the male Cancer has an affection forMother, so his potential companion must definitely make friends with his mother. If the woman and the mother of the man do not find a common language, the chances of winning the disposition of the male Cancer will fall sharply. If you manage to become a friend to the mother of a man, while preparing excellent meals, then most likely you will be able to tame a man and keep beside him.

One of the negative traits of the character of the male CancerIs their some grumbling, which they can demonstrate almost always and everywhere, with or without it. Men can spend hours discussing the pressing problems of their lives or even the problems of the development of all mankind. Do not blame them for it, because they can say it in blood. But at the same time, male Cancers are almost always in high spirits and optimistic about the future, believing in their strengths and capabilities.

Complaining of their problems, a man will not cry in a woman's waistcoat to his companion, but conversely, when discussing a particular problem, he will look for her solution, and this is the overwhelming majority of cases he can.

How to win a male Cancer?

Men-Cancers especially love the homely cozyAtmosphere. If you have a date with a man who was born under the constellation of Cancer, you should try your best to create just such an atmosphere. Communicate with women, male Cancers prefer not in large noisy rooms or with a large number of people, but in private. That's why if a Cancer man invites a woman on a date, it will most likely be a quiet secluded place in the bosom of nature, but not far from people, or a quiet cozy cafe or a tea house. In such an atmosphere, a man will feel at home and it will be easier for him to reveal his true sensitive nature.

Going on a date with a male cancer, wearing clothesPreference should be given to soft tissues with smooth transitions in the lines of cut. Such clothes should be liked by the man-Cancer, who in a cozy atmosphere when communicating with a woman he likes, turns into a real romance, showing his sometimes hidden sensitivity.

Conquering a man-cancer, do not immediatelyCelebrate the victory, because he, unconsciously repeating the habits of his arthropod sign, when feeling the slightest discomfort or uncertainty about the sincerity of a woman's feelings, may move backward. Therefore, women should constantly talk about their lofty feelings.

Externally, male Cancers practically do not showNo feelings, although in fact they are subtle, receptive and sensitive to nature. That is why, with a not so close look at a man, one can get the impression of a self-contained man who is alien to any feelings and experiences. But it is only worth getting acquainted with such a person and you immediately appreciate his emotion-rich inner world, in which a whole ocean of feelings is raging.

If a woman is able to enter so much into the credibility ofMan Raku, that he really opens her soul and feelings for her, then with confidence one can say that a woman has achieved success in her conquest and that the man is practically at her feet. Close to the man-Raku people, including relatives, friends and beloved, if any, can severely injure the sensual soul of a man, even the most insignificant, as it would seem, a trifle. Therefore, a woman who wants to be with a male Cancer should carefully and attentively treat his feelings and feelings, constantly show concern and participation.

You can often hear the saying thatOpposites attract. This is fully applicable to the chosen women of the Cancer. So often, these men intuitively pick their own companions in the life of those women who differ with them in their basic character traits and behavior. So men give preference to bright and passionate women, who are able to fully express their feelings.

Sometimes men can not fully complyTheir ladies, but still sincerely trying to find something common in interests and hobbies. Thus, by finding so-called common ground, a man can easily communicate with a woman. In this case, the man-Cancer will not dwell only on the common interests, but will genuinely be interested in the hobbies of his companion, trying to learn about her as much as possible.

Like most people, men-Cancers lovePraise, but only if it proceeds quite sincerely and without sarcasm. In this case, praise should be based on real actions or merits of men.

Choosing topics for a conversation with a male cancer,It is necessary to give preference not to everyday reality, but to something philosophical and profound. But if the subject of the conversation touches something squat like a choice of dishes for breakfast or cleaning, a man will easily support the conversation, and, if necessary, give good advice.

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Sometimes on men-Rakov finds sadness-longing,Which can be mistaken for melancholy. In this case, the woman should be made to understand the man that he is not alone, and that she is always with him. Also sometimes it is necessary to encourage manifestations of the resoluteness and masculinity of the Cancers, as they often can hide these traits of their character carefully, but they really like it when others say that he is a real man.