How to win a man-lion?

As everyone knows, Leo is universally recognizedKing of beasts. That is why, if a woman liked a man born under this royal zodiac sign and she wants to engage in a warm relationship with him, then she should take into account that this man is somewhat similar to his zodiac talisman.

Men-Lions, like other royal people,Need a throne, retinue and pedestal, so to become princess, a woman must initially become a builder of this very pedestal. Moreover, if a woman intends to create a serious relationship with a male Leo, she must be ready to become part of his numerous retinue. Otherwise, it is better for a woman to abandon the idea of ​​conquering a male predator into a long box, and it is better to abandon it altogether.

It should also be clearly understood that the king or kingOnly a princess can take a wife. Therefore, in order for a male Lev to pay attention to a woman, she must become the best in his environment. To such a woman should fit all the positive adjectives with the prefix "most": the most magnificent, the most charming, the most beautiful, the cleverest, the most beautiful, the most brilliant and so on. At heart, the Leo male needs to be admired and admired. His chosen one should also cause genuine enthusiasm among others, only then she can take a place next to Leo.

A distinctive feature of men-Lviv isSome tolerance, with which he refers to the light and not long flirt of his chosen one. But this is only so long as this flirting does not begin to damage the reputation of a man. If there is at least the slightest threat of the fall of his authority in society, all attempts by a woman to flirt with other men will be severely suppressed.

Leo is not just pleasant to a man, but even to himFlattered that a woman has a large number of fans, but nevertheless she chose it alone. In order for the male Lev to "not relax," a woman can sometimes inadvertently remind him that she has many fans who are trying to achieve her disposition. You can even sometimes very little to lash at the expense of a large number of fans, most importantly, that the man himself did not suspect deception.

If someone from the crowd of fans can callIn a woman at least a small fraction of sympathy, the male Leo will not be quietly watching this, but as a real predator and the king of beasts rush to a potential competitor and again conquer a woman. Such revealing of jealousy is quite in the hands of a woman who needs to keep a warm and passionate relationship with her beloved "predator".

Men-Lions, like real crowned people,Flattery for flattery and luxury. Therefore, if a woman wants to attract the attention of such a man and subdue his heart, these weaknesses of Lviv should be taken into account. If you are a bright, beautiful self-confident woman, it is unlikely that the male Lion will pass you by. At the same time, he does not care much about whether you have a gentleman or not, he will do his best to achieve your sympathy, because he is sincerely sure that the best woman can belong to him alone.

If a woman can submit herself as a trueQueen, but at the same time agreeing to recognize a man and his king, it is likely that such a couple will make a wonderful married couple. Also, the hint of a woman about her desire to be conquered by a strong man acts enchantingly on the men of Lviv. At the same time, a woman can back her hints with an expressive admiring glance and interest in all the affairs of a man.
A woman should support everyInitiative of a man, to help him and is always in the course of events of the life of the Lion, almost dissolving in himself. Such women can sink deeply into the heart of a man, and he will literally wear it in his arms like a real queen, worthy of his king.

Before embarking on a campaign, during whichYou need to fall in love with a male Lion, a woman should take care of her appearance and clothes. The appearance of a woman who wants to conquer the Lion must be flawless and impeccable. The companion of the male Lion should look like a king, fascinating others with his natural beauty, good manners and proud posture.

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Also an important addition to the imageThe queen woman serves her outfit. So preparing to meet with the man-Lion, a woman should carefully choose the appropriate outfit, which would favorably emphasize the elegance of a woman and her sexuality.

Meeting with a woman, the male-lion is likelyLead her to a good restaurant or cafe. At the same time, a woman should sincerely praise her chevalier for choosing this very place, which "she likes very much" and from which she "is delighted". It can also be mentioned that only such a fine man, possessing a subtle, elegant taste, could pick up such an excellent place for a date. Such undisguised flattery will favorably affect the satellite, and he will be more and more like a woman who says this flattery.

If a woman still managed to winThe arrangement of the Lion man, it's too early to rest on our laurels, but we should prepare for new tests. So a woman will have to constantly tell a man how good and beautiful he is, and that a woman for him is ready to go even to the end of the world and do anything to make her beloved Leo happy. Such voluptuous speech well influences the ambitious nature of men-Lions. At this very time, men born under the sign of the royal beast do not tend to show much of their feelings for the woman.

As befits a royal person, the male LeoTries always to be "ahead of the whole planet", always to win and achieve the set goals. In this case, a man is usually in excellent spirits, good-natured and benevolent. In most cases, such a man sincerely wants that he always had a real queen with a rich inner world, aristocratic manners and pride.

A woman who wants to win the heart of a Leo must be friendly and kind, cheerful and intelligent, erudite and self-respecting.

How to win a man-lion?

Like the vast majority of men, LionsThey want their women to truly respect and love them. If a woman occasionally looks down on her companion a little, and does not hurt his masculine self-esteem, then some of his disdain will push men to new exploits in the name of his beloved. In this case, the man will show his spiritual generosity and nobility.

In a few cases, male Lions canTo connect their destiny with a simple lowly woman, but in such a peculiar union or even marriage, the male Lev, who impressed everyone with his pressure and activity, can easily turn into a typical sluggard, like an athlete who won the competition, deservedly resting on his laurels. But while the athlete after a short rest again starts training, but the man-lion and can remain on these same laurels all his life, enjoying the tranquility and harmony in the house.

Since the Leo men are characterized by suchQuality, like vanity, it is quite understandable that they tend to keep a woman near to themselves, who can be proud and boast. So a potential companion of a man should have a prestigious profession, or, if she still studies, then only in a prestigious university and at least a prestigious specialty.

In addition, a woman should not have harmfulHabits, because the man himself tolerates women who regularly smoke or drink alcoholic beverages. A companion of such a man should, among other things, possess a sensitive heart, tenderness and care, which he will present to his chosen one. It is this kindness and sincere participation that are the qualities that the Lion men like so much.

A woman who wants to fall in love with herselfMale Leo and be with him, should be polite, because a man will not tolerate from her manifestations of anger or rudeness towards other people. On the contrary, the woman should show truly royal calmness and good-nature, and treats surrounding people with understanding and kindness.

A male leo can transform his lifeThe chosen one in a real holiday, full of various pleasant surprises and gifts. It is with Leo that a woman can feel like a real queen, surrounded by the love and care of her beloved king.