How to win a man-Pisces?

What if you liked a man, but you do notDo you know how to conquer it? It would seem that a stone heart or a man treats you cool or does not notice at all? Do not despair! There is always a way out even in the most hopeless situations.

Conquer the man you like will help you oneFrom the most ancient sciences - astrology. It is enough to know under what zodiacal sign your chosen one was born, on this basis, to find out what character traits are inherent in men of this sign, take this into consideration and act already, relying on the received knowledge.

In this case, the chances of winning a man sharplyIncrease. Wise commanders, wishing to win the battle, initially try to learn as much as possible about their opponent. Take an example from the legendary commanders! Wanting to win a man, first learn his character, habits, addictions and everything he likes or dislikes.

How to like a man-Pisces?

Men-Fishes are often romantic andDreamy natures who eternally hover somewhere in the clouds and think about something sublime and not at all practical. Such men will like women who will gladly share this same wanderings with them on the higher layers of the atmosphere.

When meeting with a man who was born underSign Pisces, a woman should try to show him how much they have common interests and how their inner world is like. Since the male Pisces often believe in occult science and everything supernatural, the woman can be hinted that if they both have so much in common, then their meeting was out of the blue.

Such a man can also be successfully influenced byWith a compassionate face and a stream of tears. A man just can not pass by a tearful woman and try to calm her down and cheer him up. Thus, he himself without knowing it will be drawn into military actions aimed at his conquest. Calming the woman, the man himself will begin the conversation, and the woman will remain, shuddering, to support the conversation.

Being a subtle nature, male Pisces is very importantTo feel comprehensible. Therefore, in a conversation with such a man, a woman should be allowed to talk to him about what the man himself wants. In this case, if a woman will listen to him carefully and occasionally ask questions, which is called "to the point", Then such a woman will soon become a good friend for male Pisces, and friendship soon can grow into something more.

In conversations with men, Pisces can be raisedPhilosophical themes, because men love to talk about everything sublime. Male-Pisces need a reliable friend, who can become a woman. If a woman succeeds in becoming such a man as a good adviser and a reliable companion, then it is unlikely that a man will let such a woman go. Male-fishes are often in a thoughtful state, thinking over another idea or simply thinking about philosophical topics. Being next to such a man, a woman should encourage him, help make certain decisions and encourage for any success.

Do not forget that the male PiscesGreat romance in the shower, so women should arrange pleasant surprises for them. Be sure, men will not only appreciate your efforts, but they will also try to surprise you pleasantly.

Male-Pisces need a gentle friend whoWill fully understand it. At the same rough everyday attitude to such men on the part of a woman can extinguish a spark of love, and there can be no talk of any serious relationship. A Pisces man will sympathize with a woman who will show tenderness and attention to him, while trying to raise, at times, a low self-esteem for a man.

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In relations with women, male-fishes can beNot too confident in their own strength, so a woman should support him and praise his success. If a sad feeling of sadness comes over a man, a woman should help him overcome this state, cheer him up or distract him with an interesting conversation or occupation. If a man made a mistake and flawed, then you should not laugh at him and banter, but it is best to sympathize and comfort. Like most "sublime" people, male fish are easily vulnerable, and are acutely experiencing every failure.

If you managed to pull a man-fish onDate, it is better to prepare immediately for a spiritual conversation. Choosing a topic for conversation, a woman should not forget the subtle nature of a man. So you can talk about the recently released films or theatrical productions, as well as discuss philosophical themes.

In the arsenal of a woman who wants to conquer the heartMen born under the sign of Pisces must have several histories of the mystical plan, since the male Pisces is attracted to stories wrapped in mystery.

If you want to fall in love with yourself and tieSerious relationship with a man-Pisces, be ready to put all worldly worries on your fragile shoulders. So a woman will need to deal with more practical issues, while a man will think about something global and high. Thus the companion of the man should respect his subtle nature, in all to help and support, not noticing its lacks.

Representatives of the stronger sex, born underSign of Pisces, are not indifferent to various drinks. Therefore, as a date, you can invite a man to go to a tea ceremony or to taste light wines or new varieties of coffee. Alcohol has a strong effect on male Pisces, so you should be careful with such drinks.

A man will be grateful to a woman if sheHe will be able to deliver his delicate but reliable shoulder in time. If a man-fish in his companion finds a reliable support in life, then a serious metamorphosis can expect him: from a modest and insecure man, he can turn into a confident man in his own strength. At the same time, he will become a reliable and gentle companion of a woman who was able to reveal his talents and abilities.

Male-fishes are very impressionable and pliable. Such men have a pronounced tendency to see in women who are next to them only one positive side and quality, while not noticing obvious shortcomings or negative qualities or traits of character.

How to win a man-Pisces?

Sometimes male-fishes idealize their companions, andSometimes they can fall in love with stars of TV screens or scenes. Such love of unreachable stars is due to the malleability of men, which is one of the main problems of Pisces. So, it's quite easy to influence such a man, inspiring him with some idea.

If the male Pisces likes twoWomen, it will be quite difficult for him to choose one of them, and he will try to "combine" them, letting everything go in its own way. In this situation, everything depends on the qualities and love of the woman herself. If a woman loves a man and has strong willpower, then she can easily turn the scales in her favor. The main thing is to take the situation in its own hands in time, not trusting this matter to the man.

The expression that the way to the heart of a man lies throughHis stomach, is not applicable to male-Pisces, because for him, delicious food or material benefits are not the first place when choosing a companion of life. Interested in male-fishes can be talked about occultism, mysticism, aliens and other mysterious and unexplored phenomena. Mysteriousness and mystery attract the male Pisces as a magnet, so women who want to fall in love with a man-Pisces can play on this their weakness, making accents in conversations exactly on secrets.


And in the end I would like to briefly outline the main recommendations to women who want to win a man-Pisces.

- A woman should completely share a passionMen to everything mystical and inexplicable, get carried away by otherworldly forces and worlds, but at the same time hold tightly to the real world, not confusing reality with fiction.

- In a relationship with a man, a woman will need to surround him with care and affectionate love, but at the same time the woman will have to solve all the pressing problems and become the real mistress of the situation.

- Men-Fishes are distinguished by indecision andModesty, so a woman, if she really wants to win such a man, should be more assertive and resolute, and in this case a man is unlikely to be able to resist your assault.

- Men-Fishes are not too hasty. All the questions they try to solve slowly, guided by the well-known expression of the great emperor Caesar "Hasten slowly". In this case, a woman should not rush a man with a decision, because it can a little anger him and the chances of conquering him will drop significantly.

- The refined nature of male Pisces requires frequentReflections on the meaning of life and other philosophical categories. Often such reflections a man prefers to spend alone with himself, so it is better for a woman not to touch it at such moments.