How to win a man-Libra?

It often happens when a woman likes a man,But she does not know how to approach him and how to tie him to himself. In any case, do not get upset, because there are many ways how to solve this problem.

One of the most popular methods of conquestThe man is a method by means of a psychological portrait by the date of birth of his chosen one. To do this, it is enough to know when your beloved was born, to determine his zodiacal sign and to esteem what qualities are peculiar to men of this sign and what they most appreciate in women.

How to like Libra

If a woman liked a man born underThe sign of Libra, then it should be borne in mind that the Libra men are creative individuals who like everything beautiful and perfect. Men-Libra are often gallant gentlemen who are able to communicate with women freely, and also know the art of flirting. Thanks to the aforementioned abilities, the Libra men never complain about the lack of female attention, on the contrary, they are always surrounded by women. To win the heart of the Libra man, a woman should try to stand out from the general crowd of female fans.

So, if you really liked the man whoWas born under the sign of Libra and you want to conquer it, it is necessary to understand that you are dealing with an elevated creative person who does not tolerate imposed restrictions, norms or rules.

Like any other creative person,The man-Libra is characterized by some oddities, so a woman should prepare for the fact that a man will often surprise her with her extravagance. To such quirks can be attributed frequent late men not only to work, but even to a date with their beloved woman, as well as some frivolity.

Despite the fact that the man will treatLife is not serious and to perceive everything with an optimistic smile, he will most likely require from his companion that she always congratulates him even with minor holidays or events. Moreover, if a woman wants to tie a warm relationship with such a man, she will need to be interested in music, poetry and all that her chosen one is interested in.

Men-Libra have become accustomed to that with them always and everywhereAbsolutely agree, therefore a woman near him must also constantly agree, even if she does not agree. It can be an agreement of the kind "yes, dear, of course," which does not require a woman to step over herself and say all that she really thinks, and on the other hand she will satisfy the man and calm him down.

If a woman will openly contradict a Libra man, then most likely she will run into another change of mood, which will clearly not be in favor of the woman.

Also when dealing with the men, Libra shouldAvoid criticism of them, point out their shortcomings. This also applies to their appearance. In this case, do not rely on the fact that the men-Libra often changes the mood, about the criticism you said, he can think for several days.

Initiative and rashness - these twoQualities are alien to the men-Libra, so a woman who wants to fall in love with Libra, should be prepared to make decisions herself and take the initiative in their fragile hands. A man is used to making any decisions, not even the most significant ones, having preliminarily mastered everything, and not act spontaneously. Such thinking of things is peculiar to men, even in those situations in which everything seemed to be clear.

Men-Libra like quiet women,Who can lead the conversation in a calm tone, adhering to consistency. If a woman liked this man, and she wants to conquer him, then she should initially learn a few fashion magazines, because men appreciate women's style and elegance.

To put on dates to such men shouldOnly exquisite things that can fully advantagefully emphasize all the dignity of a woman's figure, and at the same time hide some of her shortcomings.

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To date, rarely when a woman comes outFrom home without makeup. Against the make-up as such, the Libra men have nothing against it, the main thing is that there should be no excesses. That is, the makeup of a woman should not be evident, but only to emphasize the natural attractiveness of the fair sex.

A Libra male rarely takes the initiative,Therefore, for effective rapprochement, a woman should take the initiative herself. At the same time it is desirable not to show their real goals and intentions, let the man sincerely think that it is important for his companion not so much to deal with, but as his society.

It will also improve a woman's chances of conquering such aMan joint trips to all kinds of exhibitions, concerts, performances. At the same time, a woman should convince a man that these trips are really interesting to her, and that your interests coincide with him. If, after several joint trips to concerts or exhibitions, a man calls a woman and offers to go out with him to take a walk or somewhere else, then know that the man is practically in your pocket and will be able to keep him.

How to keep a man Libra

How to win a man-Libra?

If you managed to win a man, you should notImmediately calm down and rest on well-deserved laurels, enjoying his company. Men-Libra are fickle, so a woman should be interesting for him and a bit mysterious.

A woman can organize interesting leisure time forTheir two. It can be a joint trip to a concert or a sortie to the bosom of nature. The main thing is that the inborn need of the men-Libra in cultural communication was completely satisfied, and the woman remained at the same time as interesting as on the first day of acquaintance.

Among the activities that you can visit a manAnd a woman may also be attending sporting events at a stadium or somewhere in a cafe or bar in front of a large screen. If you want to please your beloved by going to the stadium, you should first know his preferences. Maybe a man passionately loves football and supports the local football team, or maybe a fan of basketball. A common preference for the Libra men are team sports, but some members of the stronger sex may like big tennis or Formula 1 races.

Men-Libra can love not only to watchSports competitions, but they themselves are not indifferent to the sport. As practice shows, the men-Libra pulls on those sports disciplines, where the dexterity and sense of balance is important. So such men might be interested in jumping on a trampoline or climbing exercises. In addition, men with pleasure can practice in the gym, do morning or evening jogs, do exercises on the bar or bars. A woman can easily get acquainted and make friends with a Libra male in the gym or on a run. After this acquaintance, a woman can offer to run together, and a man will most likely agree to her offer. Thus, a woman can easily establish contact with an interesting man, and at the same time immediately find common interests.

As noted above, male scalesPrefer team sports, so often engage in football sections or just play with friends and colleagues for fun. That's why if a woman wants to develop warm relations with him, then it is desirable for her to at least get acquainted with the man's favorite sport so that, for example, if a man's favorite sport is football, do not confuse Ronaldo with Ronaldo, and Andrei Shevchenko with Taras Shevchenko .

Men-Libra appreciates the desire andThe ability of a woman to cook deliciously and nicely serve cooked meals on the table. But here it is important to feel the measure, since after overfeeding the gentleman, he can sincerely thank the woman, gratefully shake her hand and retire to her bed.

Being near such a man, a woman needsConstantly to surprise and intrigue him. So one day a woman can flaunt around a chevalier in a refined dress, and the next day she will prefer to appear before a man in a careless youth style, or even in a sports suit, and another day a woman can pleasantly surprise a man, appearing in a seductive blouse and shorts .

Men-Libra do not like displays of conservatism in clothes, but, nevertheless, a woman should always look spectacular, elegant and charming.

Men-Libra often consider each their ownAct or action, especially if this act is very important for them. This in part also concerns the proposal of the hand and heart, with which a man can not rush for years, but at the same time live with his beloved clover along for several years. In this case, the woman should show the initiative itself, and, without hesitating to offer to marry.