How to win a man-Gemini?

It often happens when a woman likes a man,Born under the constellation Gemini, but either she does not know how to approach it, or all methods and methods do not work. It is the issue of conquest, and more importantly, the deduction of the Gemini man near his person, this article is devoted to.

So, before you go on the offensive against a man, you should get to know him well.

Characteristics of the man-Gemini

For Gemini men, wit andEasy character, sociability and leadership. So a man feels great in a big company at parties or other congestions of people, while at the same time appearing at the center of everyone's attention and adoration.

Such men are harmonious and at easeJoin virtually any company, regardless of location, number of people and their interests. The liveliness of the mind and an excellent sense of humor make the Gemini men excellent interlocutors and the soul of the company. And if you happen to chat with such a man alone, it will not be boring in any case.

At parties, it is sometimes thought that the Gemini man is able to be in all places of the dance floor or hall simultaneously, communicating with a large number of people.

The form of the Gemini men's clothing may seemSomewhat careless admirers of conservatism, but at the same time, even they will appreciate the refined taste with which men dress. If Gemini hears any reproaches in the direction of his style, he will indicate the lack of taste of the opponent.

Gemini men like it when they arePay attention. They from a young age get used to success, and consider any manifestation of luck as something should and understandable. In order to interest a man, a woman in no way should show her increased sympathy for Gemini, shoot him with eyes and bewitched to look at him, trying not to miss a single word of it. There are many such admirers in the man, so there is a rather small probability that he will select you from the crowd.

That's why to seduce a GeminiIt is necessary to stand out from the general picture, be special and not like anyone else. Figuratively speaking, a woman is both a commodity and an advertiser who, for any price, needs to profitablely advertise himself to a man, since the second step after gathering information about a man is to present himself in his eyes.

How to conquer a man-Gemini

Before you try to winGemini, you should completely abandon the usual methods of seduction, beaten phrases and receivers, which are often used by women, because they are unlikely to cause the desired result, and sometimes completely alienate the man.

As practice shows, Gemini menEnjoy considerable success and the fair sex, so the standard approaches and verbal turns can cause men only a sarcastic smile or open sincere laughter. At the same time, we should not also think that if we behave coolly with a man with shades of officialdom and efficiency, this will awaken feelings in the heart of Lovelace.

This option of conquering a man can also be boldlyDiscard. In the ideal case, when dealing with a man should behave wittily and sometimes unexpectedly. Unexpectedness will emphasize your exclusivity, and an excellent sense of humor and "no boredom" will be even more interesting for a man.

Before speaking to the man-Gemini,Should prepare at least a few topics for conversation, because you can fall into a verbal stupor and silently look at him with bulging eyes. Agree, in this case, the chances to win the heart of a man is not enough. When you have several topics in the reserve for conversation, you can dream up a lot more in the process of communication, because Gemini himself is not averse to supporting the conversation and "talk" the interlocutor.

How to win a man-Gemini?

Communicating with a man born under the aforementionedAn aerial sign, do not dwell only on one topic, because the same thing can quickly bore a man. On the contrary, it is better to change the topics of the conversation, sincerely laugh at his jokes and equally sincerely wonder when it will be necessary. It is also highly desirable to leave the man in time. This moment comes when a woman completely conquers his attention, that is, leaving a man alone, he will have an interest in a woman, and he will look for the next meeting with her.

Often, the man-twin communicates with a man,Turning to him not the whole body, but a little turned, as if intending to go further. That's when he completely turns to the woman, and with an open mouth will listen to the woman, then we can say with confidence that the moment to leave him if it has not already come, it will soon be.

Interested in a man, you can safely go talkWith other people or dance, sometimes returning to the abandoned man and exchanging a couple of funny little phrases. In dealing with Gemini, you need to feel carefree and completely free, without fear of losing what is not yet.

One of the main features of the character of Gemini menIs an curiosity that constantly pushes him to learn something new and unexplored. This quality of men can be successfully used by women who want to interest and conquer Gemini.

So if a man makes a hint thatWomen have special information or that she knows some secret, and while she will make a mysterious expression of a person, the man will not only be interested in such a mysterious woman, but will try with all his might to stay with her as long as possible. In the case of playing a mysterious person, it is highly desirable to really know something secret and mysterious, since the intrigued man, having discovered not the promised secret, but just a pacifier or something small and insignificant, can lose all interest in a woman, turn around and go to another mysterious Person.

Another feature of the character that is rightfullyCan boast of male Gemini, is an enviable erudition. Therefore, you can find something interesting and informative, and do not forget to present it beautifully.

Men born under this air sign,Fully correspond to their patron. They can fly away from the woman in a flash if she does not interest them. To conduct an interesting conversation with Gemini men, filled with jokes, funny facts and other attributes of communication, this is not even half the success. Another important thing is the ability of a woman to listen to a man in a timely and attentive way, while actively reacting to his words, and not bored to look at their shoes or people passing by.

When a man sees in you a gratefulListener, who is genuinely interested in listening to him and empathizing, he intuitively will strive for you. Listening to the man-Gemini, you can discreetly direct the topic of conversation in the right direction. In this case, in no case can not be made clear to the man that it is the woman who is conducting the conversation, and not he. If you can create a visible freedom for the Gemini Man, then most likely you will be able to fully conquer it.

On the first dates with the men-twins needHave plenty of patience and be ready not only to develop an interesting dialogue, but also to act as a grateful listener, as Gemini is very fond of philosophizing on various topics. Carried away with her own words and the brilliant eyes of the listener, who literally with open mouth listens to everything he says to her, the Gemini man can gradually fall in love with the interlocutor.

Sometimes a man will break away from hisMonologue to listen to the interlocutor and tries to understand what is "on the mind" of a woman. Manifesting diplomacy with impurities of mystery, a woman can for a long time tie the invisible ties of a man-Gemini.

Gemini men can constantly change their plansOr intentions. So they can go to one club, and find themselves in another club or at all somewhere on the beach. That's why if you want to please and be with Gemini, you simply have to be easy on the rise and always follow your chosen one, even if he does not dedicate a woman to his plans for the destination. If a woman can maintain the dynamic rhythm of the life of a Gemini, she can not only win it, but also maintain the attitude for a long time, and maybe for the rest of her life.