How to win a man-Aquarius?

In order to interest your likingMan, sometimes you do not need to make long sieges and think up some tricky tricks. Sometimes it is quite enough to learn the psychological portrait of your chosen one. Astrology can greatly help in this woman. Having learned the zodiacal sign, under which a man was born, one can learn a lot about himself.

So, if your chosen one was born under the sign of Aquarius, then to conquer such a man is sometimes quite problematic, but still quite realistic.

Man-Aquarius is interested in all new andUnexplored, because he is in the soul of a real test. So a man seeks to learn the unknown, and at the same time to get to the very essence of the phenomenon or thing that interested him.

Meet and start a conversation withMale Aquarius is quite simple, because he is naturally benevolent and sociable. Starting a conversation with Aquarius is best when he is in a friendly company. In this case, he will feel more relaxed and relaxed.

A woman who wants to conquer Aquarius mustPlay on his inborn curiosity. So speaking in riddles or making hints, a woman may be interested in a male Aquarius. It is also possible to alternate cute communication and mysterious disappearance. At the same time, first talk with a man, and then for a couple of days to leave his field of vision, and then again appear in his life cheerful and cheerful.

A man will be very interested, why and whereThe woman disappeared, which means that all the time that women will not be with him, all the thoughts of a man will be occupied exclusively by her. Returning again to the field of view of a man, a woman can hint at what she did in her absence, and this must necessarily be something interesting and cheerful. After another such disappearance, the man himself will seek a meeting with a woman, which the woman actually needed.

But, alas, not everything is as smooth and easy as it couldSeem at first glance, as the male Aquarius is one of the most complex and contradictory natures of the entire zodiacal circle. That is why there is no clear methodology or methods for winning such a man, and there are only recommendations that will help a woman to conquer the heart of Aquarius.

Men-Aquarius are easy, like air. They, like the wind can then arise, then disappear. So today a man can nicely communicate with a woman, and tomorrow it and the trace will get cold. After a while, a man can again appear in the life of a woman, carrying her along with him.

By nature, male Aquarians are more rebellious,Rather than patient performers. Therefore, they like women confident in themselves, with their own opinions on this or that occasion. In addition, a woman must be erudite and have an acute mind. With such a woman, Aquarius man is pleased to talk, and in some cases, and argue, if their opinions do not converge. And if the views of a man and a woman converge, then she can from the category of "just interesting", automatically move into the category of loved ones. That is, a woman should try without losing her individuality and dignity, find common points of contact with a man.

Before you embark on a march onMale Aquarius in order to win his love, a woman must look at herself from the outside. Only an elegant representative of the fair sex with good manners and developed intellect, who knows how to skillfully operate with her knowledge and facts, will be able to fall in love with a male Aquarius without hesitating to use them in disputes and disputes. At the same time, a woman should be able to speak beautifully and formulate her thoughts.

If you are such a special person, then youThere are all chances to conquer Aquarius. If a woman approaches and so and so to a man, and he still does not invite her to a date, then a woman can take control of the situation and herself suggest to go to a walk a man. Such an active position of a woman not only does not frighten the Aquarian Male, but, on the contrary, will interest him and most likely he will willingly agree with her to go on a date. If the meeting is still held, a woman should not immediately pile on the man of the mountain of information about his person. On the contrary, a man should gradually know a woman.

To interest a man-Aquarius, a womanShould show a genuine interest in his hobbies and life in general. A man must understand that he is interesting to a woman, and that she is quite sincerely interested in his life. It is these women like Aquarians, and with them, men are pleased to communicate and spend joint leisure time. But at the same time, the woman should keep some mystery, which the man would like to solve.

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Thus, a man will know what he likesWoman, and that he is interesting to her, but at the same time he can not admit to himself that he knows the woman fully. At the same time, the man will do his best to solve the secrets of the woman, and she will remain interesting to him for a long time.

Male-Aquarius is characterized by cynicism, whichCan seem a little bit to a woman. In addition, men born under the sign of Aquarius, notice everything that is happening around him, and evaluate it all as if from an outside observer. Noticing something funny or stupid, the Aquarius man will laugh to take advantage of the opportunity and immediately give a joking remark or another sarcasm. This fully manifests the man's love for black humor. But do not think that men-Aquarius always and everywhere are ridiculed.

On the contrary, if a man seems that his jokesHave offended a person or if he has slightly bent a stick, then he will try to smooth out his guilt in all ways. Most often a man, thanks to innate savvy, eloquence and sharp mind, shifts his guilt to another person, or to contrive to inspire an offended person that he has misunderstood or is inadequate, but in any case the Aquarius man will remain innocent. The same jokes can be expected and a woman who wants to start a serious relationship with a male Aquarius, so a woman should try not to give rise to causticism on the part of her chosen one.

How to win a man-Aquarius?

A good way to win a male AquariusIs the original thinking of a woman and her unconventional approaches to seduction. So, as a place for a date, a woman can choose instead of a cozy cafe, a multi-thousand stadium where a football match takes place, or invite her chevalier to an unusual place.

If a woman is mobile and enjoys sports, you canInvite a man to play with her, because Aquarius not only adore everything new and unknown, but also pads for competitions. In a word, having shown originality, a woman can not only surprise a man, but also seriously interest him in his person.

Men-Aquarius are often excellentComrades and reliable friends. Even in the love of such a man there is a considerable amount of friendship. A favorite woman for him is not only a companion of life, but also a friend. To conquer Aquarius, a woman should initially become a friend to a man, and then transfer the relationship to the next level. In relations with a beloved woman, a man is guided more by so-called friendly ethics than by sublime feelings. If a woman wants to maintain a good relationship with such a man, she should not forget about his character trait.

Male-Aquarius, as well as many othersMen, can even frighten the very thought of serious long-term relationships, but about marriage and not worth mentioning. Therefore, the woman must go to the trick and convince her with her behavior and words that she does not need a long relationship, and for a joint campaign in the registry office she is not morally mature. In this case, the man will relax and open to the woman fully.

If a woman has noticed some negative featuresThe character of the Aquarian man or the shortcomings of his appearance, which can be corrected by hikes in the gym, then in no case should we talk about them, and even more so try to remake the man to your taste. With a male Aquarius, this is unlikely to succeed, moreover, this "alteration" of it can anger and offend. Therefore, for all the shortcomings of a man, a woman should close her eyes, and if you still really want something to change in the man you like, then this should not be done directly, but you need to connect the well-known female cunning to everyone.

Men-Aquarius have freedom-loving nature,So keeping him at home is almost not realistic. Sometimes women may have jealousy about the regular absences or incomprehensible adventures of a man, but such jealousy will lead to nothing good, but only irritably affect a man. Female jealousy a man can perceive as an attack on his freedom, so be jealous in any case is not worth it. The exception is only those cases when the woman's jealousy is justified and just.